David Dobrik Reenacts the Moment Justin Bieber Tickled Him at the Club

David Dobrik Reenacts the Moment Justin Bieber Tickled Him at the Club

-David, thank you so much
for being here. This is your late night debut.
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Wow. This is exciting. This is excited.
-I don’t even know how to sit. -No, you’re sitting perfect.
-This feels good. -That’s how you sit right there. Describe your channel for anyone who has
not seen your video. -Sure, I think the best way
to describe my channel would be, my friends and I just finding
a new way to have fun every day. I think that’s what it is.
There’s like 20 of us. And we run out of things
to do a lot, and we just got to get creative
and have fun. -Well, people love it, ’cause you have over
15 million subscribers. And over 6 — [ Cheers and applause ]
-Thanks. -15 million subscribers
on YouTube and 6.5 billion views. -Yeah. It’s going well so far. We don’t know.
-That’s fantastic. I love it. You also start the giving out —
You surprise people. You give them iPads
or cash, even. -Yeah, yeah. We got to — Like, over the last year,
we got to surprise a little over 15 of my friends
with brand new cars. So, that was…
That was… [ Cheers and applause ] -How that’s grown, that’s crazy. -Yeah.
-It started with what? How did that start? -I used to watch military surprise
coming home videos, like, online all the time. Like, I love people’s,
like, reactions to things, whether it was a good reaction
or a bad reaction. So, now I have this opportunity
where I can, literally, get a reaction
out of a lot of people. So, I’m kind of just addicted
to the whole thing. It’s super selfish. A lot of people are always like, “That’s so sweet
that you do it,” but, like,
anybody in my shoes would do the same thing and just get your friends
whatever you want. -It does make you feel good,
yeah, when you do that. I thought one of
my favorite ones you did was, You surprised some fans
with Justin Bieber. -I did. Yeah.
-The actual — -I surprised myself
with Justin Bieber. -The actual Justin Bieber.
-Yeah. -Where were you again? -Well, we were —
we were sitting in my car. He was in the backseat, and we picked up kids
around UCLA, and I told them that we were
doing, like, a pop culture quiz, and then he would pop out
when I asked them what they thought
about Justin Bieber. I met him at the club, like,
a month and a half ago. -What is the club? -It was at a club,
but it was, like, um… -It’s called The Club.
-It’s called Doheny Room. -Oh.
-I’ve been kicked out of there. I shouldn’t have
given them that plug. -We can bleep it out,
and we’ll say Dave and Busters. -[ Laughing ]
Dave and Busters. -But I saw him at the club, and one of my friends was like, “You’re gonna meet
Justin Bieber.” And I just remember — Everyone knows Justin Bieber,
right? Like, everyone grew up — at least I grew up
listening to his music. I know all about him.
I was so nervous. -Me too.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -And he’s walking —
He’s walking over to me, and I say, “Hi, I’m David,”
and he’s like, “Hi, I’m Justin.” I was like, “I know!”
I was so excited. And then you’re at the club, so you’re kind of
just standing next to each other
for a little bit, and then he walks by me. He walks by me
like he’s going to get a drink. -Do you want me to be you?
-Yeah, you be me. You be me. [ Cheers and applause,
upbeat music plays ] Yeah, it’s like this.
We’re at the club. And he walks by me,
he walks by me, and he goes,
tickle, tickle. -[ Laughs ] He did not! No, no.
-I swear to God. I swear to God,
and he said it out loud. He goes, “Tickle, tickle,”
and I go, “Okay. Cool.” [ Laughter ]
I go, “We’re here.” Tickle, tickle —
He did that. -It felt so good
after he tickled me. [ Laughter ]
-He is a really funny guy. -It was the best ice breaker
when he tickle me, yeah. -He’s really a funny guy.
-Oh, he’s the sweetest. Here’s David Dobrik
surprising college students with Justin Bieber
in the backseat. Take a look at this. -What do you think
about Justin Bieber? -Oh, my God, love him, but
“Yummy” is just, like, not it. It’s not that good. -It’s not it.
-Oh, my God! -It’s not it.
-Oh, my God! [Bleep] I love you.
-How are you? -Oh, my God.
-What the [bleep]. “Yummy” is good.
I changed my mind. [ Laughter ] ♪ Got that yummy, yummy ♪ [ Cheers and applause ]
-Wow! How fast. -Yeah.
-How fast he changed his mind. -Yeah.
-[ Laughs ] I thought that was great
that Justin did that. -Oh, my gosh.
So great.


  1. 1:06
    David: I loved military return videos, I loved watching their reactions
    Audience: awweeeuuwuu😭😥❤

    Narrator: and He was their king. They loved him.

  2. You know I really don’t like this guy why doesn’t he give some of those gifts and surprises to the people that he planks instead of his friends

  3. If funny how we know David so much that we know it’s likely he went over some lines before he went on stage 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

  4. for the dobrik fans that have continually watched him do interviews can we talk about how much GROWTH he has had in interviews? he's getting comfortable and not as shy and awkward im so proud of him!!!!

  5. When Jimmy was like “you surpise people with Ipads and cash even”, I chuckled cuz you know damn well Jimmy has never seen a video of his Hahaha

  6. Oooh I’ll describe your channel “me and my friends just… well I torture all my friends and again by ‘friends’ I mean slaves, my only friend is a paintball gun but I give them cars so it’s cool”

  7. It’s crazy to think an app on the app store that david got when he was probably 16 years old would launch him in to absolute superstardom beyond anything he ever imagined.

  8. Yet another talentless millennial who has no will for hard work what so ever making thousands. This kid doesn’t deserve 20$. A poor mans drake bell

  9. I’d like to thank seat geek for your way to get tickets the absolute easiest way possible got to seat geek and type in David dobrik for 20% off your first purchase

  10. Jimmy: “You get to surprise your friends with like ipads”
    David: “Well you know…ACTUALLY 15 cars or something like that”

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