Database Performance Analyzer Overview

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer is designed to solve the most complex database performance issues in a matter of minutes. DPA includes anomaly detection powered by machine learning that gets smarter over time, combined with down-to-the-second data collection to give you the power and visibility to “cut through the noise” and get to the root of the problem faster. No matter where your databases are deployed,
DPA focuses on query and table optimization, and the other components affecting
application response time. DPA supports major cloud databases including Azure SQL Database, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon RDS. It also provides broad coverage for Oracle,
SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, DB2, and more. DPA is a great choice for installations of all sizes. Agentless architecture and low 1% overhead
make DPA highly scalable and easy to implement. DPA uses “wait time analysis” to help visually identify performance issues in just a few clicks. It even offers built-in advice with Tuning
Advisors to give you recommendations for improving query performance and table optimization. SolarWinds Database Performance
Analyzer is the cross-platform solution for performance monitoring for both
cloud and on-premises databases.

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