1. 64 years old? decent age to experiment things like this as the body declines, in my opinion.
    I think my bucketlist will begin to get risky at a similar age.
    Rest in Peace, daredevil.

  2. Idiot… If you go grab his balls and suck up the juice from the testes. Then injected to humanity then everything will be wiped out within 13 days. Or 13 hours

  3. on 1987 space shuttle exploded, the crew died instantly, rocket failure due to rubber band material inside. what's make you think he will correct this time?

  4. It's sad the man died. But launching yourself in a homemade rocket to confirm whether the Earth is flat or not, is well… a whole new level of idiocy.

  5. Why wasn’t he mounting camera to this rocket instead of trying to fly himself if all he wanted to see if either was flat. Wtf

  6. flat-earthers actually don't believe rockets actually work at all, and that rocketry is all faked, so in modern days, it's all CGI instead of "trick photography"

    basically, this flat-earther made a "fake rocket" to fit his flat-earther "specs" (fake specs); plus fake parachute, too.
    he died in his self-inflicted erroneous beliefs.
    no different from those who erroneously believe matter is "self-creating" (or "self-existent")

  7. Bro I don't understand, why do people think the Earth flat when gravity exists. That literally rebuttals any argument.

  8. should have used flat earther mike instead of daredevil mike.Died doing stupid shit.Flat earthers probably think he was murdered by NASA.

  9. I have mad respect for a person who learned a difficult subject on his own, carried out test flights with his own ingenuity, and died living life their way. This man may have believed in something wrong but he lived life while others who supposedly believe in all the "right" things walking around as zombies too dead to be of any use to themselves.

  10. In the grade school restroom, I'd sometimes see an unflushed toilet stuffed with a bunch of toilet paper and a pile of turds on top of it…all the elements were there, but in the wrong order. Seeing the parachute deploy at liftoff was kinda like that.

  11. A man died and all anyone can do in the comment section is make fun of him. It’s a tragedy for the family, not a punchline.

  12. Oh my god my heart stopped

    I thought Daredevil season 4 was going to be released 😭😭😭
    Also I believe a year ago or so this man(mad Mike) wanted to prove the earth was flat however even though he never did launch his rocket I guess it does take time and we all knew he was going to die eventually because of his stupidity or be badly injured

  13. " No one believes he is an idiot until the consequences of his actions prove it. Then hindsight rubs it in.” Richelle E. Goodrich

  14. Thats taking "if you cant beat them join them" to the extreme.. Now hes flat as the alleged flat earth… RIP dopey but at least he was doing actual research unlike the other 90% of flatheads who just watch dumb youtube videos & believe it..

  15. A steel ladder was attached to the rocket's launch ramp to make it easier for Hughes to enter the rocket's cockpit. But when the rocket launched, it ended up hitting the ladder and setting the launch on course for disaster.

    "It ripped off a parachute can, which deployed the parachute, which got caught in the thrust of the rocket and kind of took the rocket off course a little bit," said Justin Chapman, a freelance journalist who was at the launch site.

  16. "close to space as possible"
    No dur, if you trying to fly to space and shoot yourself out a rocket with NO parachute or anything, you would actually die, smh.

  17. The man made it to 64 years old flying home made rockets? Fucking legend. The rocket probably couldn't handle balls that big.

  18. Dude musta homemade his parachute too.. out of used condoms and I-hop napkins tied together with some shoe strings

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