Daniel Pinchbeck: What if economy worked like a human body?

Daniel Pinchbeck: What if economy worked like a human body?

It’s becoming more and more evident on every
level that we’re undergoing a time of profound disruption,
rapid change. If you look at the ecological evidence. Within a few decades we’re going to have
a very, very different planet. Capitalism developed in a certain way to support
certain types of masculine, competitive, acquisitive, exploratory modes, and our power structures
developed in a certain way like in the US, people who go to the Ivy League they master
subjects but they also master the art of succeeding within power structures. So then establishment media, these are like
thorough states of power structures. People apply that same type of sensibility
they’ve developed to stay on top in those structures rather than being able to step back
into a kind of systems design approach, just like Buckminster Fuller advocates where
we sort of let go of our biasses, our establishment kind of constructs and rethink our relationship
to the planet from the bottom up. We’re going to realize that humanity is in
a symbiotic relationship with the whole system of the earth. We’re like a gigantic planetary superorganism. And the organism has organs, and in a strange
way like you got to ask yourself what are the organs in the collective human body,
and you might say that corporations are the closest thing to those organs, like a media company is like our eyes and ears
that take in raw data and convert it into memes so then the whole system
operates according to what it sees. Energy companies are like a blood or
circulation system that puts and brings energy fuled into the whole body. A sanitation company is like the liver or
the kidney, breaking down waste matter. But the problem is that the corporations have
been designed like artificial life-forms, and we created a game called the stock market,
and we inject these life-forms into that game system. And we say the only way that they
can survive and flourish is by enhancing financial profit
and shareholder value. So since that’s the prime directive
we’ve given to our artificial life-forms that’s of course what they do. To maximize purely financial value you have to see
things like ecological health and human health as kind of meaningless externalities. So it’s very natural for corporations then to evade environmental restrictions, to corrupt governments, work with lobbyists and so on. We’re kind of forcing to do that by the logic
that we created and also within a corporation if that’s the only directive to maximize financial
value it’s automatically over time going to self-slave sociopathic personality types because
those are the people like the CEO of British Petroleum who went yaghting 3 days after they
despoiled the Gulf of Mexico. That’s an automatic process in this system. So ultimately we’re going to have an awakening
what we realize we need to redesign the game that we’ve created, so it’s not just about
financial profit, it’s about biodiversity, the health of diverse local communities,
local communities, local languages and cultures that also adds to the resilience of the system. And I think that we’re going to have to come
to that realization relatively soon.


  1. Konkurrenz erzeugt eine Selektion in reiche Gewinner bis arme Verlierer und damit eine Hierarchie.
    Die Gewinner wollen oben Gewinner bleiben und sorgen dafür, daß die Verlierer unterdrückt in ihrem Status bleiben müssen.
    Daher wollen Menschen auch Macht haben, um im Konkurrenzkampf entweder nach Oben heut genannte Karriere kommen oder nicht wieder nach Unten zu den Verlierern wandern müssen.
    Damit entsteht durch die Konkurrenz in jeder Pore dieser Gesellschaft eine gesellschaftliche Hierarchie der Herrschaft.
    In diesem gegenseitigen Kampf nutzt jeder sein Wissen und Fähigkeiten, um darin zu bestehen. Dieser Kampf dominiert aber die Verhaltensweisen der Menschen in diesem System.
    Doch worum wird eigentlich in dieser Gesellschaft Konkurriert?
    Jeder spricht von Konkurrenz, jedoch ohne zu sagen oder zu wissen, worum eigentlich konkurriert werden muß.
    Der Mangel in unserer Gesellschaft ist nicht natürlich sondern rein künstlich. Unser System simuliert den Menschen einen Mangel, damit die Menschen dann gegeneinander konkurrieren müssen, da die Konkurrenz selbst wieder ein Mittel zur Herrschaft in der Gesellschaft ist.
    Spitzt sich nun dieser fiktive Mangel für die Mehrheit zu, nimmt automatisch auch die Spannung in der Gesellschaft zu.
    Dadurch tritt dann irgendwann der wirtschaftliche Konkurrenzkampf in den physischen gewaltsamen Konkurrenzkampf in der Gesellschaft über.
    Deshalb trägt der Kapitalismus den Krieg in sich wie die Wolke den Regen.
    Kapitalismus ist Krieg, nur auf unterschiedlichen Ebenen.

  2. Daniel….you are a brilliant man, but you need to do a little more learning of the physiological nature of the the human being, that is so much more complex. Your analogy with the human organ map and capitalism is more comedy material you might want to share with Russel. I do not mean to be condescending, Your mind deserves more. It does not always come readily. But it is funny….thank you for the light moment.

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