Dance Moms: Brady’s BLINDFOLDED SOLO Causes CONTROVERSY (S8) | Extended Scene | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Brady’s BLINDFOLDED SOLO Causes CONTROVERSY (S8) | Extended Scene | Lifetime

[music playing] Brady is doing a
contemporary number. Now, the level of
technique required to do some of the skills in the
number are through the roof. I mean, the amount of
turns that he does, his jumps, some
of the floor work. Plus, his vision is
definitely impaired. I like his face. So I think at the end,
they should see it. Well, he doesn’t use his face,
kind of like Hannah, you know? If you don’t use your
face, cover it up. Abby just said that
Brady’s like Hannah, that he doesn’t use his
face, so she’s covering it. So she’s kind of taking
that away from the judges to be able to make a
negative comment about. It’s more pressure,
because now, he has to do all these turns and
these jumps with his blindfold on. But I think she’s giving
it to him as an advantage. She gave Lily the
straitjacket, like it would be harder, and almost
giving him like an advantage. You actually can see
through that, I think. Oh, come on. She put a blindfold on. It’s like a mastermind move. I mean, she’s covering
part of his face– Right. –because that’s the only weak
part of his dance right now. You have to watch
his technique. And it’s going to
have to be flawless. And he has to win this week. I know how much weight we
hang on wins and losses. And everything we’ve gone
through this season– leaving, coming back–
all the hard work could be for nothing
if he doesn’t end up dancing at nationals. I hate to think
that, you know, him not coming out in first place
could potentially, you know, affect that from happening. So if Brady needs extra
help to win, so be it. I’m not going to sit here
and act like I don’t want Brady to win, because I do. Everybody wants
their kid to win. And that’s OK. My problem is when the
teacher maybe wants one kid to win over the other. It’s like she is vying
for Brady to win. She gave my daughter
a second chance. But kind of feels like
all she really wants is for Brady to
dance at nationals. Ashley– I don’t know
what she’s upset about. Her daughter’s the only
one getting a second chance for a solo at nationals. And she’s complaining. I just think that
Gia or Hannah should have also had a second chance. However, I think it should
have gone to Hannah, not Gia. I– I– I’m upset. I mean, you got a second chance. I didn’t. I mean, I feel like Hannah
got her chance given to her. And Abby gives her nothing
that she’s strong at. Like– And you’re talking
about it now– No. –after the fact, Anne. Yeah, but you know what? You missed the boat. You wouldn’t– you
wouldn’t be like this– You missed the boat. No. You wouldn’t be like
this if Pressley didn’t have a second chance. But she does. You’re mad because my
kid got a second chance. And you know what? That’s not my problem. Maybe Abby gave
her a second chance because maybe Abby
actually wants her to dance at nationals. And that’s why
you’re really pissed. No. Yeah. No. I just think if second
chances are handed out, they should be
equally handed out. Life’s not fair, Anne. She gave him this
thing on his face. And all I know is he can’t see. These moms are really like
over-the-top crazy now. They think that Brady
has an advantage just because he has
a blindfold on him. That’s crazy to me. It’s going to be dangerous. Like, what happens if he falls? And if he injures
himself in the dance, he won’t be able to
dance at nationals. I feel like I’m going to puke.


  1. I hate every one of those moms except for Anne! She’s like the least problematic!

    I wanted to choke Ashley so bad watching this

  2. First Savannahs mother, then Tricia, then Yolanda, then Michelle, then Ann, what’s with these mums bullying everyone?

  3. The last time I was this early Kenzie was saying ‘I don’t want to be on broadway I just want to stay home and eat chips

  4. Guys… how can we just trust what the OG moms say about the show being scripted/highly edited? I mean, no hate, but wat if they’re just saying it to make themselves not look as bad? I would like to not think that way, but that’s also an option. Not everything is black and white ppl.

  5. No offense but I wouldn't allow my child to dance with a blindfold on you know how dangerous that is I don't care if he is a good dancer

    Ps brynn's mother was not bad at all I'm pretty sure they told them to act like this for ratings because I'm sure none of them are like this in person so to judge them I think your wrong smh

  6. So Ashley talks about how unfair it is with Brady but then when someone says the same thing for Presley within five minutes suddenly it's "that's not my fault life's not fair" someone get this woman on some meds 😂😂

  7. Ashley literally started complaining about how unfair the dances were (in favor of Brady) and when Ann says she doesn’t know why she’s complaining because her kid got a second chance and how that was unfair Ashley just says life’s not fair. What a hypocrite

  8. Ashley: She gave my daughter a second chance, but it kinda feels that she just wants Brady to dance at nationals!
    Also Ashley: She probably gave Presley a second chance because she wants her to dance at nationals!!!!
    All I am saying is that Ashley starts complaining about Brady being favored, but when Ann starts talking about Presley being favored life simply isn’t fair!

  9. These are the new moms as the old moms and the new girls as the old girls:


    1- Tricia (Christi)
    2- Stacey (Melissa)
    3- Erin (Jessalynn)
    4- Joanne (Jill)
    5- Ann (Holly)
    6- Michelle (Kelly)
    7- Ashley (Kira)
    8- Lakisha (Holly)
    9- Amanda (Ashlee)
    10- Adriana (Kristie)


    1- Brady (Kalani)
    2- Lilliana (Brynn)
    3- Savannah (Maddie)
    4- GiaNina (Kendall)
    5- Hannah (Chloe)
    6- Sarah (Brooke)
    7- Pressley (Paige)
    8- Paris (Nia)
    9- Berkleigh (Sophia)
    10- Kamryn (Asia)

    Love the video! PLEASE UPLOAD UNAIRED DANCES!!!!!!!!

  10. Ashley is so annoying. Along with Stacy like shut your big mouth Stacy and be happy, and of course Abby is not gonna go and make a kid completely blind on purpose, these moms are going crazy!!🤮

  11. I’m sick of the moms saying he has an advantage because he’s a guy how would that be an advantage especially when one was on freaking broadway and one was on the show two years ago the reason Brady gets the most difficult dances is because he’s more skilled and talented than the others plus he probably has to work harder than the girls since boys are not as naturally flexible as girls so that’s a disadvantage the reason he gets these roles is because he works harder and tries harder

  12. i actually hate the mothers this season like the orginals were shady and petty but still it was entertaining this bunch is just soooo ugh like …

  13. It annoys me when the parents act as though it's their chance or their solo and its so annoying they only think about themselves sometimes and not their kids

  14. Ashley is the WORST mom in history of dance moms. fight me ✋🏻 she contradicts everything she says and she’s just so ignorant

  15. Abby at the beginning at the ep: “his vision is definitely impaired”

    Abby at end of competition:

  16. From what I saw in dance moms this is how Abby pick favourites there many factors, but first I want to say that Abby's favourites are not always the best dancers it's just happen that she bias to someone more than the others and then show it strongly. Ok here is how to be the favourite of Abby Lee Miller:

    1) your mom's personality should get along with Abby's hard personality. (And that's what I see with melissa and stacey)

    2) you should be a very good dancer overall.

    3) if Abby knew how to choreograph for you winning solos (knows well your strengths), then this is a strong point for you.

    4) you should be the smallest or one of the smallest in the team. ( this point is not very strong but still does effect as we see Lilly is the smallest and Maddy was smaller than others except kenzie)

    5) you should have quick understanding of her instructions and apply corrections fast. (Also this what I see in lilly and maddie)

    6) you should show Abby that you have a strong passion for dance and the will to learn.

    7) you should also show Abby that you really care to please her and to get first everytime. (Lilly was always crying and sad when she didn't win first weeks and Abby noticed that, also maddie was always upset when she loose and abby sees that). In other words, give abby the feeling that she is manipulating you.

    8) you have to do well under pressure.

    So this 8 points I can see them all just in Maddie and Lilly. Other second favourite dancers such as brady, kalani, and some of the others have some of this points but not all of them. And this is never make Lilly and Maddie better dancers than the others, except in Abby's eyes. And that's sad she pick favourites this way ☹

    Add other Abby's favourites features if I forgot some. And please like the comment I spend too much time writing this😂

  17. yeah, life’s not fair. not everyone can get what they want, stop freaking complaining. some kids don’t even have the chance to dance

  18. When Presley’s mom said that Brady had a blindfold and he had an advantage bc of it she said it wasn’t fair yet when Hannah’s mom said when Presley got a second chance and Presley’s mom said “life’s not fair” I said well… you said Brady had an advantage and it wasn’t fair

  19. I don’t think dancing with a blindfold is a advantage or disadvantage because if someone knows the dance they will be able to do it with their eyes closed it’s not like he is gonna fall of the stage and he is not preforming any new tricks he has been dancing forever and he is great

  20. I love it how she is like you get a second chance I don’t when is the daughter who gets a second chance she’s just the mom ha ha Ha

  21. How is Ashley thinking!??? First she is mad at Tricia and then she gets mad at Hannah’s mom cause she is mad at her ? What???

  22. Why do the moms refer to their daughters as themselves?
    “You got a second chance and I didn’t”
    Well no it wasn’t you

  23. ashley thinks she’s supposed to be christi and she thinks that her daughter is chloe, always short-handed but the best. and it’s sad because pressley along with the rest of the kids are so much more mature than their own mothers…

  24. It’s definitely an advantage. He’s the best and she wants to push him for his and her benefit

    These moms are ridiculous

  25. Ashley: Life’s not fair Ann!😡
    Also Ashley: Brady gets an advantage and that’s not fair!😡
    (Btw I don’t understand how Brady gets an advantage because he had a very technically challenging dance with his version impaired)

  26. I feel like Ashley always has an opinion on one of the moms and it’s the reason they always fight at this point 😐

  27. Ashley abd Stacey are ok with the second chances and the extra special solo stories but when it’s someone else’s kid they don’t approve hhhhhhh

  28. None of this is constructive criticism that will help Brady become a better dancer. For his sake I hope the conversation shifts away from hurt feelings and back to helping him become the best he can be.

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