Dance Moms: Abby Calls the Cops on Michelle (Season 8) | Extended Scene | Lifetime

– The secret’s out. T-minus 2 days until Studio
19 takes on ALDC in Lancaster. This has been our
best season yet. So yes, Abby, the
best is yet to come. Abby probably needs to know
that we were tagged in this. Be careful, because Abby
flees when the situation gets stressful like this. Tuck and roll. –Studio 19 is calling
you out on social media. OK, I’m done. Thank you. Please– I’m sorry. I don’t think Sarah is going to
be able to be in the routines. I have laid down my rules. I laid down the
law with Michelle. And I warned her. If the name of any other
studio is mentioned, this will be the end. Abby, don’t take
it out on the child. She had nothing to do with it. That’s the only
way parents learn. You’re finished. We’ll re-block the number. I don’t care. [somber music] SARAH GEORGIANA: I’m nervous
because I feel like if we don’t do anything, then I’m
never going to end up dancing with the team again. But if we do something, then
I’m not ever going to end up dancing with the team again. I’d rather try and fail
than not try at all, and not get anywhere. Take your phone. If you need me, call me. [somber music] Come on.
Gianna. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. You’re as bad as these mothers. Come on. Right. – Hey, Sarah.
– Hey, Sarah. Hey, Sarah. Hey, Sarah. Are you all right? Oh, she’s here. Well, she’s here. That’s a good sign. Good morning. Honey, you can’t
be here today. OK? [somber music] Oh, god. Uh-oh. Oh, god. Sarah? – Sarah, what’s happening?
– Sarah, what’s wrong? SARAH GEORGIANA: (SOBBING)
She told me I couldn’t– she told me I have to leave. Oh, my gosh. Wait, we’ve got to– MICHELLE GEORGIANA:
What happened? She told her she had to leave. (SOBBING) She told me I
couldn’t be there anymore. Oh, my god. I really don’t know what to do. [slow music] Michelle just texted us. What’s it say? It says, hi, guys. This is a bad situation, but
we want to support the team. We are coming to competition. Sarah really wants to
dance, and we hope you can help us change Abby’s mind. She’s trying to make
the best decision, but it’s going to be a
really, really bad scene. I’ve seen it before. [suspenseful music] Sarah wants to dance. You should be able to go in. I agree. Hi. MICHELLE GEORGIANA:
Abby, can Sarah dance? Can Sarah dance? ABBY LEE MILLER: Hi, girls! Once again, she just
shows up and tries to shove her kid
into a situation where she’s not welcome. MICHELLE GEORGIANA: I won’t
come in, but can Sarah come in. ABBY LEE MILLER:
No, absolutely not. MICHELLE GEORGIANA:
Abby, I won’t come in. Can Sarah come in? Who in their right
mind does that? It doesn’t make sense. – All right, don’t cry.
– Don’t cry. Don’t cry.
Be strong. Listen.
Listen. – Be strong.
– Right now– Can you take her– – Wipe your tears.
Come on. Stand in-between us.
– Be strong. Stand here.
You got it? ASHLEY HOSBACH: Come on. Let’s go. I feel bad for Michelle,
and I feel awful for Sarah. I don’t think it’s
right that Abby threw them out of the dance
and out of the studio. We want Sarah to dance. [suspenseful music] ABBY LEE MILLER: I
want a team of winners. And if we can’t be that, we
can kiss nationals goodbye. That’s what everybody
should be focused on– a win. [suspenseful music] Abby, I’m not here to
cause you any problems. Yeah, you cause trouble. You bring it with you. My daughter has always
dreamed of dancing for you and with you. You have to leave. Police?
– Abby, please. Abby. That’s not necessary. Can’t you just go
sit and not say a word? Yes, my name is
Abby Lee Miller. I’m calling from Lancaster
Mennonite School, and I’m in a dance competition. And I have a psycho mother
that is in our dressing room, and she needs to go. I’ve asked her to leave nicely
20 times, and she won’t leave. They’re on their way. So do we really
want the police here? Oh, I– yes, I
want to be protected. Sir?
Hi, how are you doing? Oh, my god. What is happening? ABBY LEE MILLER: I
made the phone call. This woman, she needs to be
out of this dressing room. She’s not doing anything. I’m here to apologize. I’m really calm. ABBY LEE MILLER: Yeah, there’s
been chaos, screaming, yelling. Everything.
– Not with us, though. No. – Not with us.
– With me. Yes.
And she needs to go. ASHLEY HOSBACH: Abby’s
being super extreme. And we’re getting tired
of the one-way street, and it’s Abby’s
way or the highway. It’s not– it’s not right. The team has to be Abby
and the moms and the kids. So the police told me that
I am not allowed to sit with– like, in the
audience– like, I’m not allowed to sit with Abby. It’s going to be OK. It’s going to be OK. We’re getting there. She actually told Sarah to
go sit down with the girls in the dressing room. Like, Abby said that herself. – Sarah’s going to be with us.
– Yes. When we start getting
ready for the group, we’ll get her ready. I’m just hoping you
can all be her mom. – We are.
– We are. We are her mom. Trust me, we are. She’s fine in there. She’s good. I’m calling it the inch plan. Let’s see if we
can inch a little closer and closer to having
Sarah dance with the team. Michelle should probably,
at least for now, stay away.

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