Creating a Website Using FrontPage : How to Create a Web Page With FrontPage

Creating a Website Using FrontPage : How to Create a Web Page With FrontPage

Hello, my name is Luis Estrada, and I’m a
software developer. In this video, I’ll show you how to create a web page, with FrontPage.
FrontPage is a registered trademark of Microsoft, a company to which I have no affiliation The
first time you start FrontPage, you are presented with a new HTML file. Close the file. Now,
press on File, New, and click on the One page Web site link. We are presented with templates,
commonly used to create websites, like corporate websites, customer support websites, discussion
web sites, etc. For this case, press on the Personal Website option. In the drop down
box, you can choose the location, where files will be stored. By default, all created websites
will be restored under the My Documents/ My Websites Directory. The default name is My
Site. You can press on the browse button to choose another location to store the files.
Then, press Ok. FrontPage creates all necessary files, and folders for the website. If you click on the Index.htm file, now you
have the start page of your website. This is the first page that a user would see, when
visiting your website, and it should be called Index. You can edit the page to include your
When you are done making changes, press the Save button. Go to the folder where you stored
your website, and double click on the Index file. Now, you see the first web page on your
website. In the left column, you are presented with a menu to navigate the site. Press on
the links, and they will take you to the appropriate page. To edit any of these pages, return to FrontPage,
and click on the Website tab. Double click on any page, and edit the information. Press the Save button, or Ctrl S, on your
keyboard. Return to your web browser, and press the refresh arrow, or the F5 key. I’m Luis Estrada, and I’ve just showed you,
how to create a multimedia website using FrontPage.


  1. how to you change between programs like that? 1:23-1:25
    it loks like the way mac users do it
    please inform me!

  2. Can u make your website look really fancy? Like for instance could you create a fancy banner on photoshop and replace the basic template banner with it?

  3. @PomBare No, front page is very basic. Consider using Adobe Dreamweaver to create full functional CSS website used with HTML.

  4. front page is the worst software to make web sites, only who dont' know nothing about html, css, php use this ridicolous program and make horrible things!
    The web sites are made with softwares and A LOT of manual programming, not with front page!!!

  5. MS frontpage 2003 Hi, I was watching ur videos on how to create a website with MS frontpage 2003 and i realise u didnt mention anything about the registration and database templates for customer based websites. could i obtain some detailed information on how to create a registration and database page for a website please?

    ps. Ur videos were ver helpful. thanks
    ie with one with Luis Estrada

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  8. Frontpage is an awesome HTML application for creating medical websites for doctors and dentists.

  9. If you are still "alive and taking questions", I have a question. I have a table, table background is a photo. I want to write text inside cell; so to see it I set this: bgcolor="#FF00FF"> But what I really want is some degree of opacity – I'd like to set it to 75% white/opaque so I can write text in this cell using a black font; but still see some blur of the photo underlying. So I guess my question boils down to this – what is the magic setting of bgcolor=opaque? I tried to find this out here: but was not successful. Please let me know steve at freisco com

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