Cory Booker’s Prayer For Democrats In 2020: Unite Americans | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Cory Booker’s Prayer For Democrats In 2020: Unite Americans | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. 6:03 Dude, that's a felony, then we'd never be demagogues and bigots! … well that pretty much sums up the dem party … Sparticus said so himself …

  2. Spartacus is not going to be our President, Congratulations!, He can’t even fix the problems in Newark, where he is a mayor

  3. Just look at the huge Transvest|te making Cory look like a small man!

    You could have made a great quarterback Transvest|te "Rachel"! 😁 😂 🤣

  4. He was always going to lose.
    It feels like just a waste of time and money
    Imagine if all his campaign money was used to fix Flinn or something


  6. Says we need to unite Americans and that we share many of the same values, then proceeds to call people with different values the most vile things. This is why you lost, and why they will lose.

  7. The United States of America, a "Free Nation" has the highest % of it's populatation in jail or prison in the world. If that = a "Free Nation," every dictionary in the universe needs to be updated, ASAP!

  8. Hey Booker your lying Corrupt demonrats and lying Corrupt media divided Americans your LIES AND PROPAGANDA.U PEOPLE ARE THE TRUE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

  9. #DYINGpopREPUBLICANISMjoinedPUTINISM #BLUEWAVE the red cesspool swamp
    into a beautiful, healthy, strong blue lake. lol, republicanism
    of #FRAUDredELITES & their SLAVES OF TRUMP $$$ HOPES. lololl electoral college reds

  10. All the insults, negativity and racism in the comment section. What is the matter with you people? You're a sorry bunch, you really are. Anyway, when Senator Bernie Sanders becomes President Bernie Sanders, he'll still make your lives better, and maybe, just maybe, you'll learn to love and support your brothers and sisters you share the Earth with, rather than spew your hate and cynicism. If you understood the science, you'd know that both DNA markers, and the fossil evidence prove we all came out of Africa nearly 2 million years ago. So, the argument about race is baseless. There's only one race, and that's the human race. Not me. Us! Vote BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE 2020!

  11. I'm so sad that Americans are so far from being able to see that Cory has/lives what we need. Thank you for your courageous empathic compassion Cory Booker!

  12. Cory Booker is not done yet. I expect to see him again running for President. He is an honorable guy in touch with many Americans real needs. Thank you Cory!

  13. So I totally wanted a vegan president… just not this one. If Bernie was vegan, it'd be perfect. Maybe Bernie can be convinced after the cholesterol blockage in his arteries from all the meat he's eaten in his lifetime.

  14. He’s a really good debater but his message was way too optimistic during the age of Trump. Obama’s message of Hope and Change is a lot stronger than Love. Plus going out with a celebrity just made it that much harder to shake the label of being an attention seeker. But I’ll still vote for you as my Senator.

  15. This Democratic Campaign has managed to highlight the strength, capabilities and intelligence of some of our upcoming Democratic leaders. Just the number of troll messages here make it look like a ticker-tape parade for Booker. They must really be afraid of something. Only one person, who respects the position and is worthy, can become President. All of these other candidates are worthy of our pride, and we need to use their skills in the years ahead.

  16. Booker is correct. Although it was difficult to get people to share their direct experiences, it was clear that Americans had united under the leadership of FDR at the end of the depression and stayed united by the common threat presented by Pearl Harbor. That unity lasted long after our servicemen returned home. With "victory gardens", recycling everything, and makeshift temporary housing while our men used the GI Bill to get an education and start new businesses. While recent politicians have used their positions as a platform for personal greed, a person like Trump or McConnell would not have lasted longer than 3 weeks.

  17. In God we trust means that we believe that you can't speak life into Satan,not by the United will of all mankind , it is a spiritual war and we are Waring in the flesh , America has thrown off the yoke and strapped on firearms, it's down to trust ,are Americans going to trust in political ideology or in the gospel , all of it ,in spirit and truth, alliances with the world to change the spiritual awakening in people is the greatest dissipation in our time ,no blood money or battle will have any effect on the spirituality of a single person , God works through people working his will for the Glory of God ,God is glorified by one lasting thing and that is the gospel period, if you do right won't you to be accepted by ALL, we have no continuing city worth the blood bath of today's wars, we as a nation have traded truth for a lie, our empire building is for feeding the machine when we should be about nurishing the people mind body soul, you cannot have a pact with people who will never be on the same page,God is able to accomplish all things and if the people of God accepted the fullness ,not in measure ,your fear of others is the sign of your perdition. Repent from your world of strife and join in the joy of the Lord.

  18. Senator Booker, just know that in a race with fewer wonderful candidates, I would have gladly supported you. Keep up the good work and think about the future! 💝💖

  19. We need you outside of the White House. Your message can keep those of us who are willing to listen on track to be a more tolerant and unified nation.

  20. he didn't resonate because he's disingenuous. and america is a racist genocidal trash can. America is a lie as long as Black America is destroyed by its own government. Pay your debts #ADOS101.COM

  21. It might unite Americans if they find that have really good healthcare – every one of them – not just certain groups. Minimum wages Plenty of jobs in the 'green' industries. Bernie can do it.

  22. Isn't strange that it's the Democrats that clutch handles of power that rely on negative outlooks? They are the ones that stubbornly insist on continuation of judging people by the color of their skin. They speedily glommed onto school shootings as if they were gasoline pumps to refill their voters with discontent. I do not believe that they do these things as strategies to improve America. They do these things to gain power. They want you angry. That gains votes for them. They just want to be in office. They have decided that this is the way.

  23. When I saw you, Kamala and Amy at the Kavanaugh hearings, I thought, "Wow, make note of them!" Sure enough. While being disappointed for both you and Kamala, I must admit, that now, more than ever, I'm so glad you two will be in the senate. You were both SO good there. Thank-you for your service and your very distinct contribution. We sure still need you.

  24. Always liked to listen to Cory Booker, now I understand more why. Aren't we getting rid of, ignoring the sky for the the floor bit? No doubt, we may not have voted for the current President but part of our credulous, unfelt energy did. There's more to fix than we're thinking.

  25. Cory you missed the fact. Correct the politics is broken in America and money is the #1 evil in why the political system is broken.

  26. I never liked Booker for president….but still, I think he is an amazing person. Very unique in his absolute idealistic moral approach to governance.

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