Coronavirus Enters Devastating New Phase | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Coronavirus Enters Devastating New Phase | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. This fool of a ‘president’ must be removed! Giving various, naive comments, is NOT LEADING, tRump!!!!Contradicting himself, it is appalling!

  2. I'm a journalist. The religious dictatorship of Iran has deliberately introduced the Corona virus in Iran so that it can lift sanctions and carry out its evil plans.1

  3. Why are the liberals over at the msnbc comment board so hateful about this same video/message. The board is full of hate, absolute indignation. They don't mention Europe in the comments, all they really say is that "he looks so Dumb." But no rational person can say that the president is saying anything "wrong." On the MSNBC board, there is not one single person in the comment section that commented or praised anything whatsoever about the 8 plus BILLION dollar appropriation, the protection of the country with border control, and making TESTS FREE and CARE FREE — NONE of them mentioned ANYTHING about any of these things, but yet—– that is what they complain about righ??? The workers? The little guy?? So, you know that they don't hate him because of policy, they hate him because of his RACE and because of a DISEASE that they have.

  4. Why do idiots, like Mika, call Oregon, Or-i-gone? You'd thing an American newscaster could correctly pronounce the names of the states. There are only 60 of them. How hard is that? It's a good thing our governor is Kate Brown, if it had been a polysyllabic name, she would have botched that too.

  5. Right now the number of cases is doubling every six days. That mean in early / mid-may we'll hit a million. The real devastation will be untreated medical emergencies in a swamped health care system. Be careful. Don't have a heart attack, break a bone, get an infected cut, etc.

  6. ATTENTION:  People in the land of the living…the
    “Resistance & Fear Mongers & Lovers of Abortion, Homosexuality, Islam,
    & Liberalism” yes, the democratic, left, socialist, sect, party, those
    workers of iniquity & evildoers, & the “Resistance & Fear Mongers”
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    to.  One more TRUTH…there all LESS THAN

  7. This is an actual result of a study that I have been looking into. In the population studied, the middle 50%-60% (as a percentile of intelligence based on testing) of intelligence consistently ranked themselves or self-reported as being "highly intelligent" or "above average," while the upper echelon of the higher percentiles (upper 80%-90% in the population) self-reported or self-identified as "about average," or "normal." So…….. we have soooooo many armchair analysts sitting around calling this president "dumb" and calling each other "idiots."


  9. If people didn't think Trump was a danger to our country, now he's one upped himself and is a danger to humanity.

  10. Try reporting the Truth for once,instead of bringing on people who know nothing about the right thing to do with this. 8 years Obama and Biden cut FUNDING to State and local governments,The 100 Million Dollars he eliminated for "Health and Human Services" but they spent BILLIONS OVERSEAS,Report on that!!

  11. Virus is evil something what we don't understand but everything has some reason bad or good this come definitely from evil power ..ppl is virus not kindest in this world ..

  12. There’ll be times in our lives where the Almighty will allow us to go through things that we don't understand. We must trust that there is a purpose behind His plan. That’s faith. Always believe that He wants the best for us. He will work things out eventually! Without a doubt! ‬

  13. “Just stay home” okay, what do we tell our jobs lol. I could have coronavirus and my job would still guilt trip me into showing up.

  14. This Gov has had plenty of investigations, but finding out who ordered the CDC to reject test kits from other countries & make their own is essential. And then who screwed them up. Because that order has caused the unnecessary death of people. And if it was Dump, to slow down testing to fudge the numbers, or even just in one of his “America First” stupid initiatives, he needs to pay with his job!

  15. Hey all you Trump hating fake News Folks, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, China is the reason coronavirus is spreading throughout the world 🌎 And you Democrats are politicizing it so shame on all of you.

  16. Maybe the decision to make all of America's prescription drugs over in China wasn't such a good idea after all ya think ?

  17. Did that dead intern they found in Joe's Congressional office with her skull bashed in back in 2001 die from CoVid19?
    Or did Joe do it?

  18. This series of maps and charts that will help you understand what is going on:

  19. Everything unnecessary where groups can gather needs to be closed because many aren't smart enough to stop doing this!!

  20. It would be ironic
    if the President was killed by a "hoax".
    Trump probably has coronavirus but doesn't want us to know

    because it would tank the economy.

  21. I really hate howmsnbc let their political views show in their broadcast ….NEWS IS SUPPOSE TO BE NON BIAS GETIT TOGETHER

  22. No one talks about the deadly US super flu anymore? Now more tests have been done and more scientific research has been done, it should be clear US super flu is in the same family of coronavirus, it may be the first and second generation of coronavirus before it mutated to China's third generation virus. That's why Trump was so nervous that the world would find out this US originated virus and started to point fingers at China stressing its a foreign virus. Haha, when you all leave this world and meet your maker, you will find out you all lived in wide big lies all your human lives

  23. But, Trump, you said it was a hoax. Did you lie to us? Gee whiz, Mister president, it's not very nice to lie to the American people. But then I guess we should be used to it by now since you've told over 16,000 lies in office.

  24. Congrats MSNBC. You have really perfected your multitasking ability. Spreading fear AND hating on Trump. Your selective editing is a shame. You have the ability to reach so many people and actually gets some news out there when so many are wanting good information and you blow it. Booooooo!

  25. Worst most Partisan president in history. Trump is an absolute clown and danger to this country and the world.

  26. Watch the series on my channel and follow the journey to find the the Corona Cure… in 14 days.

  27. The Adult in the room is Bernie2020. Covid19 is showing how much US needs Medicare for All.
    Climate change – we ain't seen nothing yet. Sanders is the leader we need. FDR reboot.

  28. People shouldn't go to work because corona is dangerous, but has to go to work because starving is dangerous. Then they have to go to the hospital because they're sick and starved, but can't because they can't afford health care. The US will be hit much harder than Italy, but without the welfare and health care the Italians have.

  29. Karma's a bit*h. The white House won't be so be white anymore. Coronavirus is whooping old Caucasians butt! The time has come.

  30. If you remember 2009 2010 the Swine flue hit, Just in the
    US 60 million were infected, 300 thousand were hospitalized and 18 thousand
    died, but the big difference was that the demonrats token house boofer was in
    the white house and they covered it up to not make him look bad!!!

  31. WOW! I see MSNBC can't waste an opportunity to attack Trump. So much for solidarity you slimy pieces of sh!t!

  32. CDC will decide who survives and who doesn’t by restricting the testing of who they want tested and supporting those who test positive

  33. You guys honestly couldn’t sound any more biased if you tried. Everyone thought this was going to be similar to Ebola or SARS. EVERYONE.

  34. Population control. This was deliberately let out to bring down the world population. Especially in China. The government and other countries governments deliberately released it.

  35. Declare Emergency over fake threat from the south to build a wall but refuse to declare Emergency when the nation is succumbing to Covid-19?
    What a Wonderfully Perfect Lying Idiotic Leader.
    No wonder there is a meltdown of the stock markets.

    America is doomed.

  36. Watch the movie: Contagion. Kidding aside, Trump is an orange fat liar. You can't fix stupid (that's include: Trump and his followers) You must be ONLY stupid if you believe anything comes out of his mouth.

  37. So dangerous that we are telling people not to get checked if not feeling ill and go about their day. Also being told you may not show symptoms…….

  38. My son still believes it's a hoax to unseat ttump. Nothing will change his mind. Our little family is heading for or own civil war. HELP.

  39. maybe he changed his mind? its actually a good trait of a leader as it shows they are not stubborn and cant adapt or learn from new information?

  40. Guys, don't worry about the coronavirus, it can't legally get into your body without your consent

  41. Spreading fear about coronavirus is the same as yelling fire in a theater. Both should be dealt with in the same manner. And neither should constitute free speech.

  42. Trump underestimated the severity of the coronavirus. I just came here to find out of you people still think an open border is a good idea and if travel bans are still racist.

  43. The coronavirus is far less deadly than the flu, why then are the liberal propaganda machines, such as CNN and MSNBC making more out it than what it is? Because they want a panic to take place, which in turn will cause our economy to falter. Why do the liberals want this? Because we're approaching the Presidential election. In 2018 over 61,000 Americans died of the flu. One death is far to many, but I predict that deaths caused by the coronavirus will not come close to 61,000.

  44. I had a clown, I named it trump.
    Wanted a crown, but was a chump..
    His wish came through, in Arizona.
    He will be buried in that Corona.

  45. Sorry but in the United states we have to work for our own survival so staying home isn't necessarily an option.

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