Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery – Project Health Live – Penn State Hershey Medical Center

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery  – Project Health Live – Penn State Hershey Medical Center

>>[Music] welcome to Project Health Live.
Sponsored by Penn State Hershey Heart and Vascular Institute. My final guest this evening
is Dr. Edward Stevenson [phonetic]. Thank you so much for joining me. We’ve heard a
lot about heart health today, and I want to follow up with some various basic questions.
Can you tell me, what happens if a stent can’t be placed?>>If a patient’s had a heart attack and a
stent can’t be placed, one of the options that we do have is open heart surgery, or
coronary artery bypass grafting.>>And coronary artery bypass. Can you tell
me a little bit more about that?>>What that — this type of surgery is taking
a blood vessel from another part of your body — usually the leg or the chest wall — and
using that blood vessel to bypass the blockage in the heart that caused the heart attack.
We don’t do anything to the blockage itself. The blockage stays where it is, but the blood
uses this new blood vessel to get to the heart and supply it with all the blood that it needs.>>So if somebody has a heart attack, is this
the only option that they have?>>Certain people aren’t candidates, depending
on their other medical problems and other issues. But it’s a good option. If they are
not candidates, then another option is to use medications and optimize the patient’s
medications to prevent their symptoms, improve their symptoms, and improve their quality
of life.>>Okay. So if somebody does happen to have
a coronary bypass surgery, does that mean they’re scott-free and they can go back to
living life the way they were [chuckles]?>>No. Unfortunately not. You know, the dietary
modifications. The lifestyle changes. They’re all very important to keeping those new bypass
grafts open. Keeping the heart healthy. And so we encourage people to continue to eat
healthy. Modify their lifestyle. And help prevent further heart disease.>>So it sounds like a good time to keep those
New Years resolutions then [chuckles].>>Absolutely. Absolutely.>>Fabulous. Well thank you so much for all
the information you’ve given us this evening.

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