Concerns Grow Over ‘Community Spread’ Of Coronavirus In US | TODAY

Concerns Grow Over ‘Community Spread’ Of Coronavirus In US | TODAY


  1. Hmmm another whistle blower? So how long before you start screaming orange man bad?
    This is why I get my information from epidemiologists on the web. They are making no money because you tube demonitized them and you are just out for clicks. Plus I knew what was happening a month ago while you people in the MSM were screaming orange man bad. You have all sold your souls for one click at a time

  2. High doses (30,000 IU/daily) of Vitamin D3 have been shown in medical studies to be effective in the treatment of influenza, rhinovirus, and coronavirus. Vitamin D3 is a potent immunomodulator and plays an important role in antiviral immune responses that inhibit virus replication.


    The treatment used in multiple medical studies is quite simple. Take A) 50,000 IU 1X dose weekly, or B) 10,000 IU 3X dose daily for 2 to 3 days in a weekly cycle (60,000-90,000 IU/week).

    Claim 1: Vitamin D for Influenza

    The results are dramatic, with complete resolution of symptoms in 48 to 72 hours. One-time doses of vitamin D at this level have been used safely and have never been shown to be toxic.

    Source: Pubmed, PMC4463890

    Claim 2: Vitamin D for Rhinovirus

    A recent systematic review encompassing 10933 participants in 25 randomized controlled trials concluded that vitamin D supplementation reduced the risk of acute respiratory infection, with stronger protective effects in patients with baseline 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels <25 nmol/l.

    Source: Pubmed, PMC6136076

    Claim 3: Vitamin D for Respiratory viruses (i.e. Coronavirus)

    The evidence for the possible link between vitamin D and respiratory disease (e.g. Coronaviruses) comes from multiple studies.

    Coronaviruses also have been linked to lower respiratory tract disease in children (40), including the strains NL-63 (41) or New Haven (42), and HKU1 (43-45).

    Source: Pubmed, PMC2810250

  3. Guys, do you remember last year the state said e-cigarettes cause pneumonia. I guess they were covering truth. Have you noticed that there's a high mortality rate in older people who have this virus, who are pensioners. These virus may engineered by high leaders in US. Somebody was covering truth. Basic on the latest study of coronavirus gene. There are 5 main types spreaded in the world. But only one type was found in China. Two types were found in Taiwan. 5 types all be found in US. This is very weird. As I kown, in past 3 months there are close to 20 000 people were killed by flu. Nobody know if some of them had been infected of coronavirus.

  4. Not a good example but the idea is right: when you see 1 roach in your kitchen, it indicates that there can possibly be dozens if not 100 of them hidden

  5. Uhmmm. Reality 101.. Feds put Travel Ban, Beginning of Feb. CA Gov, Pelosi. called Trump “Racist” Meanwhile 100k plus of the US Chinese National Students were instantly stranded in China (Ca Universities half 50% Chinese Nat Students!) Regents, Politicians, Teachers and others told the stranded students, “F. The Feds. F. Racist Trump. Go to Italy, Japan, Canada other places and then fly back to US. Now a bunch are stranded in those places but many made it back to the USA. Very sad. BS Politics. Many sick and elderly will die. Newsome and Pelosi will blame the Feds

  6. Have no more stocks, house is payed off, no debt. BE as consrvative as you can, you dont need trillions $ anyway!!! Hakuna matata!!!

  7. We will get thru this as Americans..hopefully the CDC ramps up corrected test kits to those states and cities that really need them now.

  8. So she didn’t fit the CDC guidelines so they post pone here test a couple days later letting her spread the virus… nice one.. real nice…

  9. I think somehow infection spread from someone on that base.the woman infected was in the same city and county as the infected Americans on that base. So it has to be connected some way. It would be more random if the lady lived in San Jose that's an hour away. But she was infected in the same city that their quarantine people.

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