Combatting Coronavirus with “Social Distancing” | The Daily Show

Combatting Coronavirus with “Social Distancing” | The Daily Show

As scientists fight every day to learn more and more
about coronavirus, governments around the world
are doing their best to contain the crisis. In Israel,
anyone entering the country has to go into a 14-day quarantine. In India, they’re sending
coronavirus alerts to all one billion cell phones. And in Washington, D.C.,
President Trump has said, in order to prevent the spread
of the disease, he’ll stop shaking hands
and go back -to grabbing people
by the pussy. -(groaning) But while governments
are doing what they can, as individuals,
we’ve also been told that we, we ourselves can change
our behavior to help stop the spread
of the coronavirus. You know, for instance,
wash your hands for 20 seconds, cough into your elbow,
and whatever you do, do not look into a mirror and
say “coronavirus” three times. -That’s how it comes out.
-(laughter) And now,
the latest instruction is for everyone to get some space. We’ve come to embrace the term
“social distancing” from the Centers
for Disease Control, talking about leaving space
in large event areas. WOMAN 2: That means
avoiding group gatherings, plus, crowded subways
and buses. WOMAN 3:
Social distancing in action. -Social distancing.
-Social distancing. Social distancing. WOMAN 4: The new coronavirus
buzz phrase. Yes. The buzz phrase of the moment is
“social distancing,” also known as
“Don’t breathe on me, bitch!” (laughter) And this looks like it could be a pretty big change
for our society. Although,
it’s also the perfect excuse if you’ve been wanting
to break up with someone. Just be like,
“Hey, baby, you know I love you, “but the World
Health Organization– they just…
they say we need some space.” (laughter) Actually wish
social distancing was a thing when I was in middle school. Yeah, ’cause it would have made
all the times I ate alone in the bathroom seem
way more responsible. I’ll be like,
“I’m not a loser! I’m social distancing!” (laughter) Now, although it sounds fancy, all “social distancing” means
is keeping people from congregating together
in one place. Sort of like the opposite of what
you guys are doing right now. -(laughter) -Yeah. You know.
You know what I’m saying. -(applause and cheering)
-Like, yeah! Live a little! It’s why you’ve been hearing about all kinds of events
being canceled lately. Coachella– postponed,
South by Southwest– canceled. Even Bernie and Biden both
canceled their rallies tonight, which actually didn’t hurt
Bernie Sanders at all, because his voice is so loud, whether you come
to the rally or not, you’re still gonna hear
his message. Yeah. Yeah. He’s just
out there, like, telling you, “We need Medicare for…” I bet there’s aliens in space -who now support
Medicare for All. -(laughter) They’re just… they’re like, “This earthling makes
a good point. “Medicare should cover
our anal probes. We’re paying too much.” And now, people are taking
social distancing so seriously, even schools all over America
are kicking kids out. MAN: Schools from coast to coast
are closing this morning to clean the classrooms. Ohio State University
just became the latest college to cancel in-person classes. Harvard now among the colleges
and universities telling students, “Don’t come
back from Spring break.” WOMAN: Parents with children
at Treadwell middle and elementary schools
are not playing around. Don’t nobody want their child
to be sick, and don’t nobody want to take
their virus to their house. WOMAN:
Many wipe their kids down, and some even sprayed them
with disinfectant spray as they took them home Monday. -Yo!
-(laughter, clamoring) (laughing):
Yo. Yo, the parents at this school
are really serious. Like, the mom is fighting
with the virus, this dad is not taking chances. Did you see
how much spray he used? His kid is never
getting corona… or a date to the prom. (laughter) And that spraying technique
will only work if you have one or two kids. But if you’re like
those religious families on TLC, you have to invest
in a crop duster. -That’s what you’re gonna need.
-(laughter) But it’s not just schools. More and more companies
are telling their employees to work from home. The only issue is,
much of the American workforce can’t afford
to take that advice. WOMAN: As unease grows
about job security, many workers are wondering
if they get paid if they’re forced to stay home
because of coronavirus. U.S. Federal law currently
does not guarantee sick leave. Less than 60% of blue-collar
workers get paid time off. We’re talking about ride share
drivers, cashiers and servers. So, I work for Uber,
Lyft, Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmate, Amazon Flex. We don’t have the luxury
to stay home, even when we are sick, not just,
like, from coronavirus, from any kind
of infected disease. Okay, does that guy work
for every app on our phone? (laughter) Did you hear his list? So what, like, you get
an Uber home, he’s driving, then you order dinner
on Grubhub, he shows up with the food, you open Tinder later
for some action, -he’s like, “Me again!”
-(laughter) I wouldn’t even be surprised if
he’s also your calculator app. You’re just like,
“What’s 250 divided by seven?” He’s like, “Okay, hold on, sir,
let me think. Carry the one, move that…” But in all seriousness,
all seriousness, right, social distancing
is not an option for much of America’s workforce. Because without paid leave,
many people have to work despite the danger. Which is insane
when you think about it. Like, imagine if Godzilla
was attacking a city, but delivery people still had
to keep doing their jobs. It’s like,
“Aah! Godzilla! Godzilla! “Oh, here’s your pad Thai. “Uh, sorry,
some of the soup spilled “because of the kaiju.
Thank you very much. Aah…!” And everyone,
from schools to businesses, festivals, political rallies,
everyone is doing their part to keep their social distance. But it turns out… one of the groups
who’s most at risk just D-G-A-F. NEWSMAN: The CDC recommends
people over the age of 60 practice social distancing. There are few signs
seniors are listening. At this softball game
at the village outside Orlando, most of the players are
in their 60s, 70s, even 80s. The only thing they say they’ve
been told to cut back on is their postgame high-five. 72-year-old Rick Sanford
isn’t keen on any suggestion he change his lifestyle. Well, I’ll be frank
and say I think that’s bogus, and I think it’s something
that each individual has to decide upon their own. Wait, wha…? I’m sorry, that-that’s insane. You don’t just get to decide
what you think about a disease. That’s not a thing.
No one’s in the doctor’s office like, “Doc, be honest,
is it bad?” and the doctor’s like,
“Eh, it’s up to you. Yeah.” It’s actually funny
how all of us here are working on social distancing
to protect old people, who are the most at risk, but then old people are just out
there living their best life. Yeah. They’re just like,
“Good luck distancing yourself “from these hips. Aah. These hips. Did… Aah! -These hips, these hips. Aah!”
-(laughter) And you know, folks, that’s the
problem with this generation. We’ve sacrificed so much for
them, and all they care about is their dancing
and their goofing around. -(laughter) -And you know what,
Grandpa Rick? If that’s the way
you want to play it, “then we’ll have no option
but to get that spray dad and hose
you geriatric delinquents down!


  1. That’s why during the quarantine in China, delivery people and drivers are among the less appreciated groups of people besides Medical professions and police.

  2. omg trevor, THANK YOU for not swearing (much), now I can fwd this to my geriatric delinquent parents who just don't listen.

  3. I also deliver food across many apps, like many other jobs you have to go even when you’re sick because I gotta pay the bills. If I wasn’t on my parents health insurance I’d be so fucked

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  5. Here is the problem about this virus 🦠 if it’s as dangerous as you say it is than no matter how much you try to contain it , if you don’t know much about the virus and if don’t have a cure in time chances are you’re not going to successfully contain the problem and eventually it can overwhelm you.🤷🏽‍♂️

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  7. I feel so sorry for countries with no paid sick leave and I don't understand companies that think that is better. If they get other people sick more people will miss work or not be very productive at work in the end that is way more harmful that having one person stay home for a day or 2. In Germany your boss is obligated to send you home if you are sick, as they are responsible for your well-being. Also your co-workers will hate on you, for being selfish and getting them potentially sick as well. I am so thankful for paid-sick leave and a minimum of 20 days vacation (most people have 25-30 days). I don't think I could handle living in the US.

  8. public social distancing woudlnt be a thing if people didnt ride ass in wait lines or in large groups. how many times have you been in line and had someone behind you actually bumping into you with whatever they have in their hands or practically running you over in place with a shopping cart? how many times did someone stand behind you so close you cold feel their breath on your neck or in your ear?? where is that 3ft of personal space and clearance you give someone who may need to turn around suddenly to do something like pick up something they dropped or how about having to reach around and scratch your ass or your back and not having the room to do any of that. how about when its hot out and you have long hair you need to fuss with to cool off your neck and so on. my favorite is the check out line where there are no baggers and you have to step out of line to help bag; and you havent paid cause the cashier is still ringing you through yet the person behind you just moves right in front of the card swipe machine that forces you to tell that person where they fucked up by saying something like "hey you paying for my stuff? i dont mind if you do. " then you have to see that confused look in the headlight face of the moron that is blocking the swipe machine. stop riding ass people!!

  9. Anyone need facemask😷😷😷?N95&surgical facemask! Contact me ! facemask stock in china.Low price&Good quality.

  10. Those old people at the end of the segment are selfish old shits. They were probably selfish young shits too, the kind who speed like hell in residential neighborhoods past people with babies in strollers and dogs on leashes.

  11. Of course people can’t get paid for not working that would end with companies getting bankrupt and when this all end we are gonna have mass unemployment and a massive economic crisis…. the only thing we can do is to take some damn responsibility and not panic and stay away from old people and people with long term illness because they are in the risk group..

    get some perspective on this mess

  12. The capitalism in America is ridiculous. Even UK Conservative prime minister Boris Johnson changed the laws so that people staying home due to coronavirus were paid sick pay much earlier to encourage them to stay at home, rather than come into work and risk spreading the virus. It's just common sense to paid sick leave, but nope, some business owners got into politics figured it would be really condescending of the government to tell them what benefits they need to offer their employees.

  13. Ok, Trevor, your writing team expects a raise, because Medicare should pay for our anal probes. I'll even spring for Propofol myself.

  14. Well, from a country where people who think that global warming is a hoax, vaccines are a hoax, earth is flat, a deadly disease is also a hoax obviously. Meanwhile,in my country (the sobcalled 3rd world), we have 2 cases of Corona, and schools got an extended vacation. N btw, we have 21 days of paid sick leave (at least the govt sector) even the private can not prevent people taking sick leave, voz we have tough labour laws

  15. Boomers are just mad the world ain't like it used to be:


  16. That old man gives me hope everyone is panicking and running like headless chickens and elderly people that are at ACTUAL risk living life 🤧

  17. I've been practicing social distancing ALL MY LIFE! Now if I could only work from home I would be in heaven! 😇😇

  18. In Sweden we have sick leave, but not for the first day. But for a month and a half the government change it, so now we will have 80% of our salary from day one. It's important. People must be able to be in quarantine. I love how they got campervans for sick homeless ppl in San Fransisco.

  19. Y’all forget those old heads survived H1N1, SARS, Ebola la la, Consumption, German influenza (lol)

  20. you mean social distancing like NOT standing/sitting in a densely packed area for 3+hours? like perhaps the filming of a talk-show? 🤔🤨

  21. If old guys want to play softball, well, they know the risk. You don't live forever. Why stay cooped up in your home waiting for Dr.Death? If you are 70 or 80, live each day as if it were your last. It might be.

  22. If old guys want to play softball, well, they know the risk. You don't live forever. Why stay cooped up in your home waiting for Dr.Death? If you are 70 or 80, live each day as if it were your last. It might be.

  23. If old guys want to play softball, well, they know the risk. You don't live forever. Why stay cooped up in your home waiting for Dr.Death? If you are 70 or 80, live each day as if it were your last. It might be.

  24. As an introvert I've been preparing for social distancing but My Mom is 81 and definitely living her best life despite the warning.

  25. I wait tables for a living, I’m pretty much fucked right now…..however all those old ppl can come to our restaurant! We got margaritas!!!!

  26. Indian govt giving alerts on cellphones sounds all good until u r an Indian yourself.
    Yeah karen, i know I've to wash my hands. Shut the fuck up, imma trying to call my date

  27. Our president says it's a hoax so that's why so many will die, at least it will take out the stupid one's first.

  28. Maybe we should start considering the importance of beginning to start the process of mulling over the conceptualization of starting to worry

  29. My middle school is on OSU campus and we don’t have school for 3 more weeks but we have virtual days which are really annoying but in an introvert so I don’t care about not talking to people

  30. Not to change the subject, but if you are in the US, please go vote. If you're state still has yet to vote, ensure to get to the booth, and take someone with you that needs a ride. This is the most important vote of our lifetimes. Think of the most worst off family you know and love, and vote in their best interest. The world depends on us making the right choice in 2020.

  31. Hey if the senior citizens wanna yolo the fuck outta here let them. They own too much of the country's wealth and were a big part of why there are tan stains in the oval office.

  32. Social distance is the reinforcement of self determination. Right?

    It's about time USA public policy is geared towards place introversion in as more valuable then extroversion.

    Ahhh finally, the introverted lifestyle is of public policy.

    You, extroverts will soon learn what you've been missing out on. Me time.

    We, introverts prefer our own company over the company of others.

    Be you xo

  33. Once more you see USA is one of the least socially developed countries…no sick leave!? What the hell?
    There are no human rights in the USA!

  34. Old people need to die off. They've fucked up the future. They've despoiled the planet. They've bankrupted the following generations with student debt. They've Madeline it almost impossible for younger people to buy homes. It's time to thin the herd. Incidentally, I'm 70 years old.

  35. These old people are just waiting to die. The are welcoming this virus with open arms. They are ready for it believe it.

  36. Dudes, I have it and I live in England. So far it's cost me absolutely nothing, and if I end up spending two weeks in an E.T. plastic tent, it's still gonna cost me absolutely nothing. For the love of God, please choose the candidate that's gonna give you free healthcare. I hate to think of out cousins across the pond not being able to get the care they need because of money. It's disgusting.

    Please stay safe out there, my fellow humans. This virus is really very bad, and it's a lot further widespread than the government is telling us. I have severe anxiety and depression, I rarely leave my house for anything, let alone actually come into direct contact with people. I live in a small town. If the numbers being put out there were correct, I'd have literally no chance of getting infected.

    Assume it's already in your town, follow safety procedures, no matter how many people look at you weird, and if you wake up with a tickly/slightly sore throat and feel a bit dizzy, self-isolate and stay away from people you love, especially if they're older or have respiratory problems or are currently taking opioids (represses the respiratory system and pneumonia hits even harder because of that). Also, a good early indicator is a dull headache, no runny/blocked-up nose, and muscle aches in arms and mainly shoulders.

    Good luck, America.

  37. Honey, that’s the deep south for you. These children still have school tomorrow, and they coughing and hacking every day, lol!

  38. two main things in this situation is

    1. handshake is a way of greeting in western
    2.touching face is a habit around the world

    also, a touch screen phone is dirty

  39. People are inherently selfish, and it takes more emotional integrity to act more responsibly and considerately. . .In short, it's ignorance that will perpetuate this pandemic. Ignorance is the seed of hate, destruction, and dissonance of any kind. It's also too damn bad we've got an administration like the one we have. This is the nightmare scenario of having a jackass as a president (and his lemmings) with no impulse control and no respect for the field of science and it's competent leaders. Greed is poisoning our potential to make quota with virus testing. It's a damn disgrace. This crisis should be handled so much better than it is in the US. Let's hope to God things get under better control sooner rather than later. Take care of yourselves and please be clean, responsible and courteous. Collectively we can beat this behind the leadership and efforts of our medical leaders.

  40. @DSJ0 Ever wonder if world events hang heavy on children's minds the way they do with adults. In this video watch, an American brother and sister talk about how the Corona Virus pandemic is personally affecting them and what they think about schools being closed for two weeks

  41. I'm scared, worried, but at the same time I'm just so annoyed with EVERYONE in NYC like chill out & shut up


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