Collins reacts to Trump considering him for Director of National Intelligence

Collins reacts to Trump considering him for Director of National Intelligence


  1. Rep. Collins would do a great job as DNI, but he is equally in the House or Senate. I fully support any decision he would make here. Rep, Nunes would also be a great pic fir DNI.

  2. Good choice by Trump, it's a pity Collins's doesn't feel the same, but what ever he takes on I feel will be the right one for him.

  3. We the people and PRESIDENT TRUMP need people like Collins,Jordan, Gowdy, Stephanik, Nunes,,Meadows and many others instead of the crooked democrat swamp rats!!!!  TRUMP/PENCE 2020 KAG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Collins is getting to the grass roots cause for conservatives to get into the offices in congress that have been hoarded by the corrupt democrats for years! Vote red to clean out the swamp.

  5. So strategy wise, he opens a possible lost seat in the house plus a possible loss of of a senate seat! Let's hope it works out right!

  6. I'm sorry that you're leaving the House but having you in the Senate oh my gosh that is just incredible you will definitely win that race you are the best person for that position.

  7. I'm sure all four candidates would be good, but I love Doug Collins,. He's a stand up guy and speaks from the heart. I hope he gets the job.

  8. All hands on deck for November guys we got to make sure that we keep the Democrats away from the levers of power they are dangerous and a lot of them are very seditious And harmful to this country some of them are even sided against foreign powers against our countryPlus the Democrats just don’t tell the truth they’ve been caught in so many lies they have no credibility.

  9. Can't wait til 2020, finally the left wing mob will be finished, 8 years of them being out of the game will slam it shut. I hope trump and his supporters act like we're in charge now. I don't understand why we have to play defense and apologize. It's a Republican revival, always happens when a weak popular dem gets exposed for incompetence. Ask Carter. Obama left them in shambles.

  10. Keep your hands off our Doug, President Trump. We need Collins in the Senate for Georgia way more than you need him overseeing the Spooks in the Swamp. I'd give the Job to Sebastion Gorka.

  11. Why is the President always picking from either the House or Senate. We have few enough Republican Representatives as it is now. If Collins did accept then the dem would probably win his seat. Geeeeez.

  12. Doug Collins is a true PATRIOT. We need to Drain the swamp begining with the TRAITORS in the FBI/DNI, and the FISA court. Thank GOD for President TRUMP 🙏🇺🇸

  13. Na you don't think U tube is biased do you .the way they only run negative ads against Donald Trump. Na not them. Well maybe

  14. this man has the making of another Gowdy…if he said trump was guilty I'd believe him….definitely the right choice…I watched the impeachment hearings and after alot of research dn fact check…collins never told a single lie…he sounded like he was on Trump's side…but he was just on the side of truth

  15. Mr Collins would be a great asset at whatever job he holds within the Trump administration. A Great Representative for the people!

  16. Seem like Trump is quickly adding more of the Swamp monster back into U.S Government just in case he loses the primary election 2020! The president is already prepared and the Democrat still playing the Russian rollie polly and China episode prevention risked!

  17. Schitt should have been forced to resign when he stood on the floor of congress and read his fake transcript of the presidents call into the congressional record. He lied to congress. DC needs about 200 more like Rep Collins.

  18. I hope the first thing the President does after he's re-elected is send the entire WH deep state to a vacant office building many miles away from the WH and give them the task of finding where the $300 million missing from Hillary's State Dept can be found. Proceed to take them one by one to be screened and extremely vetted, and if they pass the polygraph they are allowed to work for the President. I can see the way the president did it exposed the traitors, crooks and schitt's mob of thugs but we saw enough, learned enough and know enough now, so just get rid of the swam scum.
    I hope the first thing the new republican majority congress does is impeach corrupt or incompetent judges. If schitt nader, pelosi, 'AOC, omar, talib, pressley, are back they are impeached and barred from ever holding any government position and referred to DOJ for prosecution.

  19. If any news NETWORKS or Newspapers put out false information political should be SUED…!!
    If they have any information this news NETWORKS should be able to defend what they are put out there….!!
    Is very simple….!!

  20. I'll vote for Mr Collins. Senator will be great we need like him trustworthy and straight forward with President TRUMP this politician are for the people of America and the country. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 go for it. Senator Collins. We the people need YOU!!

  21. Trump do it man, if not Doug then Trey gowdy please man that is a man of another sort. He shreds everyone he comes up against.

  22. I love the way he says nobody liked trump from day one when it was ALL THE REPUBLICANS who warned us about having trump in the white house 😁

  23. I was scammed into voting for Kemp that will not happen again. Kemp is a RINO who went against what the Georgia voters wanted & put another RINO in. I can't wait to vote for Collins & to vote out Kemp.

  24. The Senate actually admitted that Mr. Trump was guilty of what he was impeached for – only that they wanted the people of the United States to vote him out – instead of Republican Senators who were up for re-election. Mr. Doug Collins supports the President – because he wants the Presidents supporters to vote for him in the next election. And he is wise to NOT get involved in the Administration – because that would cost him in credibility moving forward.

    That is the most politically shrewd insight that I have seen. It also means that a Democrat would most likely win in Georgia – but he would still be viable in the Republican Party after Trump loses in the Fall. He knows which side his bread is buttered on. He knows Mr. Trump is not liked – so he is riding the Trump train just long enough to where he can get off before it jumps the track.

  25. Love Collins, he's an honest guy who get's results. We need to get Devin Nunes in a higher position because he is relentless in his pursuit to find the evidence and the truth. He could serve the American people better doing Intelligence because being a congressman from California is a wash do to all the democrats there.


  27. “Intelligence community” is merely for leverage. Its not to protect the homeland or prevent attacks, look at the failures like 9/11 and others

  28. We like Kelly …But we have seen Doug in ACTION and he kicks BUTT…. We want Doug in the SENATE and Kelly should try to get into the House …. Then we will watch for her mettle ….

  29. Trump is planning something funny for 2020 election, he's setting the ground work to intimidate law enforcement, trying to put as many of his yes men in place who will not do their duty and watch him. But that won't work. Patriots are loyal to god and country and won't kneel down to a dictator. The resistance is growing thanks to trump, he has no clue, he's his own worst enemy.

  30. Don't be a coward .
    Rise Up.
    Why drain the swamp,
    And then leave it empty 🤔
    Look forward,
    A Clear Blue Pond.
    Teaming with Life 🤗

  31. So trump does not like what our Intelligence has gathered and blatantly takes them for liars for doing their job in an effort to protect our country..what angers me is that there is now a Trump loyalist with absolutely no background and experience, and I don't understand how people are okay with a blatant disregard of the lives of OUR TROOPS putting their lives on the line for us and now their safety is compromised.. what a slap in the face for those service men and women who are serving or are veterans. *Please reply so i know this comment has not been deleted*

  32. Too bad he won’t be available because he would be perfect for the job! What about Trey Goudy? He would be great as well.

  33. Georgia either HAS or WILL HAVE a TOTAL GUN BAN.
    Hopefully, Collins will PREVENT it and PROTECT the 2nd Amendment RIGHTS.

  34. I do not believe it is professional of Doug Thomas to speak to a reporter but NOT TELL PRESIDENT TRUMP THAT HE COULD NOT TAKE THE JOB! SHAME ON HIM. SHAME ON HIM. SHAME ON HIM. I am so glad that he didn't speak privately to President Trump. He should have that respect for the President, and his actions show he doesn't have respect for the Presidency.

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