CODING: How To Overcome The Biggest Obstacle When Learning Web Development

CODING: How To Overcome The Biggest Obstacle When Learning Web Development

OpenClassrooms for me is
just an amazing place to learn where you have support,
where you have the mentor behind you, the price is really,
really good and the courses are really interesting and
really focused on the actual real world life situations.
Hello, my name is Debbie, I am Irish, living in Mallorca and I’m studying
Front-End web programming with OpenClassrooms. I’m passionate about web development and coding because it’s something that
challenges me. Before, I’d done many other jobs and they
were just too easy, whereas when I’m coding, it makes me have to
think, it motivates me more, so it just excites me, I guess. I was doing so many courses online with different companies and I got stuck. and I got to a stage where I didn’t know what else and I searched in my local area for teachers, for courses, for universities and I couldn’t find anything. One day I just put it in Google and up came OpenClassrooms. I saw it came with a mentor and I thought, “wow, this is exactly
what I am looking for.” To be honest, at the start you think “wow, I can’t do this – it’s too much.” But then as you are working through it, you start to see that you
can, and then at the end, when you come out with a finished project, you’re like “wow, look what I did.” I think the biggest
difference with OpenClassrooms and with other online courses is the mentoring. To be able to have someone there that’s a real person that you’re speaking to, it’s a one-to-one conversation. We have like an hour session where we’re talking through every single problem, and that’s different to the other courses where you have maybe a chat system and you just have a message that maybe you don’t get answered for a while, whereas one face to face session – it’s real. I think the biggest challenge in learning Front-End web development, is just to not give up because it’s difficult. It’s not easy and sometimes
you think “OK, that looks easy.” It’s really not, but
you can do it and anyone can do it. The thing is about coding, is that anyone can learn to code, you just have to keep going and never give up.


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