Cillian Murphy Auditioned to Play Batman for Christopher Nolan

Cillian Murphy Auditioned to Play Batman for Christopher Nolan

-We have something in common.
We were discussing backstage. Both of our mothers —
French teachers. -Yes.
-Yeah. Did that mean — Does that mean you’re good
at it? Do you know it? -No. I was for a while.
-Yeah. -How about you?
-Never. And she was my French teacher. Was she your actual —
-Yeah. Well, I had a French teacher
in school, and then my mom
taught me at home. -Oh, that’s a passive-aggressive
comment on the one at school. -I was — You know what? I think I was good for a while, but, then, I haven’t
spoken it in 20 years. I kind of understand
a little bit. -Yeah. I always feel it’s
dangerous when you tell people your mom’s a French teacher
because then they just jump to the assumption
that you listened to your mother and now know French. -Immediately.
-Immediately. And you’re like,
“Oh, no, no, no! I’m a bad kid!” -Yeah. -You have two sons.
-That’s right. -And they were huge fans of
the first “Quiet Place” film. -Yeah, so, we went
to see it in the cinema. I suppose it’s two years ago,
the first one came out. -Yeah.
I think that’s about right. -Yeah, the three of us.
Just the three of us. And I didn’t really know
that much about the movie. I knew it was good. But I said,
“Come on, guys, we’ll go.” And so we watched it,
and, you know, they had — I think they had these hoodies,
so by the end of it, they were just sat with the
hoodies like this, watching it. And, you know, it’s a magnificent achievement,
the first movie. And for me, the thing
that I loved so much about it was the emotion.
-Sure. -It just hit me emotionally,
you know? -I wonder, as a dad — I think
it will hit me emotionally when I’m with my kids at a film
that is affecting them that way. Like, being scared,
I remember as a kid, being such an exciting
thing in the cinema. It must have been so fun
to be with your kids and watching how movies
affect them. -Yes, it was,
and because, essentially, it’s a film about family,
as is the sequel, you know? And it’s a film that insists On being watched in a cinema
with others ’cause it’s
a collective experience. You feel that anxiety
and that jeopardy and that tension with
everybody else in the cinema, which is kind of what
it was made for, cinema. -Are they then very excited that
their dad is in the sequel? -Well, how will I put this? Like, I’m not cool,
but I’m not uncool. So I’m like — -You just found that
soft middle of dadhood? -Yeah, I’m like, “Well, okay.” [ Laughter ] -‘Cause, you know,
it doesn’t strike — I’m a huge fan of your films. There’s not a lot
of kid-friendly work. Like, it must be nice for them to finally have something
they can see you in. -No, I was like — It’s only now that some stuff
is not highly inappropriate. -Yeah, ’cause I’ve never heard
someone say, “Oh, you have kids? You’ve got to watch
‘Peaky Blinders.'” -[ Laughs ] Yeah. No. -Yeah.
-No. -That must be a weird show
to be a part of because this started
as a very small production, “Peaky Blinders.”
-Yes. Yeah. -This was not one of those
“Game of Thrones” type shows that was aiming for the stars. It just sort of built a very
large international following. -Yeah. -Has it been a trip to be a part
of something like that? -Oh, for sure. You know, it started as a little show
on BBC Two in the UK. And then very — ‘Cause
it had no advertising budget. The BBC don’t generally
advertise. So it just —
It was word of mouth, you know? Just word of mouth. And gradually —
We’ve been doing it now — We’ve been shooting it for
eight years or something, and we’re about to start
series six, so, yeah, it’s crazy how many
people across the world and how obsessive the fan —
and loyal the fans are. -And it’s —
-“Loyal.” -Loyal. Yeah, yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] Uh, and I hope — I hope this comment will not
run afoul of your fan base, but the show had to be very good
for people to get over how bad a title
“Peaky Blinders” is. -[ Laughs ]
-You thought this, as well. -I mean, I was confused. -Yeah, it’s a very confusing — “Peaky Blinders” seems like
the name of a cartoon horse. [ Laughter ] And if you haven’t seen
the show, it’s not that. -No. There’s some horses in it.
-Yeah, there are some horses. And the — One of the many great
things about “Peaky Blinders” is the haircuts.
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -And, you know, you obviously
have to then have that haircut. Like, that’s not — -Yeah, that’s coming in
about ten days’ time. -Yeah. No wonder your kids,
like, have issues. I’m just saying, they can’t
think you’re that cool when you’re, like, the one dad
walking around with your sides. -Well, yeah, that’s why they
wear hoodies, and I wear — -They try to get you
to wear a hoodie. -Yeah, I — You know, the
mad thing about that haircut, as well, it was designed I think
as a sort of a protection against lice and infestation. And now all the hipsters
are wearing it. -Yeah. Does that mean
lice is making a comeback? [ Laughs ] Might be.
-Who knows? -That would be the least
of our problems right now. -That’s true. -You were in the Christopher
Nolan “Dark Knight” films playing the Scarecrow. I did not realize —
you auditioned to play Batman. -Well, yes, amongst
many other actors, yeah, yeah. -Yeah, did you have a sense — I mean, obviously,
Christopher Nolan still was a fan of yours
because he put you in the films. Did you at any point think like, “Oh, I’m a perfect fit
for this”? Or did you — When you were
in the Batman suit, did you think —
What were your thoughts? ‘Cause I imagine
that’s intimidating. -No, I never for a moment
thought I was material. I think I was — It was obvious that Christian Bale
was going to be Batman. At that time, it was clear, and he’s such a magnificent
Batman and Bruce Wayne. But I did get to — I think
it was the Val Kilmer suit. I got to try it on, which
they had to adjust slightly. But it’s a weird thing. You put it on,
you put the cowl on, and your voi– Just, the voice drops. -Yeah, sure.
-It drops a couple of octaves. You can’t do the Batman voice
without doing the… [Deep voice] Batman.
-Yeah, yeah. That’s why I couldn’t do it
because I would be like, “I’m Batman!”
They’d be like, “No, you’re not!
Get out of here! Your just a guy in a suit!” Hey. Congrats on the film.
Congrats on “Peaky Blinders.” That’s so exciting that
we have another season coming. Thanks so much for being here.
That’s Cillian Murphy.


  1. People mentioned Peaky Blinders, the wind shakes barley, 28 days, red eye but i think people need to watch breakfast on pluto and peacock to see how brilliant actor cillian is.

  2. I feel Cillian is always being typecast for all his roles. Really feels like the same character across all films. Superb actor!

  3. Tread lightly with the fillers, you are lucky enough to have such a gorgeous face, the rare kind that ages well. Now I will have to just dream about it.

  4. thanks to coronavirus i think most cinemas provoke collective feelings of anxiety, jeopardy, and tension regardless of the film showing

  5. I love how he's coming back to his horror roots. From 28 Days Later, which was his big break, to A Quiet Place 2 with a full and diverse career behind him.

  6. One of the better talk show interviews with Cillian. I think Cillian prefers to just act and go home and usually seems to appear uncomfortable in interviews so it was nice to see him a little bit more relaxed.

  7. He said he's NOT cool? Is he insane? His character in Peaky Blinders is one of the coolest ever and his legacy throughout the rest of his filmography is legendary I can't wait to see him in A Quiet Place II

  8. Great interview and Cillian Murphy is really good in every role he plays in.
    By the order of the Peaky Fookin Blinders

  9. One of the most underrated actors working today. So talented, extremely humble and kind. Watch Peaky Blinders if you haven’t, he’s brilliant in it. 🔥

  10. Cillain's Batman voice is unnerving, he would've made an excellent Batman if he bulked up and tapped into the Tommy Shelby energy.

  11. Sometimes i don't even know what goes on in the peaky blinders show😄.
    I'm always memorized by his eyes and the tone/lighting of the show enhance it so much💙😍
    He is such a great actor tho, just does his job and go back to his quiet life✌ I stan.

  12. Gotham City would have much less crime if Bruce Wayne went to therapy and dedicated his massive fortune to eradicating poverty instead of becoming Batman.

  13. Seth seems a bit unsure about how to interview this serious artist. And I love Seth. But he can't interview Cillian. I feel like this is just not the venue. Both are brilliant men.

  14. Cillian is an anti-celebrity, totally dedicated to his craft and superbly talented. Plus, he must have a portrait of himself aging in an attic somewhere. The man has the face of a 22 year old. Can't wait for another season of Peaky Blinders. I find it kind of humourous that under 30s are now aware of the old English Carol: In The Bleak Midwinter because of PB. I sang that in Choir 40 years ago.

  15. Cillian kibda scares me even when he's Just being chill… that's how perfect his look is for the cold hearted bad guy. I hope he's a complete opposite in real life… as in warm hearted.

  16. I'll say it again…. Seth Meyers has a gift. They way he interacts and engages his guests is amazing. He makes them feel so comfortable.

  17. Cillian Murphy and Eddie Reymane are my favorite actors!! They can play anything…villain, nerds, soldier, woman, shy guy….anything!

  18. I will literally always watch anything he’s apart of. This guy elevates every scene he is involved in! Love Cillian

  19. When peaky blinders came out to the talk, he looks a little bit unconfortable, he doesn't like too much to speak about the show.

  20. You could see the nerves how he was rubbing his his hands and fingers. He really hates interviews doesn’t he 😂🥺 I love him because you can read his body language so well. You can see it in his face when he thinks just stfu next question. He’s the best actor we have at the moment he’s so passionate about films and acting. He doesn’t do this for the money. He’s just a normal bloke doing the job he loves. God I wish I could meet him one day. He actually filmed a few scenes right by my house. I waited and waited and didn’t manage see him. Im hoping they film there again for season 6.

  21. Yup, there's a thin line between obsessed and loyal. In case of Peaky's I'm definitely on the side of the first mentioned and I'm not ashamed one bit 😇 Love how he tried to correct himself in that moment and the audience immediately forgiving him for it 'cause they know

  22. Jimmy Kimmel is fifty-two and David Spade is fifty-five, of the two, who among them can best benefit from a good hair dye treatment to better their television careers?

  23. Hes so underrated. Such an amazing actor, I have been seeing him since sunburn and he is an amazing actor, a chameleon in a way. Love him from tv as well, no one could play tommy shelby like he does. I will see everything he is in, hes amazing

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