Chromecast: How to cast using Google Play Music

Chromecast: How to cast using Google Play Music

[MUSIC PLAYING] Now that you’ve set
up your Chromecast, you can cast music
from your Android phone or tablet or iPhone to your TV. And this video will show you
how to cast songs, albums, and playlists from
Google Play Music. First, make sure your
device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network
as your Chromecast. Then open the Google
Play Music app. Press the cast button and
select your Chromecast. Select an album or playlist
you’d like to listen to, choose a song, and
it’ll play on your TV. With Chromecast, you can control
playback, adjust the volume, or browse Google Play Music
right from your device. You can also create a queue
of songs on your device. Just browse to a song or album
and press “Add to Queue.” The songs will automatically
play one after another. You can even switch
to another app while your music continues
to play on the TV. On Android devices, you
can control playback from the notification
bar or lock screen. Chromecast also works
with other apps. Just look for the
cast button and enjoy your favorite online
entertainment right on your TV.


  1. I like how google is super reliable for ios users! Every singel google services is very very easy to use and run at ios devices! I think I'm going back to apple, because every manufacturer is compatible for apple devices from headphones to every kind of accessories! Apple is the best investment for your smartphone or whatever devices from apple it is!

  2. When will we be able to surf the net with Chromecast? I can find a way…..

  3. Chromecast sucks when it comes to "play music". It will not play music you have stored on your phone from an sd card. That was the main reason I purchased it. My smart tv already did all the other stuff. I figured "hey it's new. I'll just wait a while and they will fix it." NOPE!!!

  4. does that also work with my Sony bravia smart TV? There is no button in the Google play music app on my nexus 5..

  5. Yeah google sucks now it won't let me do shit and can't get on google play store so fucking this also google music sucks

  6. Finally arrived here in europe. Works great with all of our android smartphones and tablets in the family! Got two ones:-)

  7. Finally arrived here in europe. Works well with all of our android smartphones and tablets in our family, and the samsung tv's we have.! Using 2 chromcasts.

  8. add the NetMBuddy app to chromecast apps please youtube does not play all videos i wont to see some are unavailable where i live.

  9. Can you help me cause they won't allow my username I tried everything even my real name with numbers or something HELP

  10. Rocket Player can chromecast your music – not sure why you'd want to use Google Music over that. Chromecast: How to cast using Google Play Music

  11. Play music app not working with chrome cast when I use android tablet. No one knows why. Tryed messing with access point settings on my router with help of my isp but still no luck. App worked well on ios though. Not happy though because I wanted the tablet to be like my music hub. 🙁 google fail

  12. this is bs, dont buy this device, it cant play any music you have on your phone memory unless it is like Spotify or similar. The device is very much integrated with google SW, so even from the laptop I cant make it play any music…….Very dissapointed!

  13. This is bullshit! I have Google play and songs I buy via Amazonmusic is automatically downloaded on my phone and I'm able to play my songs on my phone through the googleplay music app. Yet when I want to cast my music on my phone through googleplay it tells me I have to upload the songs to googleplay from my computer using music manager. The hell?? My songs are already on googleplay and I should be able to cast my music. What now, Google???

  14. So… why appears a message when you try to cast a song from Google Play Music saying that isn´t possible to play it if you don´t upload to Play music from computer?
    Why do i need to do that if i´m using the smartphone then?

  15. I'm disappointed Google. I just bought my new Chromecast and it STILL doesn't cast music from your app like the first Chromecast, which I also had.

  16. when i try to play a song it says : "unable to play the title. upload the title to google play music from your computer"

  17. the icon is on but when I touch it nothing happens.. Unless I'm not home with no Wi-Fi or anything to cast to.. It ask me if I want to cast to a nearby divice lol wtf

  18. What about casting one phone to another… I have an older smartphone connected to my stereo. Want to cast to the other phone like remote control… Like Spotify Connect. Let's go Google!

  19. I have the latest (as of 1/21/19) Google play music app installed on my Google pixel. Why isn't the Chromecast button anywhere on this app ☠️💩👌

  20. I can not cast music from Google Music mobile device, only mirroring sound, even though can cast from other apps, like music, I just can do it from Google Music… very very very frustrating. 🙁

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