Chris Hayes: Trump Is Trying To BS His Way Through The Coronavirus Outbreak | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes: Trump Is Trying To BS His Way Through The Coronavirus Outbreak | All In | MSNBC


  1. No trump isn't BS his way through the Coronavirus situation, he is just trying to BS the Republican party followers long enough to get a vote 🤔. Just the TRUTH.
    That's what his importance is pointing too…
    We all know that trump doesn't give a crap about Democrats, so obviously all he has to do is fool and trick the Republican party followers just long enough to get a vote.
    100% TRUTH. Unfortunately the whole of the American people have to live through the decisions made to do that…. As we are forced to live the outcomes.
    And on top of that, trump doesn't believe science, nor does he believe the CDC officials, or the numbers, nor does he believe those around him, not even those in his own administration, nor the government adviser's nor the military officials, nor anyone who has been life long professionals with tons of knowledge and experience….
    And trump is who is making decisions for all of Americans. Great Right! Just the common flu, wash you're hands for 20 seconds! 🤔😒
    Odd Truth is, he really doesn't give a crap about Republican leader's, he bashes them faster than he does Democratic leaders. Lol. The details are in the delps if you know where to look!
    His only goal… Is a vote period, and doing whatever to get it ….. at all cost. Just the truth.
    Reason he bashes them….. Because they are getting in the way of …….. His Vote…. Period……
    Not because he wants them to tell the truth or to do what's right or to keep him in line and in the boundaries of his presidential role……. See that's a different kind of bashing from someone else, someone completely different that I know personally! 🤔…… For the right and proper reasons…
    Trump's bashing is against who he sees as a threat to his Vote Big difference between the two….. Incase that needed to be explained in detail of where one has looked a bit deeper in the details! For it's explanation of details and differences!
    But whatever! Just saying. ✌️😎

  2. Careful it's Wikipedia trump. Unreliable source of information. Just like Wikipedia he's able to change the informatiom with his own facts and mispelled words and claims to be qualified. Then someone who actually qualified and has the knowledge tries to fix and update the information. #WikipediaTrump

  3. Sometimes these things work themselves out. If there aren't enough tests, then people get released from quarantine without being tested. President Trump may have contaminated himself, too, during his recent journey to visit his cabinet officials in Washington state. Up to today, the Canadian province of British Columbia had — each day — run more coronavirus tests than those run in all of the USA.


  5. This November we’re going to see how many people in the U. S . actually have a conscience. If we’re all not dead already.

  6. The test kits we had were from China. They were defective. You cannot spin a virus but you sure can spin crank and jerk bait. Test the people that go to your show, I dare you.

  7. This BS of his was clear way before he ever ran for president. He is a fan-made monster, he runs a con and the public pats him on his ever-growing big head.

  8. Trumps inability and ineptness to deal with the Coronavirus is DIRECTLY responsible for the Global Economic Downturn.

  9. So you're saying either one of two things, that us 1) "American's are too stupid to do what other Countries are doing on a larger scale" which could work in Trump's favor securing him another term in Office by creating negativity towards him that would, AGAIN, cause the People to vote for the Candidate, the Government would appear to be in opposition to, that is, if they (the People), are convinced the "invisible democratic radicals" are trying to paint his administration as incapable of handling a real crisis.  Or option 2) the entire custom created pandemic could be a large hoax spanning Countries for the purpose of creating worldwide 'testing' centers providing 'false' positives for those labeled as 'terrorists' that are on their list of 'hate groups'.  A means of infecting those whom are not infected, with a virus that is not as contagious as they would have us believe.

    Non-updated List of those considered as "hate groups"

    Compliments of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center and yet another attempt to paint Israel as the co-conspirators.

  10. Best way to cut costs. Cut the population.
    The american "PEOPLE" voted for the ability to be aholes, not for a functioning goverment.
    America you're FKKD

  11. This isn’t a partisan issue and I’m pleased to see that most of the comments don’t reveal partisanship. We need real and honest leadership in this country, something we haven’t seen since JFK. Some will say Regan was a leader and was good for this country, but his neoliberal economic policies were just a short-term fix in trade for a global agenda evidenced by the rise of the multinational corporation and the mass exodus of manufacturing jobs from the United States. The mass havoc we’re witnessing today isn’t about a manufactured flu virus, it’s about our now global supply chain.
    The two-party state is just an illusion, two masks over the same beastly face. I voted for Trump because I couldn't vote for a thirty-year criminal that in my opinion was not only physically unfit for the job, but demon possessed as well. Virtually all of Trump's promises were lies. He didn't drain the swamp; he is the swamp!
    We’re all in this together! It’s about global control of the 99.8%. This is our new Pearl Harbor and the world’s new 9-11! The world enters a new phase, a phase of social credit scoring, the advent of the transhuman society. The time has come. We must resist technology, or it will steal our humanity.

  12. Ringo Starr, if MSNBC was not supporting you tell us who do you think would pay attention to your lies about the coronavirus?

  13. At what point does it become so totally embarrassing to support this moron that the Trump-ites decide to wake the fudge up! Sad.

  14. No I'll tell you who failed was Obama failed by letting the swine flu spread in the United States and allowing for the first time ever the Ebola virus to come into the United States. But really no human being can stop the spread of a deadly disease, earthquake, storm, volcanoes, massive mudslides, avalanches, gigantic forest fires, asteroids hitting earth, tsunamis, no matter how powerful the left wing sissies may act they are the biggest crybabies and are made up of the weakest people on the planet and the biggest blamers and complainers on the planet. The flu epidemic that killed something like 150 million in 1918 thru 1920. Should we blame the Democratic President Woodrow Wilson who also brought us the screwed up IRS and the Federal Reserve Bank. We shouldn't blame him for the flu but we should blame him for the Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS which has killed more people than any disease on the planet by starting Wars. God is in control and He is judging mankind for all of the hateful evil we've allowed to flourish. By rights people should be slaughtering those who celebrate the slaughter of 1.5 billion unborn babies around the world. It would be righteous and just to do so. By rights it would be righteous and just to slaughter those who promote all forms of sexual perversion that the left does readily and gleefully support. But God is beginning to judge all of mankind and little boys like chris hayes and all who believe like him had better start getting their own houses in order instead of pointing their boney fingers at others. The time is at hand. And all those who mock keep mocking if you wish. I wouldn't. I would be praying for forgiveness to the Lord Jesus Christ. This is only the beginning of the last days. It's going to get much worse.

  15. Ah the haters……..;0……keep on hating little people we would miss you if you actually decided to use common sense instead of your imagination.

  16. Mick Mulveny has the covid19

    that's why he was "fired" as chief of staff

    make special envoy to Ireland!!!!


  17. How successful do you think he would be if he hadn't been born rich? It's very unlikely. Sarcasm: how DARE the Corona virus get in the way of time on his private Florida golf course?

  18. Wuhan Virus Wuhan Virus Wuhan Virus
    Glenn Beck and Stu embarrassed you over this “racist “ Wuhan Virus claim of yours. You do realize that America laughs at you daily.

  19. Christs Hayes, along with the other partisan Democrat hacks, belongs in jail. As the nation faces a health crisis, all the partisan Democrats in the news rooms can think of is how to tear down President Trump. You people are human garbage.

  20. Where was the media when Barry let the Swine Flu infect 20,000 people were infected and over 1,000 died back in 2009.

    Oh that's right – They praised him for doing a great job.

  21. Dear Mr Hayes, as a Chinese person, I appreciate your personal boycott of the term "Wuhan virus" – but in the interests of basic fairness I must demand also you henceforth cease all usage of "Spanish flu," "German measles," "Middle East respiratory syndrome," & any other medical condition associated with a nationality or place of origin. I'm sure you don't want to be accused of practicing double standards.

  22. People from our community have returned from Mexico (via plane) one of which became ill with same symptoms as Covid-19 and went to the doctor who said its a cold go home no test. When I questioned the reasoning it was suggested that because there are no known cases in Manitoba and not many in Mexico, they probably didn't bother as risk was low. Ah, well if you don't bother testing anyone to find out then that defeats the purpose of testing! I do not believe testing is even remotely giving us an accurate view of what is really going on because there is a huge lack of testing.

  23. The dems have all wondered too far from God. Full of hate, even for their own country. And….they're rewarded with…Biden 😂😂😂

  24. Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom shamed the goons on the left and their friends in the media who have been relentlessly criticizing President Trump for his response to the coronavirus.

    Newsom who is dealing with an outbreak of the virus praised Trump and Pence for delivering everything they said they would to help fight this threat.

    Newsom reminded everyone that we all need to come together and not play politics with this virus – hopefully, Pelosi and the Dems are listening.

    “We had a private conversation, but he said ‘we’re gonna do the right thing’ and ‘You have my support,’” Newsom said.

    “All of our support, logistically, and otherwise.”

    “He said everything that I could have hoped for,” Newsom said.

  25. well you America voted him in I don't trust any government this is world war three governments are not doing a enough and with this going on there still voting how sick is this

  26. Trump wanted to keep folks on the ship outside California for 14 days to improve his “numbers”. He just lost all the American passengers votes lol

  27. President Trump isn’t responsible for the response to disease outbreak, the CDC is an autonomous department of government that has operational authority over any actions taken (or in THIS case, NOT taken). The CDC is sleeping easy knowing the heat has been deflected to the President………
    ….”Whew, THAT was a close one”.

  28. He also said In His Puerto Rico comments that “ if we talk about a real tragedy such as hurricane katrina, what a thing to say when he is Puerto RICO perhaps they were just having a bad day because it wasn’t real. He is a dolt.

  29. The left trying heard to frighten society and sew fear to undermine Trump. BW ha ah aha haa h, maybe that sht worked years ago, Mizz MAddows, but not anymore. Cheers

  30. Hayes deals in BS…..Super negative "celebrity "that plays on emphasizing vague nonsense attacking Trump ..Obvious employee of Dems….

  31. Wuhan virus……MS13DNC is not just a fake news site… is more…much more……complicit….devious……treasonous…..and the list goes on and on. Wait till the lawsuits start taking their toll on the profitability of this corporation….will it survive? For the good of the American people…I hope not. GOD bless Nick Sandman…..MS13DNC and its parent company NBCUniversal are getting sued…and for good reason. They destroyed the life of Nick Sandman….millions will be paid out….and there are upcoming lawsuits by the campaign of Donald J Trump for the lies put out by this corporation to try to destroy him, his family and the administration. It is an attempt by the complicit ENEMEDIA to overthrow a duly elected president of the US….

  32. We cannot hold Trump responsible for what is going on the people responsible for what is going on right now or the Republican Senators congressmen and women who voted to acquit Trump they are responsible for everything he does it's a known fact he does not have the mental capacity to training the skill order noise to make it to teach decision on something of this high-level importance I personally stopped holding Trump responsible for any and everything when the Senators and congressmen and women of the Republican Party acquitted Trump at that point they accepted responsibility whether they wanted it or not for everything he does and says we all need to remember this when we go to vote it is not enough just to get rid of trump there's a lot of house cleaning to be done please everybody register to vote help a friend register to vote and get out and vote your vote does matter

  33. The hidden secrets behind the Corona epidemic You
    may need to know more about this secret

  34. Donald Trump is the Greatest President this nation has ever had the
    Privilege and Honor to elect into Office !!  God Bless Trump !After Real
    Americans Re-elect President Trump the anti American Angry Mob
    Democrats and their hench women klantifa will be Rioting,Looting and
    Destroying Property AGAIN !

  35. not nearly as much as Obama did for his entire 8 years. Barry started lying before he was elected. He said…." if I'm elected I will end the wars and bring how our troops" That never happened and in fact more of our people died with him in office.. My other favorite of his lies was calling his crappy health coverage, The Affordable Care Act. I was not affordable and you had to get it or pay anyway……it was horrible coverage on top of that. it doubled in cost in just a few years.

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