Chicago Deep Dish Pizza – Food Wishes – Chicago-Style Pizza

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza – Food Wishes – Chicago-Style Pizza

hello this is chef john from food wishes
calm with Chicago deep-dish pizza that’s right we’re gonna be throwing pizza pie
down like they do in China and while I’m not able to officially admit I like this
kind of pizza since I’m originally from New York but unofficially once in a
while is a change of pace I really enjoyed it and really all kidding aside
it’s kind of silly to compare the two styles and argue about which one’s
better since they are so drastically different from each other of course have
you said that people will continue to argue which is fine especially since the
New York style is better but anyway I’m still very excited to show you this
technique and we’ll begin with our Chicago deep-dish pizza dough which
begins like all our other pizza dough’s with some warm water into which we’re
gonna sprinkle our yeast and after letting it dissolve for about 10 minutes
or so we’ll go ahead and add the rest of the ingredients which will include some
olive oil as well as some melted butter which is one of the two ingredients that
differentiates this from regular pizza dough we’re also gonna need to add in
some salt as well as some sugar and then the second ingredient that makes this
dough unique some cornmeal oh yeah we’re gonna throw in some yellow cornmeal and
then we will finish this off with our flour but as you know we always hold a
little bit back since it’s always easier to add flour to a two wet dough then it
is to add water to a dry dough and then we’ll grab our dough hook and start
kneading this and continue to knead it until we’ve created a very soft very
smooth relatively elastic dough and if you are using a machine for this it’s
always a good idea to stop it once in a while and scrape down the sides and
after doing that as well as possibly adding a little more flour
like I said we’ll continue to knead this for three or four minutes or so until
that dough pulls away from the sides and form something that looks a little
something like this okay like I said very soft very smooth but elastic and at
this point let me go ahead and transfer that onto our work surface so you can
get a better look and besides just wanting to touch this because it feels
super good I’m also checking here to see if it might need some more flour and if
it does we can just knead in a little bit from the work surface but this was
feeling just about per which in that case we will simply form
him back into a ball and then transfer her back into our mixing bowl into which
we’ve dripped a little bit of oil and we’ll sort of flop that around and give
it a little rub until the surface is coated and that is going to be pretty
much it for dough production we will simply cover this and leave it in a warm
spot until it doubles in size which is generally gonna take between an hour and
two hours and one thing we can do while we’re waiting is go ahead and make our
pizza sauce and what you see here is a double batch of our famous food wishes
pizza sauce and you’re gonna want to let it reduce a little all right we want to
simmer our sauce until it’s nice and thick like this all right that is one of
the keys to Chicago style pizza okay we don’t want a thin watery sauce but
anyway while our dough is rising we’ll go ahead and get our sauce together and
at this point I’m gonna go ahead and fast forward and take a look at what my
do look like about an hour and a half after I started and we can see here it’s
definitely doubled in size and looking like something that really wants to get
poked down with our fingers that never gets old and then what we’ll do once
that’s deflated is go ahead and transfer it onto a
floured work surface and we will start pressing that out into some sort of
round shape using just enough flour to keep it from sticking to the table and
our hands and while you could roll this it should be soft and supple enough to
stretch into the shape we want and since I’m going to bake this in a 12-inch
cast-iron skillet I’m gonna try to stretch this dough about three or four
inches bigger than that and then once that’s been accomplished we can go ahead
and transfer this into our pan but before we do we’re gonna brush it
generously with olive oil and like I said I’m using a 12-inch cast-iron
skillets which I find works very well for this but don’t worry if you don’t
have one of these or our other options that will work and then once our pans
been prepped with olive oil we can go ahead and transfer in our dough and
we’ll go ahead and place that in and then sort of stretch and pull it so it’s
evenly distributed across the bottom as well as on the sides and then if we want
we can go around and trim off all the excess dough or eventually fold it over
our fillings and bake it like that which is generally the approach I use but
we’ll get to that in a minute for now let’s just go ahead and proceed
with our fillings and we will start with our cheese and for
we’re gonna be using three kinds we’re gonna do some sliced provolone as well
as two kinds of mozzarella we have the fresh kind which is kind of soft and
moist and very milky as well as your standard cheap firm supermarket style
mozzarella which they refer to in the business as low moisture mozzarella and
what we’ll do is go ahead and start with our provolone and we’ll lay some slices
over the bottom and then we’ll follow that by scattering over our fresh
mozzarella that we’ve cubed up or broken into small pieces and then once our
pizza pies been fresh mozzarella it’s time to add about a pound of how to
telling sausage which is hopefully you can see is still raw and you can’t
sometimes buy that in bulk but generally we just remove the casings from some
links and then once that set we’ll go ahead and top it with our firm cheap
supermarket mozzarella I’m sorry low moisture mozzarella and then once that’s
been evenly sprinkled over we will top all this with our hot pizza sauce I know
it’s kind of crazy the sauce goes over the toppings in
Chicago pizza and again please note how thick the sauce is all right so whether
you’re buying your sauce or you’re making it from scratch you’re definitely
gonna want to reduce a little bit to dry it out and thicken it up so we will go
ahead and generously ladle that over the top and then what we’ll do to finish
this off is take a couple hours piece of parmesan and freshly and finely grate
that over the top and if you’re thinking I bet the fake parmesan would work
perfectly here no it actually won’t get a hunk of some real parmigiano-reggiano
but anyway we’ll go ahead and generously grate that over the top at which point
we have to decide what to do with our access dough and our choices would be go
around trimming it all off and maybe saving it to make some breadsticks or
something or if you want you can simply go around folding it over the toppings
like this and then once that bakes we’re gonna get a nice big wide rim of crust
all the way around and by the way the center of this piece is going to come
out the same no matter which method you use so that’s just going to be personal
preference and we’ll leave that up to you I mean you are after all the Krusty
the Klown of how much crust goes around but personally because of the way this
pizza is constructed I think having some extra crust around comes in handy and
then once that set we need one last thing before this goes in the
and that’s a little drizzle of olive oil that will apply all the way around on
the crust as well as drizzling a little bit over the center and that’s it our
Chicago deep-dish pizza is finally ready to bake so let’s go ahead and transfer
that into the center of a 425 degree oven for about 35 minutes or so or until
it’s beautifully browned and looks like this oh yeah that looks pretty good
and we really do want to make sure we push the envelope on the Browning of the
top and it should sound like this when you scrape it with a fork as well as
have kind of a hollow sound if you tap on so that is looking and sounded
perfect and I’ll finish up by garnishing with a little extra freshly grated
parmesan as well as a little touch of Italian parsley which by the way is
anyone from Chicago will tell you counts is one serving of vegetables and then
normally you’ll want to try to let this sit for about ten minutes or so before
you cut a slice but I didn’t I cut one right away and for a first slice that
came out really well but it was so hot it kind of spread out and I didn’t like
the pictures so I waited about ten more minutes and cut another one and topped
it with a little bit of parsley and took a few pictures before was time to grab a
fork and go in for a taste and for something that’s really closer to a
casserole or a lasagna than it is to a pizza I really do enjoy this right that
provolone and mozzarella have kind of fused to the bottom crust with
everything being topped by that tomato a sausage cheesy goodness and above and
beyond the completely different construction who makes this deep-dish
style pizza so unique is that butter and cornmeal in the crust it really does add
something extra special that you don’t get in your normal pizza eating
experience and while I did a fairly standard cheese and sausage version here
this is really more of a technique video since any and all of your favorite pizza
toppings can be included here and speaking of fillings because a
deep-dish does contain so much of them that’s why I like to leave that excess
dough attached so I can mix in some of that extra crust where and when I see
fits but anyway that’s it a former New Yorkers take on Chicago
deep-dish pizza as I mentioned earlier we shouldn’t be arguing about which
style of pizzas better and instead celebrate the fact that
we’re able to enjoy both whether it’s this delicious deep-dish version or the
obviously far superior New York thin crust so I really do hope you give this
a try soon head over to food wishes calm for all the ingredient amounts of more
info as usual and as always enjoy you you


  1. When I make Chicago deep dish, I omit the corn meal and add 1/4 cup more flour in my dough recipe . pre cook the meats so when I throw the pizza together it only needs 15-20 minutes in the oven, creates a softer crust that is more airy.

  2. You're right we shouldn't argue about whose style of pizza is better, because deep dish pizza is not pizza. It's a pie that people call pizza lol

  3. i love chef john's channel he always sounds excited he always shows us delicious looking food and has never been political
    this channel is like a slice of heaven

  4. Might want to pre-render some of the grease off the sausage before you add and bake – doing so might retain increased structural integrity to the slice, and thereby regain the distinction of pizza, instead of the chefs characterization of "lasagna" pie.

  5. Tasty pizza, but if your voice has pitch analyser it goes like this OOOOOOOOOooooooooo……………. OOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo…………

  6. No I'm not from Chicago, YOU PRIDEFUL NEW YORK DUMBASS. I'm from arizona, I disliked the video because his voice and the peak in almost each and every fucking line makes me want someone to literally punch him in the fucking mouth!

  7. Thanks Chef! I've made this 2x now and love it.

    What do you think about making the sauce a day ahead? Would this change the cooking time at all with the sausage and cheese surrounded by sauce out of the fridge?

  8. Chicago South Side Thin crust Pizza is the best. New York pizza can not even compare. Although I still love NY Style pizza.

  9. That crust is deep dish, but it's not stuffed crust pizza, which is what Chicago is really famous for. I don't know what caused this deviation but stuffed crust actually has a fairly thin crust but there's two layers of crust, each one topped with cheese and toppings. I believe only the top crust has sauce, which is the final ingredient to layer on. It is superb.

  10. My girlfriend is from New York, and she says it isn't really pizza. My friend from Chicago says it's the best kind of pizza.

  11. You don't eat chi town pizza with a knife and fork annoying let It cool use a fork on the first inch and then pick it up and eat it like pizza

  12. Which one u like more is for a different day..
    Which one is the best "PIE" , is easy…
    Cause only one is a pie!!
    (The Chicago pizza)
    Is a REAL PIZZA PIE…..

    Im from Philly… great pizza..
    But its not a pie…

  13. when I went to cal. state PA (what a loser college) we would order a pizza called a red top, yeah you guessed it the sauce is on top

  14. Forgive my Pizza ignorance but what kind of pizza goes dough->sauce->cheese->toppings->bit more cheese and baked?

  15. I'm wondering what would happen if you used this crust recipe, stretching it thinner for a bigger more standard pizza. I'm thinking something like the spacetime continuum collapsing?

  16. I love this… guys videos…. but I hate – his ~ staccato delivery ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ method.
    It is… SOOOOO… annoying… It is… SOOOO… distracting…
    That I can – rarely – watch – his weird – sounding ~ ~ ~ videos… be-cause….
    His – delivery method… is so ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ obnoxious.

  17. The weird high pitched tones in the mid sentence kills me. I had to stop the video. I muted and watched in peace but I heard it when I tried to go to sleep.

  18. Well chef John as a Chicago pizza extraordinaire I tell you, try that as a thin crust pizza like how they really do it in Chicago. You will love the results

  19. If the cheese is not on top, then you don't get the browning of the surface of the cheese. That's why sauce needs to go on the bottom. You can put cheese over toppings because they will poke through.

  20. all kidding aside, American pizza is nothing compared to true italian pizza. The american one is just a sloppy fatty with WAY to much dough around the edge aswell as having way to thick of a bottom.
    nothing beats a thin crisp italian pizza

  21. that is not a pizza it may resemble one and even have the ingredients of some but fk me thats not a pizza, cmon, seriously ?

  22. Not only is Chicago pizza not better than NY, it's not even pizza. It's a fucking casserole. It's an above ground swimming pool of marinara sauce for rats.

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