Charades with Martin Short and David Dobrik

Charades with Martin Short and David Dobrik

-Get ready for this. You all know
how to play Charades. We’re gonna do 4 rounds, 30
seconds on the clock per round. Then, the fifth round
is the showdown. Both teams get the same clue
at the same time. I will go first. You guys
can all take your seats. Marty —
-Where would you like me? -You go over on that couch
over there. -Can I sit right here?
-You go on that sofa over there. You can go there, if you like. All right. Guys,
what number shall I choose? [ Audience shouting ]
I heard 6. I heard 6 first. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Oh. Oh. Oh, yes. Okay, all right.
Here we go. -Okay.
-All right, ready? -Yeah.
-We’re gonna be good with this. -Uh-huh. Yes.
-Ready? -Yeah.
-Start the clock. -Movie.
“Little Women.” [ Laughter ] -No.
-No, of course not! -Sorry.
[ Laughter ] “Five Fingers.” [ Laughter ] No, five words, five words. Two — Second word.
Run. The — run slow. Run silent.
Runs — Runs fast. And run — run fast! Fifth word.
Run — [ Buzzer ]
-Oh, my God. [ Sad trombone ]
-What is it? [ Applause ] -“The Fast and the Furious”! -Oh, I thought it was
“Catch Me If You Can.” -No, no. Here’s —
When you said, “second word,” and you said, “Run,”
and you said, “Yeah.” -No, I said, “Fast.”
[ Laughter ] -You agreed
that the second word was “run.” -No, you know —
-You’re on our team, and we’re on our team.
-I’m just saying. -This isn’t about judgment,
but you did that horribly. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Sit down, sit down.
-Am I up? -Yep.
[ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Never do this kind of thing.
Never. -Ever.
[ Laughter ] -Oh, no.
It’s fine. Everything’s gonna be okay. [ Cheers and applause ]
Okay. [ Clears throat ]
-Okay, one word. -Mm-hmm.
-Don’t move your mouth, David. -I know, I know!
I moved my mouth! [ Laughter ]
-What is it, a movie? -Yeah, yeah.
-It’s a movie. Okay. -Um…
-Uh… Dealer.
Vegas. Las Vegas. -Uno.
-You can’t guess. -Cards.
-I will never get this. Can I do another one?
-No! -No! Come on, man!
-Um… Oh! I got it, got it, got it! [ Buzzer ]
-Ru– -Wow.
-Shoot. [ Sad trombone ]
-“Hustlers.” -What?
-“Hustlers”? -“Hustlers.”
[ Laughter ] -Oh.
-That was tough. She told me to pick —
right there in the red! -The movies about strippers.
-Oh, it’s about strippers? -Yes.
[ Laughter ] [ Sad trombone ]
-Wow. -Wait.
Thought it was… -I thought — No, I thought
it was, like, hustling. -No, no, no.
-No. -Movie’s about strippers.
-It’s okay. Don’t worry, David.
-What a bust. [ Laughter ] -What do I do now?
-What number? [ Audience shouting ] [ Clattering ] [ Laughter ] -Ready?
-Oh, my — yes! [ Laughter ]
-Oh! Okay.
-We got it. Come on, bud, we can do this.
-[ Tongue trilling ] -It’s an old — it’s a movie.
It’s a film. -A fi-lm.
-Yes, a fi-lm. -Okay, ready?
-Yes. One word.
“Titanic.” [ Light laughter ]
Two syllables. First syllable. [ Laughter ] Ghost. Ghost — Ghost something,
punch — “Ghostbusters”!
-Yeah! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -Sit down, sit down! -1-0?
-Okay. What we doing? [ Audience shouting ] -Don’t listen to her. -Unbelievable.
-I guess 4 it is. I’m on the shout-out.
[ Audience shouting ] -Okay.
-Mmm. -Oh, no.
Is it strippers? -That’s a confident —
That’s a confident, “Mmm.” -Okay. Uh… -Okay, it’s a song.
-Mm-hmm. -Great. Five words.
-Wow. -Oh, we’re gonna
be here all day. Okay. Two.
Peace. Two syllables?
[ Laughter ] Two syllables is the first word.
-No. -Fifth word.
[ Light laughter ] Two — The second word is…
-[ Laughing ] The second word is —
Yes, it’s “bite.” Bite.
“Another one bites the dust.” -Yes.
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -How’d they get that?
[ Cheers and applause ] -That’s incredible!
-Hold me back. Hold me back!
-I don’t like this! Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang! [ Cheers and applause ] -Listen, honestly, it’s my first
time playing Charades. I’m catching up,
but now I got it. Let’s do the stripper one again.
Rewind the tape. -Too late.
-All right, here we go. -Oh, very good.
-It’s me and you, buddy. -Come on, Jimmy.
-Here we go. -Now they’re the same.
Now, look, this is the showdown! It’s the showdown. Whichever partner gets this
first wins the whole thing. We’re both gonna give clues
to the same thing. -Do you do it at the same time?
-Yes. -Wow. -So you can look at David
if I’m not doing well. -Don’t worry about it.
[ Laughter ] -You don’t want to look at me. -All right.
Which one should we do? [ Audience shouting ] -7.
-All right, 7. Ready? -Wow.
-Do you know that? [ Laughter ] -I mean, yeah.
-Okay. -But it’s gonna be tough.
Look at him. Okay? -No, no, no, no, no, no, no! This is all you, buddy.
-Okay. All right. [ Breathes deeply ]
Okay. Okay, hold on.
Hold on. -No, I don’t need
to look at it again. Okay.
-Yodel. -It’s a song.
-Song, song! [ Cheers and applause ] -Four words.
-My penis, my crotch. Big —
-Second word. Penis!
-Balls. Big balls —
“Balls of Fire”! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -Wow!
Wow! -“Great Balls of Fire.” -Oh, my God.
-Oh, great balls. I see. Great penis of…
-You did it, you did it. -David, you killed it.
-I did. I learn quick. -Great debut right there.
Yeah, good job, guys. My thanks to Martin Short.
[ Cheers and applause ] David Dobrik, Tariq Trotter
are the champions!


  1. David doesnt belong there. Dont car ho many you tube subs he has. HE himself is boring and uninteresting. ITs his group of friends that make everything.

  2. oh wait! You see this?! Well since I got your attention, click the link and like the vid and let me be the first today to say have a blessed day! If you are asking for a sign to take that leap and follow your dreams, this is it! I’m here on YouTube doing this, it’s sad trying to find likes and views like this but hey gotta start somewhere!

  3. I would love to see more of Martin Short. He just makes you cheekily smile before the gags even begin. He's that good.♥️

  4. That was not ok nor appropriate for the last round. (Nor was the movie option Hustlers.) I usually like the clips from this show because it is cleaner than most talk shows. But there are a lot of times where that is not the case and the guests swear and make crude or lewd comments. I think the show needs to do a better job on the games where the words don't need to be guessed by doing or saying anything inappropriate–and also reminding guests to watch their actions and their words. Jimmy is a great host and I appreciate his manners and his clean language on the show.

  5. I feel like every interviewer asks David the same questions, but I'm so happy for him, he should go on the show Hot Ones

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  7. Please go like this:

  8. Wow David told us about the dream to become a night show host. Now he's there as a guest ! And doing great. I am sure we might loose the vlogs or he takes a Liza break 😉

  9. 5:56 David grabbed his nuts on live televison, then later shakes everyone's hands, but do not fear bec it was covered with clothes

  10. Lmfao I bet david was shitting his pants doing something he wasn't good at…but of course he got it in the end because that's just who he is.

  11. So proud of you david .. Feels like just yesterday I was at my dads watching you and Liza . now im watching you from a house with my lil family on tv.
    Sincerely , this nobody

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