1. As a former McDonald’s employee the big boy burgers (I.e. quarter pounder, angus burgers, McRib) get slivered onion and the cheaper ones get the dehydrated(diced) onion. So your hamburger, double cheeseburgers, Big Macs etc.

  2. I thought the McGriddle ingredient was the egg. I guess it's because I'm Canadian, and our McDonalds use real cracked eggs instead of frozen scrambled egg patties.

  3. If Rhett and Link love spicy Buffalo sauce so much, they need to have some from the birthplace of chicken wings…. Buffalo, NY! Let’s talk about that!

  4. Yo honestly I know it get clicks but man this is creatively a new low guys, c’mon you guys are so cool actually do something new and fresh or change it to good mythical meals

  5. I LOVE honey mustard! I would’ve been able to spot the difference on looks alone. Us honey mustard lovers knows who has the good stuff and who doesn’t. 😋

  6. KFC chips have the better flavour profile!! Mcdonalds fries do not compare. However, should take the time to review the mcveggie burger. I didn't like it but you might. 😕😂

  7. I'd love to see you do a blind test of Dr Pepper and their copycats – I can actually tell the difference between Dr Pepper made with corn syrup and Dr Pepper made with real sugar, can you?

  8. I’m pretty sure McDonald’s changed from chopping the onions to slices…which I can honestly say I’m not a fan!

  9. Rhett please do get into the BTS details. I've always wondered if you've had a convoy of ubereats drivers delivering all this stuff.

  10. Was really hoping you guys would say something about Kobe. I know you guys did an episode with him and might have known him to an extent.

  11. I work at a McDonald’s the onions are diced/dehydrated onions and sliced/silvered onions we use only for quarter pounder

  12. If Rhett were elected president/leader of a country, world leaders would just give him food to get him to do anything they wanted. Which is why we need Link as judge to veto everything…

  13. BK chicken really is bad. Every so often I forget and think chicken fries might be a good idea. No wonder their nuggs are like 10 for $1.50.

  14. The people who do the mythicality Segway are my auntie Kate and her husband Jonathan! I’m so proud my fam has gotten on gmm

  15. Just finished binge watching Buddy System 1 & 2 I think i'm converted to a full fan now. Thank you YT for Rhett & Link.

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