1. Ian: To Damien: All the stans are gonna be angry at youuu.
    Me: Out-loud to my screen: – Tch – Courtney.. You fake Otaku! How do you not know basic Japanese pronunciation??? Baka!

  2. i woulda embarrassed myself. not cause i'd get things wrong, but cause id get everything right. i do have a anime pfp after all

  3. that weeb u just made fun of? his waifu just died in the latest episode of his favorite anime, think before you make fun of someone.

  4. they both got the one piece question wrong, there were 923 episodes of one piece at the time of uploading this :/ so unless they recorded this in November of last year (when the 909th episode was released) they both got it wrong…

  5. I would have been more impressed if they'd covered any non DBZ/OnePiece/SailorMoon anime outside of the last couple of years. Maybe get someone who knows anime better than Schayne to write the questions =P

  6. Ian needs to take a hiatus from Smosh like Anthony, cause he's taking this business to seriously for me to enjoy.

  7. Ok…. I really need to find another hobby.. I know way to much about anime. I thought I just like it and it seems I am just a weaboo.

  8. they say katsuki bakugos quirk name is explosion even though they never mention the name of his quirk in the entire series lol

  9. Is anyone going to talk about how he just said that Best Jeanist is the 4# rank hero……… and got it right…………… smh XD

    also why dose he have such bad taste like the only anime they said were mostly normie shit except for jojo even tho the question was about the very first jojo from the very first part witch happens to be the most normiest part

  10. If you ever want to see the internet get their ass kicked call me up and make the topics about game of thrones.

  11. FOR SURE DO MORE ANIME VIDEOS LIKE THIS ONEEEEE, maybe have different anitubers come on like akidearest and theanimeman and have them go against Damien??

  12. stan vs. the internet: garret vs food. also was i the only one who knew most of them and did them so over the top. since i knew bakugou's quirk is exsplosion and he sweats a nitroglycerin-like. sweat

  13. Ian: How tall is Johna-
    Me: 195cm! The true Joestar curse for the first three, my bois Johnathan, Joseph and Jotaro

  14. I've never been so proud of a fellow weeb in my life well-done Damien you pulled through with your STANDO POWA!!

  15. Would be awesome if you could get Chris Pratt to come back on the channel, and have it be Courtney(Stan) Vs Chris Pratt(Internet) on Chris Pratt related trivia.

  16. Me getting all the answers and sad that he didn’t get principal nezu 😂love this


  17. Bruh, i woulda failed the first question because i started to use nicknames for the hero's so I forgot their real names. Like "audio girl" "creation chick" "zappy boi" "hard man" and "badazzle"

  18. This was actually pretty impressive on damien's part, usually a stan is someone that knows everything about 1 specific person, place, or video production but they just gave damien the entire thing, that's like doing a stan vs the internet over history rather than one specific part of history like the ancient Greeks, what I would've expected is for them to at least base it off of the genre of anime damien mostly watches but they just did anime as a whole.

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