Business Advice : How to Incorporate a Small Business

Business Advice : How to Incorporate a Small Business

Incorporating a business, basically means,
to start a corporation. To incorporate a small business in your state, you first need to
contact your Secretary of States Office. A new name must be distinguishable from all
other names filed with your Secretary of States Office, so you should definitely check to
make sure that the business name is available. To do that, visit your Secretary of States
Office, and ask them about business name availability, and from there they should be able to guide
you in the right direction. After you’ve determined that your name is available, and it’s permissible
by law, a charter must be filed with your state. A charter, also know as, articles of
incorporation, set forth the items required by law for a group of individuals, or an individual
to form a corporation. Once you have determined that your name is available in your state,
then to file your articles of organization, you must satisfy these three requirements;
first it has to have a name that it is permissible by law, the second piece, is that it must
discuss the number of shares that you offer, the third is the initial registered office
of the corporation, the fourth thing that you have to include in your articles, is the
name, the street, and the address of all the individuals who are incorporators of this
business. The fifth thing that you must do in your articles, is include the address of
the business. The sixth thing that you must include, is what the types of shares of stocks
that you’re going to offer, and then the seventh is, a statement that says that this is a for
profit corporation. And those basically are the seven defining things that your article
must include. So these are the seven things that you have to include in your articles.
The cost to file a charter, or your articles, varies by states. So please be sure to check.
Also these seven are specific to the State of Tennessee, so there may be some things
that you add or delete, for your particular state. And further, it is always good to consult
with an attorney, or a CPA, before filing your articles with your state.


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