1. Why is the internal issues of America so soft especially with regards to U.S. government involving criminal American public employees of the Democrat pro-slavery enforcer coalition?!?

    Jerry Brown should be serving a life sentence for his treason, dereliction, his defiance and violations against U.S. Constitutional Republic laws! !!!!!!!

  2. I still remember when they tried to say Sessions was going to be a yes man and destroy the country but he's not done anything.

  3. mueller also, he collude with steels by talking with him…how come he didn't talk with the female russian lawyer at Trump Tower……

  4. Now is the time to start stripping security clearances. They're going to fight POTUS every step of the way, and he is our elected representative, strike back.

  5. DOJ, Department of Justice? DOC, Department of corruption. Paid for with our tax dollars. DOJ,CIA,FBI, and many more? And I'm paying for it ???

  6. If you listen closely Lou messed up on clearances then corrected himself. JUST LIKE TRUMP DID WHEN HE WAS INTERVIUDE WITH PUTTIN.

  7. The DEEP STATE are the many pawns and minions sucking the tit of the Federal Government in D.C. …useful idiots . This is not a war of Dems VS Republicans , this is not a war of Right VS Left …….it is a War between Patriotic Nationalist VS No Borders Globalist …..people are going to be slaughtered to implement Agenda 21 and the desired UNESCO goals , the United Nations has 1,000s of NGO's doing their dirty work ……Civilian Disarmament is their No # task …………Destroy America , the U.S. Constitution and Liberty ……NO BORDERS , NO NATIONS . The Elite will control your lives .

  8. I can't wait until the truth wipes the smiles off all your schmuck faces. Anybody with half a brain has already figured out that Trump is compromised by the Russian mob/oligarchs/government. Why did he feel he need to break precedence and keep his taxes returns secret? Why did he draw a red line for Mueller at investigating his personal business and finances? Why does he keep changing his stories? Why did he surround himself with people with sketchy Russian ties and try and install one of them, Flynn, as head of National Security even after he was warned about Flynn's ties to Russia? Why the shameful debacle in Helsinki? Wake the heck up folks! It's all right there for anyone to see, but instead of just looking you choose to believe the word of an obviously pathological liar. IMO, when the truth is all out, guys like Ohr will be considered national heroes, even IF they did some things that appear irregular or even illegal. I'm not saying he did anything illegal. Frankly I think most of this is a smear, but only time will tell.

  9. Frankly, I believe the "deep state" is mainly a conspiracy theory. But you should be thanking your lucky stars because the career bureaucrats are the only thing that stands between Trump and the kind of authoritarian state of which he would just love to be the head. And if you think Trump cares about anything more than amassing wealth and power for his little old self, you are dumber than a hedge post.

  10. A Deep State slow walk. One scam after another. 3 people who were involved at the top were Ayatollah Obama & Bill & Hillary Clinton.

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