1. Holy shit, I actually just did this on a s7 edge! What a legend!!!!! Genuinly cannot believe this worked Haha! Just bought this s7 edge for £25 mint condition but Google locked. Dude amazing

  2. Hi just wondering if works on a samsung A3 6 or if im doin something wrong. The sim and sd card are in same slot but when i remove sim it just comes up a box with a msg saying. No Sim Card Inserted.. your device is unable to make calls or connect to network. Do it mean this method of work.

  3. when I put the sim card in I don't get the "enter sim card unlock pin" screen (0:39). what can I do??

  4. Not working on J3 firmware j330fxxs3brj2 , it is just comming back to the "Start / Choose your language screen" . Thank you

  5. Stefan, finnaly worked , using your method ! Thanks ! The trick was that when remove the sim card, need to fast acting in order that my phone has 2 overlays, " No sim card inserted", with the Ok button lower right corner , and the "Swipe the screen to unlock" , so maybe others will experince same problem like me, Need to act fast after pressing Ok, try to swipe the screen, otherwise phone will came back to "Start / Choose your language" screen. With a little practice can be done 🙂 Anyhow need to underline that your method worked to my phone also. Good job man ! Thank you !

  6. you, i tell you my story here. i putted a puk blocked sim card, and it worked too. Nice job and thank you man.

  7. Oh Done, thank man very much, it works, i didnt have a sd card, and i downloaded it directly from a5, thankssss VERYYY MUCHHH!!!

  8. Fail, fail, fail, fail! No one can do it for my device! Samsung A5 2017 a520w on Virgin. I've tried a bunch of different methods and all fail! On this method, I get a completely different sim unlock screen, and when trying to pull sim and turn off power, I end up at the welcome screen when I power on. Fail!

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