Bongino reacts to impeachment witness Fiona Hill speaking out

Bongino reacts to impeachment witness Fiona Hill speaking out


  1. The same Fiona Hill who boasted to WaPo that she stole papers off the President’s desk? She too was counting on the ‘insurance’, hence her Strzok-like arrogance. But the assassination was thwarted to her absolute horror. Reminds me of Mrs Simpson boasting on Facebook that her husband Glenn deserved the lion’s share of the credit for the Russian Dossier. She quickly deleted it in horror when the ‘insurance’ failed.

  2. People on Fox News Network and Dan Bongino the reason this person who keeps repeating the same lie over and over is because she's pulling the Hitler's. You know Jay the propaganda often enough and it becomes the truth because she will have convinced dummies in this world who believe their BS.

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  4. Hey donnie don't worry bout the economy son. goes bad just declare america bancrupt your an expert on the subject

  5. I made that point in a video i made in 2016, left side said the other side lie, the right side said the other side lie.
    Do both of them lie, or just one of them?
    If it is only one if them lie, which one?
    The liar can also play that game, "ok, I lie, but we all liars." accusing everyone are like them to just their wrong.


  6. Fiona is old school deep state swamp thing. Of course she disagrees with Trump. She's not used to having a boss with an opinion.

  7. Fiona Hill is a career state department diplomat. I would think that she knows quite a bit more about the question of Ukranian interference that Mr. Bongino does. What are his bona fides?

  8. I keep thinking that during the Truman or Eisenhower admininistrations Soros, along with these liars and spies, would have been dealt with quickly.

  9. Fox and Friends are sure starting to lean to the left. Bongino had to call them out for giving Hill a pass. They seem to be giving more and more democrats a pass on their lies and indecisive action.

  10. Faux news needs to find a couple more guests besides Dan Bongino and Sara Carter.
    Having the same 2 morons on the air over and over and over again for no apparent reason
    is making Faux look stupid.

  11. It's funny how people who served for both Bush and Obama suddenly became
    criminals once President Blowhard became President. The number of criminals
    this renegade president has "discovered" in government is mind boggling.
    You seldom see the volume of coincidences this criminal president has found.

  12. how you doing paul ryan? we have it all you know…but, you do know that…… can that lil blond girl on fox& frnds…say she is a Christian and stay on this show????????…………..oh well,,,GOD KNOWS………donna brazil and mayor of DC at the hospital the night SETH RICH was MURDERED…tell donna we have it all …………ALL……………………..NOTHING WILL STOP WHAT IS COMING ………..NOTHING.

  13. more interesting than what the Soros agent Hill, outed by Stone who is now suffering the consequences, is what Prof. Karlan said (implied) with her comment about Barron T…..I believe she alluded to the 13th Amm. that has been ratified & ignored for decades… says no lawyers (those with titles, Esq.) shall be gov. officials.. there will never be any discussion of this…too sensitive?

  14. maybe my post will stay this time. I see many paid soros/dnc trolls on here. pay no mind to them. They are getting paid to lie just like the MSM

  15. How obvious does CBS have to be when producing propaganda hit pieces to support Biden? I think this women is intelligent and quite fluent in both Russian and Ukrainian to know that what she is saying is not only incomplete but, just intentionally misleading. It really would have been interesting to hear her speak of the sworn testimony contradicting her foolish recantation of the no "Democratic Ukrainian collusion to smear Trump". Can you imagine how many more state department employees are this compromised? Why does she continue with this lie? Creepy! A future Mrs. Hunter Biden?

  16. oh so when lying under oath to impeach the president did not work, she wants to publicly, back track, so now she is a good guy? not a chance, SORRY

  17. Like the FB! and Dept. of Injustice who used fake info from Russians funneled thru Steele to interfere in the 2016 US election by illegally obtaining four FISA warrants. That was bought and paid for with unreported campaign funds. Oh that Russia interference, now we know the rest of the story.

  18. i think Don mis-heard his father … he didn't say: "Don. Lighten up on Twitter"
    what he actually said was: "Don. Light them up on Twitter"

  19. SO now Bongino is some expert ?? But she is an EXPERT !! With a PHD..The Expert on Russia and Putin !!! and all agree on both sides. You idiot !!

  20. When someone starts by trying to convince you that they are a good person and non biased as she did in the impeachment inquiry you know they are lying and cannot be trusted. Fiona Hill is an anti Trump hack and as see through as a clear plastic

  21. All you STUPID fucks out there don't have the common sense God have you. You should be half as smart as Ms.Hill. there is no evidence that the Ukraine government interfered with the 2016 elections. This lie was promoted by Putin to dumb Donald Trump who disregarded what the intelligence services reported and said Putin denied involvement and comrade trump touted his boss's lie. How any sane person could defend a moron is beyond comprehension. What a bunch of muddled head fools.

  22. …Fiona Hill is a pampered academic, impressed mightily by her own reputation and the letters after her name…she's easily dismissable….

  23. Fiona hill admitted during the investigation that she wasnt aware of what ukrainians had done during 2016 but during the break they took she looked at it and corrected herself during the impeachment .

  24. Bongino is dead wrong about the most important fact.
    There is zero proof that the Russian Government interfered in the 2016 Presidential Election.
    Bongino and Hannity need to stop with the anti-Russian propaganda, and apologize to the American people.

  25. This is like watching the 3 stooges and bozo the clown in one group and they are playing to an audience in the age appropriate group. 3 to 6

  26. Does the IG report not count anymore as evidence… that DNC is being covered up for.. We should not let the DNC do what they did and get away with it..

  27. Don Jr. seems to be a much better person by miles, than Hunter Biden.. Robert Dinero said he would be embarrassed if those were his kids.. Of course he would be, it would mean he knows Trump stooped his wife.. but seriously, what does Trump have to be embarrassed for? His kids seem to have their heads on straight where I bet you Robert’s kids are probably liberal left wingers that probably been to Epstein’s island.. Yet Donald grabbed Epstein and physically removed him from his club and put a trespassing warrant out on him for hitting on an underage girl at his Florida club.. shows you the difference between Trump and the Clinton’s right there, people on the left always think they know what’s best for you and if you don’t like it then tough luck.. sounds like something… oh yeah a tyrannical dictator…

  28. Lesley Stahl — only wuman With a truly great FaceLift, very mild work.
    And still looks like herself. 👀👈

  29. Trump will not admit that we don’t have enough test kits!! China will not make them for us!! 💁🏽‍♂️💁🏽‍♂️

  30. I assure you Fiona Hill is trying to make the social media hits on her ease up. She might get one pat on the back from Pelosi but that doesn't make up for the thousands of attacks she has been getting ever since testifying. I think most of these "witnesses" have to come to regret it. Meanwhile Schiff sent a lawyer when it was his turn so he wouldn't have to be under oath. Weasel.

  31. Omg
    I would touch myself if hunter and DJ had a debate!!
    What a great idea, Bongino!
    Love it!

    Yes, I am a woman!
    I want to see those two handsome young men debate AND 3 rounds of boxing!!
    Yes yes…yes!!!

    Wait tho
    Does hunter stutter too.?.? Does he get a pass and free added points bc the POOR FELLA STUTTERS???

  32. The Ukrainians did try to interfere in the US's 2016 election. This is a fact.

    Its unfortunate that Fiona Hill has bought into the Democrat lie in trying to blame Russia for everything, even things that the government of Ukraine has admitted to. The Democrats lied, Fiona Hill either lied or is misinformed, because Ukraine has come out and said Ukraine did try to interfere in US election.

  33. Bongino, for how long have some Republicans been talking about an Ukrainian interference without any (none, nada!) evidence by now? Where are Giulianis results? The Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee investigating an Ukrainian interference didn’t find any evidence. It’s all bla bla bla – to the favor of our and the Russian president. It is getting quite dangerous that Trump and most of his supporters cannot handle the truth. Btw spoiled Trump himself never learned to deal with criticism in his life. I guess his well paid teachers „behaved“. Just like Fox news does. Childish games!

  34. WHYYYY does anyone listen to this doofus as if he knows anything!? Hes nothing more than an opportunist attempting to make money off of this terrible administration. Fiona Hill has a master's in Russian history and a doctorate in History. How could anyone believe that Bongino knows more than her about this? There is nothing about him that makes him more qualified or knowledgeable than her on this matter. She was actively employed by the WHITE HOUSE while Russia was interfering. Jesus Christ

  35. Fiona Hill = Ozzy Osbourne's Secret Sister. Imagine her with round blackout glasses. You'll never Unsee.

  36. I used to really enjoy watching 60 Minutes, but that show is now difficult to watch, so I stopped watching completely.

  37. Fiona Hill is pissing down are back and telling us it's raining. Ukraine did meddle with the democrats in the 2016 election, the only thing fictional is Fiona's story.

  38. Just imagine if this fellow was on a small boat and someone had to get cast out of the boat for the boat to keep floating don't you think he would be the first person that would come to mine when situation is get tight and you get to the nuts and bolts of the problem you don't look like us so bye-bye

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