Bombshell Evidence Emerges as House Sends Impeachment Articles to Senate: A Closer Look

Bombshell Evidence Emerges as House Sends Impeachment Articles to Senate: A Closer Look

-Today the house voted to send articles of impeachment
against President Trump to the Senate
as damning new evidence emerges against Trump’s henchmen. For more on this, it’s time
for “A Closer Look.” [ Suspenseful theme plays ]
[ Cheering and applause ] It’s official:
We will now have the third Senate impeachment trial of a president
in American history. And, knowing that this
historic moment was coming, Trump decided
to soothe his ego last night by holding another one
of his group therapy sessions in Wisconsin,
[ Laughter ] where he surrounded himself with his cult
of fawning admirers and tried to fill the stage with as many underwhelming
white guys as possible. [ Laughter ] I guess to make himself
look good by comparison? I mean, look at this. This looks
like the audition room for a Cialis commercial. [ Laughter ]
It’s like the curtain call for a regional
theater production of “12 Angry White men.” [ Laughter ] But, as always,
it wasn’t enough for Trump to surround himself
with admirers. He also had to admire himself by talking about himself
in the third person. -We’ve produced everything
we said, and more, and more. [ Cheering and applause ]
Before it was talk, I said, “I’m gonna do this. We’re gonna take care
of your trade.” What we’ve done with China, now, on Wednesday, we sign —
That’s tomorrow. [ Cheering and whistling ]
What we’ve done with the USMCA. What we’ve done with Japan:
$40 billion trade deal. [ Cheering and applause ]
And a lot of it has to do
with the farmers. [ Whistling ]
South Korea. Oh, you gotta love Trump. You gotta love Trump. [ Laughter and applause ] -No, we [chuckling] don’t. [ Fresh laughter and applause ]
Trump is so detached from reality,
he’s startin’ to talk like a sitcom character
doin’ his catchphrase. [as Trump]
Uh-oh. Looks like
the kitchen’s on fire and the cops are here. Still, you gotta love Trump! [ Whimsical sting plays ]
[ Applause and cheering ] [ Laughter ]
By the way, sitcom Trump
is not a stretch. If you don’t believe me, here’s the president
of the United States goin’ full “King of Queens”
and complaining, [laughing] once again,
about water pressure. -But sinks, [ Laughter ]
toilets, and showers. You don’t get any water. -Are you…getting oxygen? [ Laughter and applause ]
To your brain? I don’t wanna be critical,
but is it possible you’re not paying
the White House water bill? [ Laughter and applause ] [as Trump]
“Final notice”?! [ Laughter ] And then, today Trump continued
his attempt to counterprogram House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s historic impeachment
announcement with his own announcement, on the first phase
of a trade deal with China. But it seemed like Trump never
got to the actual announcement because he spent
the entire press conference just callin’ out the names of supporters
who were in the room. -Bob Lighthizer’s really
an outstanding guy. Thank you very much, Steve.
Great job. Jared Kushner.
Where is Jared? And, Ivanka, nice to have
you here. Thank you, honey. Larry, you’ve been fantastic.
[ Laughter ] Peter Navarro.
Chris Liddell. Wilbur Ross.
Sonny Perdue. Elaine Chao.
The great Kevin McCarthy. [ Laughter ]
The great Lou Dobbs.
Henry Kissinger. A friend of mine,
Steve Schwarzman. Nelson Peltz is here. Hank Greenberg is here.
Hank. Steve Daines.
Joni Ernest. Deb Fischer.
Lindsey Graham. He’s become a great
friend of mine. Chuck Grassley.
Jerry Moran. [ Applause ]
Rob Portman.
Pat Roberts. [ Laughter ]
Mike Rounds.
And Dan Sullivan. Vern Buchanan.
Mike Conaway. Kristi,
thank you for being here. I didn’t know you were
gonna be here. [ Laughter ]
Mike Kelly
Drew Ferguson. Darin LaHood.
Michael McCaul. Patrick McHenry.
Devin Nunes. Adrian Smith.
David Abney. Darius Adamczyk. Ajay Banga, Mastercard. [ Laughter ]
Josh Bolten. -[as Trump]
Congratulations to the Class of 2020. [ Laughter and applause ]
Ohhhhh. Oh, the places you’ll go. Jail. [ Laughter ] And then, in an even more
desperate attempt to counterprogram
the impeachment talk, Trump made a random
announcement, out of nowhere, about the 4th of July,
that had nothing to do with trade or China,
or, really, anything at all. -We’re gonna do a big
fireworks display, right? Mount Rushmore. We’re going over. I think I’m gonna try
to be there on July 4th. They haven’t been there like
for 20 years. I said, “Why?” Environmental reasons. I said, “You mean,
can’t have fireworks because of the environment?” Yeah, environmental reasons. I said, “What can burn?
It’s stone, you know. [ Laughter ]
It’s stone.” -You idiot! It’s in the Black Hills
of South Dakota! [ Laughter ] [laughing]
It’s surrounded by trees. There’s a forest like
right across the street. [ Laughter ]
‘Cause he used to be
a New Yorker, Trump thinks everything is
in Times Square. [as Trump]
What can burn? It’s stone. You just take the subway
up to Mount Rushmore [ Laughter ]
and then, when you’re done, you go
next door to the M&M store. [ Laughter and applause ] It’s stone.
It’s fine. But Trump’s attempt to distract
from impeachment news did not work because,
as this was all happening, the House was also releasing
bombshell new documents involving Trump’s lawyer
Rudy Giuliani and two of Rudy’s
indicted associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. Remember these guys, the Mario and Luigi
of entry-level mobsters? [ Laughter and applause ]
They’re the Soviet
Turner & Hooch, except they’re both Hooch. [ Laughter ] They look like off-brand
Russian Cabbage Patch Dolls. [Slavic accent]
What patch? Is just — [ Laughter ]
Is just cabbage doll. Now, let’s remember
that it’s well-established these guys were workin’
for Trump. There are multiple photos
of them with Trump and Rudy. They had at least ten separate
interactions with Trump. They told associates
they had been given a special assignment
by the president, like some sort
of James Bond mission, and one of Trump’s
former lawyers — one of Trump’s former lawyers —
even wrote a letter to Congress, stating that Parnas and Fruman
assisted Giuliani in connection with his representation
of President Trump. That’s right, these guys! Who look like the guys
who spray your bowling shoes when you turn them in,
[ Laughter ] were supposedly
representing Trump. I guess it’s all part
of Trump’s strategy to surround himself with lawyers
who look guiltier than he does. If you saw all four of these
guys in a police lineup [ Laughter ]
and the cops asked you to point out the suspect, you’d need all four fingers. It was him. [ Laughter and applause ] So it’s well-established these
guys worked directly for Trump in his scheme
to get Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election
by digging up dirt on Joe Biden. In fact,
in one of those documents the House released last night, there was a letter,
written by Rudy, to the new Ukrainian president
in May of 2019, in which Rudy requested
a private meeting to discuss what we now know was their scheme to cheat
in the 2020 election. Rudy said explicitly,
in that letter, that he was working for Trump, while simultaneously
trying to claim he wasn’t working
for the president and insisting that all
of this was very normal. Here’s the first paragraph
of Rudy’s letter. “Dear President-Elect Zelensky: I am private counsel
to President Donald J. Trump. Just to be precise, I represent him
as a private citizen, not as President
of the United States. This is quite common
under American law because the duties
and privileges of a President and a private citizen
are not the same. Separate representation
is usual process.” Wow! When you have
to start your letter by explaining that what you’re
doing is not suspicious, [ Laughter and applause ]
that is definitely suspicious. Like when you text a weed
dealer for the first time and say, “I am writing to obtain
marijuana for medical purposes, and not because my parents
are out of town.” [ Laughter and applause ]
But, in many ways — [ Applause ] In many ways, that letter was
one of the least shocking things the House released last night. There were also additional
notes and text messages, related to the scheme to get
Ukrainian President Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden. For example, there are
handwritten notes, from Parnas, on stationery from the
Ritz-Carlton in Vienna, where Parnas literally says —
and these are completely real — “get Zalensky to announce
that the Biden case will Be Investigated and “do my ‘magic’
and cut [a] deal.” What magic was this
[laughing] guy gonna do? [ Laughter ] Other than make a meatball
sandwich disappear? [ Laughter and applause ]
[muffled] “Ta-da!” [ Laughter ] And then, there were
the text messages, which were ominous,
chilling, and bizarre. For example,
they also introduced a completely new character
into this whole saga: a Trump supporter
from Connecticut, named Robert Hyde,
who owns a landscaping business and ran for Congress. Hyde was apparently
working with Parnas on this whole scheme in Ukraine. And, yes, before you ask, there are multiple photos
of Hyde posing with Trump. How is it possible
that Trump has taken photos with every meathead goon
in the tri-state area? [ Laughter ]
Trump’s like a mall Santa for wannabe goodfellas. [ Laughter and applause ]
These guys look like they’re starring in a kid’s show
called “Spongebob Squarehead.” [ Laughter ] Parnas and Hyde, apparently,
had an ongoing exchange of text messages in which
they appeared to be stalking and spying on the former
U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. You might remember
that Yovanovitch was a key impeachment witness, who was the target of smears
by Trump and his inner circle because she was a career
foreign service official who they saw as an obstacle
to their criminal scheme. In fact, at various points, she
was told Rudy, and his goons, had plans for her and that there
were concerns for her security. And, now, we have
these text messages, in which it appears
Hyde and Parnas were closely tracking
her movements and planning something
very ominous. -We are starting
to see the contents of the cellphone and files
of one Lev Parnas and it is giving us a window into a rather
astounding operation, supervised by Rudy Giuliani,
in the name of the president. [ Camera shutter clicking ]
-Text messages suggesting that former U.S. Ambassador
Marie Yovanovitch may have been
under physical surveillance. -Robert Hyde, a Trump supporter
and congressional candidate, claimed to have contact
with a “private security” team monitoring the ambassador’s
moves and communications. -He’s talking
about Marie Yovanovitch, the ambassador. He says,
“She’s under heavy protection. She’s talked to three people. Her phone is off. Her computer is off. They’ll let me know
when she’s on the move.” Then, later that day,
“They’re willing to help, if you/we would like a price.” -Holy [bleep],
this idiot literally wrote in a text message that his guys
were willing to help “if you would like a price.” These guys are a lot dumber
than the criminals on TV. [ Laughter ]
Those criminals are always
using burner phones and switching cars,
meeting in back alleys. In real life, these guys
were texting each other and puttin’ up posters
on telephone poles, that said, “Looking
for thugs to do crimes. [ Laughter and applause ]
This is for Trump as citizen, not as president. He is my friend.
Here is a picture of us.” [ Cheering and applause ] So, all, every bit,
of this damning new evidence is coming out as the Senate
prepares to hold only the third impeachment trial
of a president in history and, whatever happens,
that will be a historic stain on Trump’s presidency that
will follow his name forever, which is a point
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hit home multiple times
in her press conference today. [ Camera shutters
clicking continuously ]
-On December 18th, the House of Representatives impeached the president
of the United States, an impeachment
that will last forever. And, yes, it is a fact: When someone is impeached,
they are always impeached. It cannot be erased. -Oh, she definitely knew
Trump was watching. [ Laughter ]
She might as well have looked
directly into the camera and said, “Donald,
this will follow you. [echoing]Forever.[ Laughter ]
Forever. Forever.
Forever. Forever.[ Applause ]
Forever. Forever.
Forever. Forever.Forever. Forever.So the House voted today
to send the two articles that passed last year
to the Senate for a trial and Pelosi also appointed
impeachment managers, who are basically
just prosecutors, to make the case against Trump
during the trial. Pelosi said
she focused specifically on choosing experienced lawyers
when she made her selections. [ Camera shutters
clicking continuously ]
-Today I’m very proud to present the managers who will bring the case, which
we have great confidence in, in terms of impeaching
the president and his removal. Chair Adam Schiff of California,
lead manager. Chairman Jerry Nadler, chair of the
House Judiciary Committee. Chair Zoe Lofgren,
Chair Hakeem Jeffries, Congresswoman Val Demings, Congressman Jason Crow, Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia. The emphasis is on litigators. The emphasis is on comfort
level in the courtroom. -That’s right:
Democrats are actually appointing
experienced litigators, whereas, Trump’s team is just
a bunch of heavies he picked up off a street
corner in Bayonne. [ Laughter ]
You know, the guys Trump bought at Goons R Us. [ Laughter ]
They even all dress the same. I mean, look at this. These guys look like they shop at a store called Abercrombie
and Snitches Get Stitches. [ Laughter and applause ] So, Trump’s
now preparing to face the third Senate
impeachment trial in history as more damning evidence emerges about the criminals
he surrounded himself with to carry out his illegal scheme
to cheat in the 2020 election. Trump will be on trial
for multiple crimes as his presidency goes
down multiple… -Toilets! [ Laughter and applause ]
-This has been “A Closer Look.” ♪♪
[ Cheering and applause ]


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