Blind Fast Food Pizza Taste Test

Blind Fast Food Pizza Taste Test

Today we’re comin’ in
hot and ready for pizza. Let’s talk about that.( theme music playing )Good mythical morning. Today we have a fantastic
musical performance
by Anthony Gonzalez from the Pixar
animated film “Coco,” and a game of
real or fake technology
from “Black Mirror.” But first, today marks
a very special episode because we just surpassed
13 million subscribers. – Whaaat? Thank you!
– And to celebrate– yes. And to celebrate,
we’re having a pizza party,
of course. Yeah! And also,
while we’re at it,
we’re gonna determine which pizza chain
makes the best pie. It’s time for… As you can see,
we can’t. Each slice that
we will sample today is gonna have pepperoni,
sausage, onions,
and peppers on it, just so we have more things
to try to differentiate. We are going to see
if we can identify which chain they came from as well as rate each of them
on a scale of one to 10. Yes, and the pizza chains
we will be sampling from are Pizza Hut, Dominos,
Little Caesar’s. Papa John’s, California
Pizza Kitchen, and Sbarro. – Whoa, ho-ho.
– It’s gonna be
a good morning. Yeah. Both:Round one.Slide it in. All right, all the pizzas
will be brought in on the patent pending
Mr. & Mrs. Pizza Rat
Pizza Paddles. – Yeah.
– Congratulations, Mr. Rat,
on your marriage. And Mrs. Rat.
I’m guessing you’re
somewhere over here. He cashed in
on his celebrity. I knew it would happen. Is it in here?
Okay, I’m trying to– okay, yep. Hmm. Hmm. – Hmm.
– That’s a thin one.
That’s a shallow pizza. – Oh, gosh.
– Did you get bit
by the rat? Yep. Now, we actually
thought about just using cheese pizza
to go completely purist… – But we’re not children.
– …but we were like, you gotta have some toppings
because that’s part of pizza. – Mm-hmm.
– Man, I don’t know. I don’t think
when I’m eating pizza. I just eat, you know
what I’m saying? I’ve never thought
to think while eating pizza. Why think when
eating pizza? You’ve done
all the thinking
and you’re a genius because you’ve
decided to eat pizza. – Right, I think beforehand…
– Right. …and then I just
go into the zone. I go into the pizza zone. Now, I do know that
that’s a shallow pizza. Um, not too heavy
on the cheese,
in my experience. So if we’re to rate
this thing on a scale of one to 10 independently
and then combine those scores, um, I’ve– you know, it’s not the–
it’s a little shallow for me. It was not a good pizza,
in my opinion. I feel like
I’m a pizza lover and I would eat the crap
out of that if it was
the only thing around, – Yeah.
– but I’m gonna
give this a– I’m gonna give it
a four. That’s what I was
thinkin’, too. Ah, the four boys. So, we’re both
giving them a four, and, okay,
I’m ready to guess. – Yep.
– Stevie: Okay,
three, two, one. – California Pizza Kitchen?
– Little Caesar’s. – Both: Round two.
– Rhett: Bring it. ( sighs ) – Oh, already better.
– Oh, I’m smellin’… I mean,
the smell is better. Chunkier ingredients. Oh, man. Very sausage forward. ( laughs ) – Which I…
– Again, could be said
of a number of things – on this show.
– ( laughs ) – Including the two hosts.
– ( laughter ) That’s a good pizza. Well, honestly,
all I can taste is sausage. You complainin’
about that? I do like sausage. – Um…
– Mmm. …yeah, I feel like
I need another bite. Can I get it back in? That one is lacking
the sauce that I desire. So I think I’m demeriting it
for lacking sauce. It’s a little thicker
than the last one, but I wouldn’t describe it
as thick, you know? You ever eaten
a slice of pizza
backwards, Rhett? – Hmm, uh, no,
I don’t do that.
– That seems crazy. I’m not friends
with people who do that. You’re not wrong.
It’s not the most
incredible pizza, but it’s so much better
than the first one. I want to go back and give
the first one a lower score. Well, you can’t,
but I don’t think this
one’s that much better. I’m giving it a five. I’m giving it a six. Oh, wow, okay. Um, but what is it? I– man, that
is really tough. Uh, okay.
I’ve– I’ve got my guess. – Yep.
– Stevie: Okay,
three, two, one. – Sbarro.
– Little Caesar’s. – Sbarro.
– Did I guess Little Caesar’s
twice now? – Yeah, just guess
Little Caesar’s every time.
– All the time. Both:
Round three.
Let’s keep eating
pizza, shall we? – Yeah!
– Ha-ha, no losers today. ( gasps ) I– you know, the thing is,
they’re so distinctly different, like, the smell
is so different. Oh, my gosh. What on earth has
happened to this slice? Oh. – It’s– it’s– it’s–
– Bring it back. – It’s nothing
but crust to me.
– Huh. Ugh! This is bad. I mean, I’m giving
this a one because all I’m tasting
is the bottom crust, and it doesn’t
even taste great. Hold on, is your pizza
upside down?
What happened? I mean, it’s not good.
I’m on the same page, but I’m not on page one. – Is there cheese on it?
– Yes. There’s no cheese
on mine. Add some cheese
to mine, guys. Boy, its off.
It’s got a off– it has
a off taste to it. Yeah, it is off. – Um…
– Off the rocker. Man, what is that? It’s like you scraped it
off the floor of a food court. – You know what I’m saying?
– Yeah. Well, it also
has the sausage
in the little cubes, which I actually do think
that that is from
the food court. I’m gonna give
this one a four. Whoa, you’re
generous, man. And now– are we
both guessing Sbarro? Yeah, I’m saying Sbarro
’cause I think I remember that’s what
the sausage looks like. – Sbarro.
– Sbarro. – Sucks.
– Yeah. Both:
Round four.
All right,
let’s keep it going. Why do you seem
exasperated? We’re freakin’
eating pizza
on the Internet. – Yeah, I know, it’s great.
– This is amazing. – I love my job,
I really do.
– This is awesome. – But I get stressed
out about this…
– We’re friends. …because I want to make
the right choice for the people. You’re stressed. You know,
this is the work. This is our legacy, Link. This is what we’re leaving
behind for future generations. “They determined
what the best pizza was. We should give ’em
a gold medal.” This one, the green peppers
really cut through. Also, a thin pizza. In my mind,
the majority of these were thicker in my mind
than they are in my mouth. Bring it back.
There it is. Uh… I think we’re into more
traditional pizza territory now. – You know, like…
– It’s starting to blend– – It’s starting
to blend together.
– Call ’em up. Use your app.
You don’t even have
to call them anymore. Calling pizza places
is for suckers and losers. Because you
can do it on the app. You do it on the app,
and then they tell you
when they put it in the oven and they tell you
the name of the person
who put it in the oven. “Donovan just put
your pizza in the oven.” – I’m like–
– Are you talking about
Domino’s here? – Yeah.
– You must be. But they do that
at other places, I’m sure. I don’t think
this pizza’s great. I’m giving it– I’m gonna give it
a six. – It’s not bad either.
– Um… You know, I was in
the same ballpark with you. Well-balanced. Um, I’m gonna say–
I’m going with a six as well because I was thinking
potentially seven, but it’s just not as good
as I want it to be, and I think pizza
can be great. So I’m gonna say six as well,
but where is it from? I think I know. I think I’ve already
guessed it. Twice. You know what? I think you might
be right. I’m saying Little Caesar’s
’cause it hasn’t done
me wrong yet. I’m saying Little Caesar’s
as well because I feel
like this– we got into pizza chains, but we got into
what I’m guessing
is the worst pizza chain that’s, like– that
delivers the pizza to you. They don’t
do that at Sbarro.
I tried once. Both:
Round five.
( growling ) – Oh.
– Oh, yeah, here we go. – Finally, we got
a tall pizza.
– So distinct. – That’s what
I been waiting for.
– Mm. Oh. – This is not Little Caesar’s.
– Oh, I know what this is. That’s good.
That’s good. It’s definitely either
Papa John’s or Pizza Hut. – I know for a– I would bet…
– Bring it– bring it in. I would bet a lifetime’s
worth of pizza parties that I’m right
about this one. And that I’ve been wrong about two out of
the three of the times that I’ve guessed
Little Caesar’s
in the past. – Okay, this is a great pizza.
– It’s a good pizza. – Better ingredients…
– Better pizza. Um, I’m gonna
give it a nine. Ooh, yeah, buddy. – Man.
– That is a nine. I’m hesitant to give
anything a 10. I’m also gonna
give it a nine. – I agree with you, Rhett.
– Oh, really? And, uh, I’m guessing
this is Papa John’s. Papa John’s
all the way. ‘Cause the cheese hits
your teeth the first time. I don’t even know
what I’m saying anymore,
I’m so happy. The sausage–
the sausage came
from John himself. – No.
– Oh, gosh. Both:
Round six.
That last one
was so different, man. What if you’re wrong? Well, then,
I don’t have pizza parties
for the rest of my life. All right,
bring it in. Mm. Oh, it’s droopy. There we go. Oh, okay, yep. Big toppings. I feel like I’m familiar
with this. – Man, that’s a good pizza.
– It’s a good pizza. – Man, it’s good.
– That’s a good pizza. I’m– Oh, is it a nine,
though? Give it to me again. Something about
the sausage… I don’t love
quite as much. But I’m–
I’m gonna give it an– I’m gonna give it a–
I’m gonna give it an eight. Um, once you add sausage
to a pizza, it kind of takes over. I feel like there’s
not as much cheese… – No.
– …which I really
love cheese. But– aw, man,
I want to give it
a nine as well. I’m gonna–
I’m gonna give this one
a nine as well. That– that is
a really, really good pizza. Is it from
Pizza Hut, though? I don’t know. I’m saying Domino’s. I think that’s
a Domino’s pizza. This is from Pizza Hut. The sausage speaks to me. All right, and that’s
the last one, right? – What’d it say?
– What? It said,
“I’m from Pizza Hut. You used to come inside my store
in order to eat my pizzas.” It wasn’t that weird. “But now we deliver them – because we finally gave in.”
– Can you still go there? I’m taking my blindfold off,
but I’m keeping my eyes closed. Stevie:
You guys ready
to hear how you did? Yep. Okay, so I’m gonna give you
your scores first. Rhett, you have
a score of two. Oh, that’s not good. Two?
That’s lame, man. Link, you have
a score of one. ( laughs ) Little Caesar’s, huh? What? What? I shoulda guessed Little
Caesar’s every time. I would’ve had
the same score. Yeah, right, exactly. The one that was
Little Caesar’s, you did not guess
Little Caesar’s on. ( laughs )
Really? Surprisingly, your number two
ranked pizza is Sbarro. – Rhett:What?
– Stevie:And your number oneis Papa John’s. Rhett:Yes. Wow,
Sbarro comin’ in strong.
Well, congratulations
to the Papa John-less
Papa John’s ’cause that’s
the way they roll now. Yeah, he’s still there.
He’s behind the scenes. And keep watching
because we’re gonna
fill this place up with some
Mariachi performers
and hot cocoa. Rhett:
You can’t get pizza stains
on our black-on-black
logo t-shirt
so grab yours


  1. "Bring it back".. Nom nom nom, that's enjoying pizza right there. Lol.. "Bring it in"… Heck yes bring it in! one must devour the pizza slice not one mere bite can suffice for such a delicious morsel.

  2. FIRST TIME EVER I AGREE 100% WITH THEM!!!! Papa John’s, Sbarro, and Pizza Hut in that exact order. But then I recall El Palacio de la Pizza in Bayamón PR and all of them are a joke.

  3. Gotta say Little Caesars thick crust is not good, but their thin crust and deep dish are waaaaay better. Papa Johns tastes like sugary cardboard flavored bread. 👎🏻

  4. Funny thing, the Little Caeser's I get pizza from actually is decent and the Papa John's in the area is just meh. I guess not all are equal in terms of quality?

  5. “Calling for pizza places is for suckers and losers.”

    – Rhett

    You haven’t tried literally every hometown’s pizza place. They will ALL say that theirs is the best of them all. Heritage matters.

  6. Link: says good pizza is little ceasers
    Link: says bad pizza is little ceasers
    Link: rates little ceasers badly
    Link: says good pizza is little ceasers

  7. is it bad that pizza is my one of my least favourite food? its not that i dont like it its just if i had a choice between macaroni cheese vs pizza i would chose macaroni cheese but i love macaroni cheese pizza 😀

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