Błażej Pabiszczak – Who needs open source CRM Systems?

I cordially welcome our frequent guest in our studio. Błażej Pabiszczak – the CEO of YetiForce, the company that develops one of the best open CRM systems in the world. Good morning Błażej – I’m happy that you are here
– Hello What’s your company’s area of expertise? We are a software company that creates a solution which is quite unusual because it’s an open solution. I mean, there are not many companies that are interested in open solutions, see the point in it. We managed to create a very nice product we were selected to run a very large project so it appears to us that it is a perfect direction for our company so we create business software – CRM system Why what your company does is important? There are many companies that order software and usually such software after a few years stays only at the producer’s or provider’s companies don’t continue to use it, don’t develop, so from the time perspective every company loses a lot of money I mean, it can be seen even in Poland, in Poland and in the world, goverments are trying to centralize software and solutions and develop them centrally, so open source is a very good example a lot of companies need to develop the system or implement dedicated solutions and all this is gathered in one program. If a software vendor provided something completely different to every customer, we would, unfortunately, have an example of wasting money. Here in open source, it’s not a case all invested money pay off in one way or another What is ordered by one customer, it later used by another What YetiForce’s license allows? YetiForce’s license is very nice, a new license version is very similar to the MIT license and the MIT license nearly tells you “do whatever you want” we only added two minor limitations I don’t even know if I should call them limitations because the first one requires the registration of the product and the second one is that you need to leave the footer, so you can basiclly delete everything from the system you can add whatever you want you don’t nee to publish it anywhere, change anything. It is a much better license than for example our competitors offer e.g. Suite CRM or Sugar CRM which have AGPL license and I call this license a viral license but professionally, it’s called copyleft and this means that when we add anything to the system, change anything in the system or we have an employee who is in fact outside of our company we actually need to publish all changes performed within the system. For medium and large companies, it is a very bad solution because if we need to make the system publicly available and this system has been integrated with our internal systems it’s not a good solution that’s why we step towards this simplification. Our license has now three or four paragraphs, so it’s very short. Well, it could be said that the longer the license, the worse. How secure this open solution is? Just like every software whether it is closed or open. It can be said that many myths about open source solutions have been created e.g. that they aren’t secure but Google and Facebook showed an example of Android or other solutions that are open and considered as secure solutions, just like Google Chrome is considered as the most secure browser. However, just like in any other business, here also a lot of money needs to be invested in security. We signed a contract with one of the best companies in Poland – Securitum for security audits, we have monthly audits and implement all recommendations form every audit, and what is the most interesting, we publish these audits which means that the system is patched and a new version will be released and customers will update the system, then this company will publish this audit and show in what way has the system already been secured. So, this is nice policy and we don’t only provide open source solutions but also all our activities around it and knowledge are also available for free. If there are companies that downloaded the product and we don’t even know about it and develop it independently it is also nice that they can make use of these security reports issued for us. Who uses open systems? Many, many companies from the largest ones, which we discussed earlier on our previous meeting, to small and medium companies this means… on average we have between 50 and 100 installations where people register and from the time perspective there will be more and more so we already know about several thousand companies that installed this system so we suppose that a few thousand companies uses it every day. We cooperate with about two hundred companies on a regular basis and we know that they have the system and need some changes once a month or once a few months. While everyone can use it and I suppose there is a large proportion of companies we don’t even know about because it is open source, someone downloads and uses the system and we don’t even have to know about it. So in every industry, in the energy sector, in the insurance industry , and in the finance industry. But also small companies, also small production companies so there is no rule. How large companies can benefit from YetiForce? The most important thing, in the case of large deployments, are the license fees. If we assume a simple principle that a deployment of any system costs the same and we also assume that a company deploys a similar type of functionalities in the case of such systems as Dynamics, Salesforce we pay in accordance with the requirements from 100 to a few hundred per month per one user. In case of the largest deployment that we currently co-implement sole license fees from a five-year perspective reached a few tens of milions of Polish zloty. The mere fact of choosing an open solution helped to save a few tens of milions zlotys right from the start. Of course, in the case of small companies, we’re talking about small amounts, sometimes it’s a thousand from one-year perspective, because someone may take software for 100 zł per month but sometimes it is a few thousand but it is always better not to pay for the license and invest in the adjustment of the product to the needs of your company. Is investing in open source profitable? In my opinion, yes it is but I’m probably not objective to say that. For sure, if someone pays for something and we use it and then we pay for something and someone else can use it then from a perspective of a region, country, continent it is profitable from everyone’s perspective. However, to evaluate it for a single business whether in this particular case it was the most profitable solution it is necessary to have a whole series of evaluations, including a proof of concept. Total costs are estimated from the perspective of X years and then it is possible to evaluate whether open source solution is cheaper or commercial solution is cheaper. But, we can make a general assumption that since there are no license fees and no limitations when it comes to development so we can take the software and create a second company and move this software you can see benefits from this scheme straight away. I would say, there are significant benefits for every company that will use this solution. How we will find your company? On the Internet? Yes, on the Internet, we are on Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn, so we are trying to be everywhere. So we invite… Yes, we invite you to visit yetiforce.com and you read everything about us there, so you are very welcome. Thank you very much Błażej Pabiszczak, CEO of YetiForce once again in our studio – the studio of a positive vibration.


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