1. Gosh,when she says my brother,my bestfriend and then he gave her those flying kisses, I literally replayed that a 100 times! ♡

  2. Every artist that won: umm I uhhh ughh I ummmm thank you bye

    Billie Ellish: Gives flawless speech quick to the point 0 mess ups

  3. "Again thank the fans that's the only reason I'm even alive."
    No Billie THANK YOU because YOU'RE the only reason that I'm living my life. Love you so much ♡

  4. I'm just so happy for her because she's the best deserving for this nomination. Love you and so proud of you Billie ♥

  5. Watching the AMAs for me is equivalent to watching a bunch of celebrities thanking trillions of people I don’t know

  6. U guys think shes Smart ir an Inspiration guess what retards she usnt she just a waist of time u all too retarded to actually understand like fuck off u think ur all cook go die nobody loves u she just wants money

  7. Its okay lizzo ur a superstar since 2017 we love we you… And this love is not new to be in that category.

  8. Welcome to the American Satan awards,,sick ass people, you have your day now,and God is going to have his day,,, believe that reality,,it's in plain sight,satis=artist,so who are u worshipping,?????lost sheep….. destroyed buy lack of knowledge….repent it's not to late….

  9. When she thanks the fans and says “it’s the only reason I’m alive” it makes me so sad cos we all know she’s being real.

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