Biden wins Michigan: Should Bernie Sanders drop out?

Biden wins Michigan: Should Bernie Sanders drop out?


  1. Bernie won't drop out unless the DNC pays him off, again. It's 'Groundhog Day' again! But Bernie will just buy another mansion and run again in 2025. It's making him very rich. Neither Bernie nor Hillary can help themselves. Their addiction to power and greed is too much. They'll run in every election until they turn to ashes.

  2. Bernie will soon drop out and throw his support behind Biden. For all you Bernie Bros out there who sent in your hard earned monies to Crazy Bernie, sucks to be you!

  3. Why would the old kook drop out. Not a chance , his voters are riffling trough their mothers pocketbooks for donations right now . These 18-30 year olds are completely fuked. Entitlement, handout clowns that want everything for free and want to do nothing for it. Bernie bro’s are as stupid as they look . Bernie should debate Biden ASAP , show the American people how fuked Joe is

  4. Nah… let them both waste their time…….. Bernie is probably actually winning . but the DNC won't have that….. it's all fake… plus honestly, won't matter. None of the Democrats will get the presidency…🤣🤣🤣

  5. The democrats know they have no chance against Trump’s economy, policies, and record. Bernie does nothing to energize the other voters who have written him off. His voting base is made up of uninformed children looking for hand outs from taxpayers. This clown would bankrupt the country and send our economy into the toilet. The biden campaign is currently discouraging joe from being on stage for too long. He gets winded and starts talking like a mental patient. It’s embarrassing to watch for all. The dnc has been measuring the two candidates likability among voters and that’s the real reason he’s still campaigning. This is the best candidate the democrats can come up with?? They deserve to be spanked in November. The dem party is officially done. 🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸

  6. Can someone please tell Bernie no one wants his creepy socailist policies and they arnt going to work due to you cant pay for them.

    Tell him that

  7. The Democrats should just forfeit the 2020 election now. They've already lost and don't realize it. Then again, why should we would point the error of their ways.

  8. Obviously WallStreet is tired of Trump. They want a new president, and they pick Biden. Ok. I will NOT vote for Biden on Nov.

  9. It seems that democrats run on two main things.
    They run on beating President Trump and they run on disarming law abiding Citizens.
    They don't run on what would do the best good for the American People.

  10. The fact that the Democrats pick these two proves they’re not capable of running this country. A communist/Marxist or a person with onset dementia who can’t handle “frustration” and gets mad very easily. Says a lot about the Democrat party!!!

  11. Fantastic news. Sanders is a dangerous man who wants sharia law in this country and gives Islamists a platform to push his agenda

  12. After October all Democrat maybe gone and someone is going to jail: fraud, pedophile, drug trafficking, children trafficking and human trafficking, weapon trafficking, other country (Ukraine smuggling and laundering money),tax fraud, murderer, etc. Some need to retired immediately. Mitt Romney lied about Ukraine his son involved, Joe Biden and his son Hunter, Nancy Pelosi and her son Paul, and one more. Democrat involved foreign borrow the loan.

  13. NO!He has to Convince his Supporters One more Time that ALL was Fair so support the Other JOE!Plus he gets more $$ for his Summer Camp!He Wears a Thong ya Know?Bernie at Weekends and Only for Millionaires and Billionaires!BEEn FOOLED AGAIN Bernie BROS!Hahaha!

  14. Biden…if you become president in 2020. What will be your first tweet to the nation on twitter. Biden…….huh……I did not hit her……I never laid a hand on her.
    Trump –20-20– landslide 🙂

  15. They should both drop out and Trump should put into law democrats are to be hunted down and killed on site. Going to be a wonderful site and make the world a better place

  16. Bernie needs to go away. Biden needs to go to the doctor… Trump 2020.🇺🇸Pocahontas Warren needs to go home too. It’s so sad how the left is NOT relevant to anyone with a brain.

  17. President Donald J TRUMP will TRASH and TOAST Sleepy Joe Biden.!! He is in a 1st stage Dementia. He should drop out because he will only be a PAWN🤣🤣😂😂.
    HAHAHA it does not matter, TRUMP 2020 LANDSLIDE in November 3,2020 with your Joe Biden DEMS NOMINEE..
    COULD have been better with SANDERS, at least American Millennials will see once and for all the difference between Capitalism vs. Socialism.


  19. Hey you Bernie supporters google “Jane Sanders Burlington College Demise”. Hopefully, Bernie is done; we don’t need any more corruption in the White House; and he is no exception to the rule. The thought of having Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane in the White House is enough to make me puke!

  20. Bernie needs to drop out and endorse Tulsi Gabbard! He can make the race interesting and at the same time screw the DNC. He is old, what does he have to lose.

  21. it is obvious that Joe Biden has initial state of Alzheimer's disease. If Joe Biden is elected, then the 29th Amendment will be invoked to get rid of Joe Biden. The VP of Joe Biden will be the next president

  22. Bernie Sanders put on the table many issues that politicians didn’t want to touch…. I think he wants more media to keep talking about what is better for us…

  23. Sanders is being pushed out because the democrats know that a very large percentage of democrats will not vote for socialism. Watch for their pick for Vice President. That’s who will be the president when joe commits suicide.

  24. The most interesting thing to discuss about all of this is how people say the word salad king's name.
    By Den
    By n
    Bidin' (like, your time)
    Smelly Joe
    Smelling Joe
    Quid Pro Joe
    I'm sorry, was there a serious discussion here? Or are you full of horseshit?
    Let's go outside. Let's do pushups. I'm gonna slap you.

  25. This is a socialist country. what is this guy talking about?? From the inception of the United States we've been giving people free land the government's been helping businesses, farmers, etc. The government gave Fox News to Rupert Murdoch he was bankrupt this is all socialism. The question is who the socialism works for Some people only want it to work for certain groups

  26. Today I learned a lot of States start with MI and all have primaries at the same time. This is like in school, when you sat next to the same letter person. Everything else I already knew.

  27. There are two things I like about Biden. He seems like a very nice person, and he got one heck of a good facelift before starting this race. But unfortunately, he’s aged too much. His speech is garbled, and he practically slept in the debates (except for the last one.)

  28. Sorry, Bernie bros….looks like you're stuck with your own college debt. You made your bed; you know what to do now.

  29. I think Biden should out, not Bernie.
    Biden's mental health make him unfit for office, it's actually sad to look at.

  30. When are all these dummies that vote for Bernie or Biden going to realize that nothing is for free. Trump is going to win in November by a landslide!! TRUMP 2020 and KEEP AMERICA Great!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  31. Biden and Sanders are fake campaigners. They just do what they were told to do by their handlers. That's it.

  32. there's no way that the dnc is going to let Bernie win the nomination, regardless how many votes he gets… and poor ole Joe can't find his way home….lol

  33. At the end of the day, Bernie will still have influence, he will still be our U.S. Senator, and he will still be doing what he does. All we have to do is continue supporting him and the people he supports, Omar, AoC, Nina Turner, and more. Get involved more and join more of his events, and others, and keep pushing. We made a huge dent in politics, and we have to continue.

  34. Someone needs to grill BIDEN about knowing that "GUN CONTROL SUPPOSED TO BE A DONE DEAL" “` and he BRAGGED ABOUT THAT JUST A FEW WEEKS BEFORE SANDY HOAX ! Eric Holder and OBAMA had been making PLANS AND PAYOFFS AT NEWTOWN FOR 3 years before they finally sprung their Communist PSYCH-OP ON AMERICA, to make Newtown a platform of anti- 2A invasion and RIGHTS, too !

  35. Now Joe leave your clothes on and don't scare the young girls off, and you don't need to be out in public so much, have a Corona.

  36. Yes he should! He should have never entered the race. Bernie Sanders belongs in a mental hospital or prison.

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