Biden defeats Sanders in Missouri and Mississippi, Fox News projects

Biden defeats Sanders in Missouri and Mississippi, Fox News projects


  1. When the guy with Alzheimer's disease is destroying you, it's time to reconsider being a communist slime running for President of the United States!

  2. I heard something on the radio the other day about Bernie doing horrible on super Tuesday because all the college aged Bernie supporters didnt turn out..

    Figures the lazy college kids don't want to put in the work. I thought it funny the people wanting freebies were too lazy to do anything about it like go out and vote for Bernie… Just more good news for Trump.

    Biden will be an easy victory for Trump but lets not get too cocky, you never know what BS may arise.

  3. Look at the amount of dislike ratios on anything to do with biden. Still have seen 0.0 support for biden on the ground. Bernie had massive crowds and supporters.. 3 a day. Dnc rigged the game while changing the rules playing it

  4. If Biden is the nominee Trump wins. Once Biden clips of Jill Biden saying his policies are not great, forgetting Obama's name, and confused about being in Vermont when he is in New Hampshire it is over.

  5. When people see all the clips of Biden attacking voters, not able to form coherent sentences, and telling tales like being involved in civil rights it's over.

  6. The Ballot counters are the DNC..wonder how biden won all those states last slooper you possibly pick a,winner between loser Joe and loser Bernie?

  7. Although i would not vote for Bernie i feel sorry for him because once again he is being played by the democrats. I don't think anyone really thinks Biden is capable, But i feel like they have a VP pick who will step up. And it is a very scarey thought.

  8. Biden is an establishment creature, ready to increase taxes, keep allowing companies to outsource jobs, work for an amnesty for illegal aliens, in simple words, keep screwing the American worker

  9. So they're going with the corrupt demented pedophile. That's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see how that works out for them.

  10. How many donkey tails does it take to get to the moon Joe? " I love children rubbing my hairy leg in the sun"

  11. Since I have a brain, Biden won the nomination before he even declared he was running. FOX NEWS: Catch up please!!

  12. Phew. So glad the Democrats fixed the polls for O’Biden. Now, I won’t have to hide my assets from “The Bern”.

  13. If I was a foreign leader looking at Democratic top contender "Joe", I would say it's not possible! That's Embarrassing to country! One thing is for certain, the Democrats will implode! Reason " stupidity "!

  14. People here can talk about what JOE don't know or can't remember, the people have spoken, and they want Joe. The DEMOCRATS want to defeat TRUMP, and the man is BIDEN. THE MORE DEVERCE the state is with people of color, BIDEN is the winner. BERNIE now has to decide does he continued on after Tuesday. BIDEN isn't HILLARY, DEMOCRATS will come out because of their HATE OF TRUMP, THIS HAS BEEN A TURN OUT EXPLOSION FOR SUPER TUESDAY 2. BIDEN now can make that call to BERNIE and show BERNIE SOME RESPECT and LOVE, and ask him to step down The DEMOCRATS don't want a REVOLUTION they want TRUMP OUT. BIDEN will need BERNIE'S network of young WHITE VOTERS to win in 2020. Now you know why TRUMP sent RUDY TO UKRAINE to get more DIRT ON BIDEN. REPUBLICANS can continue to talk about BIDEN'S GAFFES, DEMOCRATS DON'T CARE IF HE'S DEAD OR ALIVE, HE WILL BE THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT. GOD SAVE THE UNION.

  15. Keep your eye on who buys and picks for his vice presidential running mate.
    that's who will really be president in no time at all.
    Does the word Hillary sound like a possibility.
    She couldn't get elected but watch her get a pointed when Biden is found incompetent.
    Unable to perform his duties anybody heard of the 25th amendment

  16. Laura Ingraham show, Not all fear is bad, some fear is needed for self-preservation, there will always be those who go to extremes and fight over toilet paper, so what, why harp on about that? Trump theory of limited tests means he is convinced he is controlling the positive results, no tests, no corona virus positive results, more tests will be available in the coming weeks…… patient the corona virus isn’t going away any time soon.

  17. Maybe Bernie can run for mayor again…..of Moscow. Unless the goat ropers in Vermont want him back

  18. That's terrible I want to see Trump dismantle Bernie not Biden! If Biden wins it will like like Trump is trying to pick on altimers patients

  19. Those state are stupit voting for Biden what hell wrong with them they don’t health care or student loan cancelled 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏿🤦🏻

  20. Y'all going to need a gaggle of interpreters to shadow Joe if he survives. Where's the Half Billion Dollar man when you need one?

  21. The first time in history a Cadaver was likely to win a presidential nomination. The Deep State likes it that way though so they can do whatever they want.

  22. Hi I'm joe biden I have 500 million dollars for you if you make me president, now you've got 6 hours and if I dont hear from you I'm off and you will get no money you horse faced pony soldier hi imho biden I dont remember who I am

  23. It's amazing to know a blubbering buffoon with early stages of dementia can still beat a more (barely) coherent socialist politician. The is the greatest timeline.

  24. DO NOTHING DONTHECON do your job! Zero credibility, not prepared for covid19 and not protecting our elections. We are watching you ( the tRump administration ). Our Congress, President and VP should all be tested for covid19.

  25. I see a candidate being "sacrificed" by his party to "Face Save" on their "individual and collective" behalves" ; no one wants to lose to the President.

    That is why the "Infamous lady" also WON'T run."

  26. I see Rudi's *"Pet" planning a prolonged attack of "blissful" Amnesia AND her Astrally manipulated sisters, miss "ignorant" Alzeimera and, "confused" Dementia.

  27. Biden didn’t defeat anyone it’s just that nobody wants socialism dems would vote for a rock over Trump and the way things are going that might be preferable over crazy Biden

  28. My entire Republican Trump supporting family (and many friends) all voted for sleepy Joe in the primary. You gotta love it when a plan comes together♥️♥️♥️

  29. Can't keep his hands to himself around females Joe who can't remember if he's coming, going, or if he left already isn't ready for the White House, he's ready for ??? can't think of anything. LOL

  30. A candidate, who until recently was “doomed” and according to the data, would never have the votes to be the choice to run for the office of the presidency. Could it be it was before the DS made their decision? Did they decide Biden to be the most appropriate candidate to take orders for their own corrupt agenda? If Biden indeed is the one “placed” to run, it will be a great form of entertainment as Trump will devour him! Everyone should question the obvious; how did this miraculous turn around happen for someone who can’t remember his own name, had his corruption exposed, obvious problem with knowing others personal space boundaries and many other flaws….able to make such a come back??? What are the reasons of the “people”of the Democratic Party to change their choice? Was it the “people?”

  31. this is because Reps went out to vote for Biden, rather have him running against Trump! KAG!!! We love our President! No one wanted that crazed communist to stand a chance in the free world!!!

  32. Remember when the Democrats insisted Trump had mental issues and wanted him checked out! well we KNOW Biden does so Republicans en masse should insist Biden have a check by an unbiased doctor, considering the seriousness of the situation running for the highest office!! It's only fair to the American people!!!

  33. DNC can give Biden the nomination, but he will not be elected by the people in November. It's going to be a noisy summer…

  34. So what we knew this was going to happen! You people are the only ones this is news to! Your a day late and a dollar short

  35. From nowhere, Uncle Joe rises from the ashes in record time and offers an auto-generated email asking for campaign contributions. If only his staff had more awareness! It was definitely a pivotal moment. The retrospective will be epic to say the least. The Cascade of events is nonetheless difficult to deal with, but was always factored in as a possibility certain to happen. It will surely reset usage of the phrase 'Landslide Victory' and it's at least comforting to know that no human could possibly be blamed for seismic events. Buckle your seat-belts Dorothy <3 I can at least now see why some kids have a particular capacity for leadership and this will play a part moving forward 😉 Love to those with understanding and opportunity for those that don't. Not long to go now. Many of you can safely start dreaming of what kind of magic you're going to weave. I can't wait to see it…manifested <3

  36. Hairy legged semi see now Joe Biden you've been used like a pawn she's not my Bernie Sanders both doors elimination because Americans don't want a communist they don't want you either they're just using you your idiot. What is it India going to say to President Trump is going to make any sense coming out of your mouth Joe you don't have a record to to go by another words Joe Biden are just a Goof Troop

  37. Biden is a racist! Plus he is a woman hating bully. Like when he called that woman a dog face. How about all of the racist rants he has on tape. Its ok when Biden spouts racist crap and bullies women and talks bad about those of other ethnicity. But when trump does it, thats different.

  38. Well of course people would want a puppet instead of a communist. How would they control a communist?

  39. Isn't it funny how Biden is winning all the red states but get blown out in blue socialists states? Do the red states know that Biden is delusional? Probably.

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