Bhuvan Bam ke interests | Google app

Bhuvan Bam ke interests | Google app

Yesterday, my dad was boasting to Sharma ji, “Bhuvan is very popular.” Initially, I felt shy. But then I questioned myself. Does anyone really know me? Who am I? What are my interests? But then Sameer gave me hope and said “Knowing yourself is more important than the world knowing you.” and then he showed me Discover feed on my Google app. This has almost everything that interests me. So, the thing is…Mummy, Papa, Titu Mama, Master ji…they’re all a part of me. And each one has different interests. Sometimes, the Mummy in me…. “I’m just interested in knowing the gold rates.” And Titu Mama… “I just want cricket and pizza double cheese, all these serials and daily soaps, hide please.” Discover feed on my Google app has everything that interests me, that too without searching for it. Who knows, you might see videos of me in your Discover feed. After all, who isn’t interested in me? “How about you first fill the water bottles?”


  1. Bhai hum apka video dekhe aap talented ho mgr aap jo ganda words use karte ho usse bachon me kya effect padta hoga jara uske bare me socho..Bacho ko padai krne ka ek madhyam ban chuka hai youtube or uspar agar aapke jaise log istarah se abusing words use kroge to kya hoga…Thoda sochiyega or apna talents bina rough word use kiye dhikaiye apka behbani hoga

  2. So technically google tracks your Google searches, locations history, YouTube searches and practically every tap you make on your mobile screen to give you personalized feed and search results. Not sure how to react to that.

  3. This make no sense! I mean why Google needs advertising & shit when everybody have Google & everyone knows about it's features??

  4. Are bhai aapke videos sahi mein aate hai meri feed par😂😂😂😂😂😂loads of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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