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Right now we we are travelling from Bangalore to KualaLumpur which is in Malaysia it was an overnight flight of 4.5 hours it will take 3 hours more to reach Bali from Kuala Lumpur By the time we will reach Kuala Lumpur I will share some useful information related to the trip So the first and for most thing is to decide the right time to visit Bali Bali has tropical, warm and humid climate all year around there is no dedicated winter season as such There are just two seasons one is wet season And another is dry season Now If you are planning any mountain track in Bali.. then those areas will be little more cooler.. then that of the costal areas in-fact there will be more rain fall in mountain areas. in this season most of the tourist places remain crowded. In this season trip to Bali will cost you more than that of the other months. Bali’s intermediate season or you can say.. cheap and best season falls from.. Intermediate season is also a dry season just like peak season .. In this season you will also get amazing deals including your flights.. hotels and even on water sports and other adventurous activities. Also most of the places will be less crowded … compared to that of the peak season Now let me tell you about the Bali’s off season which is the wet season of Bali… which comes with rainfall & humidity Even October & March also don’t comes under off season Because in the both the months it just drizzle which also clears out easily I will highly recommend you to go through.. weather forecast or rain chart before doing your bookings.. to get the best experience. In Balinese culture there is a very important day.. which is called as Nyepi ,which is the day of silence. and everything remain close on this day. from airport, local transport as well as restaurants. Even it is asked to close the hotel room’s window. So make sure that you check the date of Nyepi in the calendar. or even if you are in Bali during Nyepi then make sure you do not plan any travelling outside activities So the next information is about the flights and visa we took our flight from Bangalore, which we booked almost three months in advance which costed us around 11000 INR per person.. for one way trip To fly from India to Bali you will.. get the cheapest flight from Chennai or Cochin From Chennai it will cost you around 9000 INR to 10000 INR per person. From cochin it will cost you around 8000 INR. if you are booking 3 months in advance. Visa and Immigration related some information I had already .. mentioned in my last video of my Bali series So you guys can check that out. Link of this video is there in the description box So for going Bali as tourist you only need a valid passport. with minimum 6 months of validity till the date of your return. If you are going to stay for less than 30 days in Bali then your visa will get exempted you also don’t have to pay any visa fee But only if you are staying as tourist in Bali I have listed down all the helpful links.. related to visa on my website, whose link is there in the description box. Now I will give you some immigration related information So the immigration process in India I had already shared in my first video. Bali’s immigration questions were also same as that of Bangalore. Just make sure to keep your return tickets proofs.. & accommodation related proofs handy. Also keep your complete journey boarding passes handy While arriving in Bali immigration queues are using very long. you have to keep lot of patience it took us almost 1.5 hours, to go through that process After immigration you just have to fill one form for the Customs After that there is no such process as such. you can take your language and enjoy. So finally we reached Kuala Lumpur Here as our flight got delayed.. our aircraft got changed due to which we got a free business class upgrade we actually enjoyed this business class upgrade alot now I am going to share our complete experience now our aircraft take off and now we are travelling to Bali we will land in Denpasar which is the capital city of Bali after few minutes from take off water and juices were served on our seats Even there is lot of variety in juices Here the seats were recliner seats Even the leg space was also too much as compared to economy. So there was extended foot rest and leg rest which was pretty good Now i will show you something very intresting .. which was this entertainment unit this digital screen comes our beneath the arm rest to handle this, there is a remote which was given in the side So the screen has both audio jack as well as usb connectivity remote gets fixed in the side of the seat we also got Panasonic headphones which were of average quality there were two charging ports just beneath the arm rest where you can charge any of your electronic device we also got this Malaysian news paper as complimentary Now I will show you you one more very intresting thing just beneath our corner arm rest ,we got this folded table it opens something like this on this table you can easily work on your laptop.. and food is also served on the same table Now our food is about to come .. for which air hostess had already placed the table cloth Before serving the food cabin crew will tell you the complete menu that even has lot of drinks option, both alcoholic as well as non alcoholic So in veg there were just 2 to 3 options only therefore we ordered chole masala & chapati and you can take juices unlimited time so we again ordered some orange and apple juice. we also ordered some fruits as we were surprise guests so there was shortage of cutleries and plates normally in business class food is always served in proper cutleries and plates If you are a non vegetarian.. then there will be lot of variety in food ..that it will cover your complete table So in this enjoyment we didn’t even realised, that when we reached Bali when we land in Bali.. Bali looks so beautiful from the sky in few minutes we are going to land then will see you soon in Bali To watch complete Bali Series ,subscribe to my channel also press the bell icon to get all the future notifications don’t forget to like this video and share this video with your .. friends and family who are planning to visit Bali

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