Bernie wins big in Nevada caucus

Bernie wins big in Nevada caucus


  1. The person who gets the most popular votes, doesn't always win.
    Trump didn't, but still managed to get into the White House!

  2. Unfortunately, the assembly, protest for all of the American people, guided by a well regulated militia has begun. It should be public in a few weeks… It is time for a wake up call to all politicians….America may need to go to Washington this summer and change the locks on OUR House. There should be a federal law against anyone running for any office within the U.S. to run as a socialist. The site isn't finished yet, it's not youtube, but you can pre-register, if you know the link, with the rest of the American people that are as well. The firewall I have paid for keeps all foreign I.P.'s out and reports hackers and attackers I.P.'s to the the DOJ. It just started. It is an assembly area. Not a chat, not a debate and not partisan. It is a support web site I built, paid for, filmed myself, own the copyrights to as an individual and is 100% non-monetary for the assembly of the American people "Just in case". Then after the dusts settles I am getting back to my life and try to get my kids back that Obama took from us all. No one else is helping me. I do not want anyone to be involved in order to keep the integrity just in case we have to peacefully remove everyone out of office. Additionally, I am the only one that they come after when it starts to build up. Trust me, I have everything to lose. Retirement, family, life. The DemonRats, not their brainwashed followers, are more evil than you could ever imagine. Just so you know, no matter what the Democrat party says about Sanders, they are the ones pulsating the Sanders win behind the scenes. I know, because I have friends I have served with in the military and DEA that are now working around these idiots. Everyone already knew one day this was going to happen. I just happen to be the one spearheading it. I have the time, a little money "retirement", knowledge and Patriotism to pull it together. I think good and evil and not necessarily liberal / Conservative. Sorry, if this is overwhelming. I can smell it coming….. Someone has to step up to the plate without a personal or political agenda. God, country and the American people ~ Salute!

  3. Bernies mouth slipper he said RICH they corrected himself ,,id love to hear his reversed speech on tape,,he said multi rich then then crrected himself and said multi cultural…

  4. I wonder whats going to happen when Bernie's supporters realize he can give them all the free crap he's promised them.
    I think there are a lot of people smoking a lot of weed in our country.

  5. BERNIE’s favorite countries, Norway and Sweden, have returned in a big way toward capitalism after facing bankruptcy. The lower your income you make and the more you need government help the greater your tax rate is in these countries. That should terrify the lowest 50 percent of lncome earners that pay no federal income tax in America. Sweden sets at an average of 57%

  6. Anybody who is unclear about what Bernie Sanders want to bring to America needs to read "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism" by Paul Kengor.

  7. Your wrong Bernie… There is a candidate that has more of a grassroots campaign than you. The Trump campaign and it isn't even close

  8. Democrats are in a poison pill situation. To get rid of Trump for a short 4 years they have to support a Communist. it won't matter because the people won't leave Trump for Bernie.

  9. Bernie will need to start talking about where the money will come from for his Socialist utopia when everyone in America stops paying taxes.

  10. The commies wins are infantismal in size compared t Trump. To compare think of Trump supporters as as many people the Rose Bowl holds. The communists supporters constitute what an average high school gym can hold people wise.

  11. Wow the first commie in the white house how can these americans that vote for him be allowed to do so this is america not russia if he wins we mest go to war with them it cannot happen

  12. Many Latinos for Bernie in Nevada 😈😱I guess we don't learn from our CRAP countries and government…SMART!!!

  13. Sanders wins. And the DNC takes away his win in 2016 and will do it again in 2020. Why are you still supporting the democrats Bait and switch Games which ignores and nullifies your votes? They did it in 2016 and will do it again in 2020. Why do you think they changed the rules to let Bloomberg in on the Debates? He is not even on the Caucus ballots to vote for.

  14. We need to pump the brakes on Bernie- mania. There was like 50,000 total votes in the Nevada Caucus. There are 3 million people in Nevada……..guess who the rest are voting for lol

  15. Bernie looked worn out and not well the day after Nevada. It is really disgusting that American citizens are supporting socialist communists. Every candidate is so radical and detached from reality it's pathetic.


  17. Why does it seem as though none of this matters? I just voted Trump amongst all the loser Bloomberg ads and other Democrat ads being pushed by traitorous fox. Even with fox becoming more like CNN with each day, the true republic will always win over socialist dems and traitorous faux news

  18. It just shows you how far the democrats have fallen, when the Lunatic Left backs a socialist to run (ruin) a capitalist nation. Pathetic.

  19. bernie look out the democrats party don't want you in office, how many people passed away supposedly self inflicted and don't go to Dallas Texas.

  20. Trump and his buddies made millions lobbying for government handouts. Now he’s pardoning the swamp and they’re stuffing their pockets with as much if your tax $$$ as they can before their wet dream ends in November. Should have impeached and removed when we had a chance

  21. We don’t want open borders and we don’t want to be like Russia sorry Bernie you will not beat trump real Americans will come out and vote.

  22. "Keeps on keeping on" That is like when someone says" I do do this".Any other languages that do that because so far the ones I am studying don't do that?

  23. Its funny he won big? There were only about 100 people that I seen. You can offer a free chicken hotdog and more people will show up.

  24. Look at the people at Sanders rallies. They even look like lazy losers. Get up off your butt and get a job and pay your own way you sniveling spoiled brats.

  25. Finally an anti corruption anti establishment politician a perfect replacement for Trump. Bernie will actually drain the swamp.

  26. What do you expect. It was a (Socialist Communist Party Debate)…. Sanders is just a little more Communist than the rest. And Russia is helping him.

  27. Berney Sanders ask Russia not to interfere in our election. Have the Nevada Votes been verified as correct and was there any out side access to the Nevada election computer network?

  28. it's not about political party anymore. its about everyone wanting to elect someone who's clearly not in it for bad reasons like joe biden or clinton or bloomberg. everyone knows bloomberg is disconnected from reality which is why he spent hundreds of millions to get bullied harder than a 6th grade male cheerleader lmao

  29. All those people lined up for handouts, freebies, and college debt repayment courtesy of the people who work for a living.

  30. GO GO GO BERNIE!!! YIPPEE!!! YOU’RE GOING TO BE AMAZING!!! . . . . . at destroying any 2020 democratic presidential hopes with your socialist fairytale policies that’ll cost countless trillions of dollars.

  31. Bernie is looking very very red. Sunburn or medication or circulatory issues? Would stink if he checks out before winning the democratic primary.

  32. This too shall pass. Young people will give up soon. This is too much like work. They will figure it out. They are making him rich.

  33. I have said Dummycrats had shot their wad they are finished for good America is had up with these fools keep in mind the worst Democrat has beaten the so called best because BRAINY Bernie isint a Democrat Hahahahahahaha

  34. Joe Biden, Bernie Sender and Warren; all these old liberals, outdated and without stamina with heavy baggage on their shoulders have very little chance of winning against the con artist with extremely rightist supporters in the coming election. Bernie had crushed Hillary's image raising many useless charges and arguments, reducing her chances to win the election but helped the Phony man to win it. Bernie, Biden and Warren are involved in character assassination right now and fighting like school kids on TV screens, they need not be in the field so long. Democrats and independent voters like me like young, experienced, and centrist Democratic nominee to defeat the Casino king. Others are not capable to stand still in Trump’s verbal abuse and character assassinations ELECTION WAR. Democratic Party has responsibility to think seriously before the time is running out. Yes, Dem need a strong viable, centrist candidate to defeat the thug or he will sure become our uncrowned King for another 4 years keeping us to cry so long. Keep in mind, he has appointed 2 conservative yes men in the SC, and may appoint other 2 making the SC fully conservative Court for years to come. Democrats have only one window open; call Hillary Clinton; she only can defeat this gang leader, no one else.

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