‘Bad Moms’ Star Mila Kunis Talks Motherhood, Marriage & More | TODAY

‘Bad Moms’ Star Mila Kunis Talks Motherhood, Marriage & More | TODAY

– “Party like a mother,”
that’s the tagline for the new movie, “Bad Moms.” – Mila Kunis stars as a working mom with a seemingly perfect
life, but she stresses of juggling it all, having finally pushed her to the breaking point. So let’s check this out. I had a really long day. I have been bruised and burned. I screwed up my daughter’s
first day at soccer and I hand-searched my
son’s poo for a pen cap. And three hours ago, I may or may not have
committed a felony hit and run. I quit. – So there.
– Yes. – So there! – Momhood is such a rich
area for comedy, right? I mean, just the idea of
being a mom because, as a mom, you’re expected to do – Everything. – and anything and
everything at all times. – Yeah.
– This movie just sort of turns that all upside down. – Yeah, I think so many
times you see moms in films and they’re put up on a pedestal. And they’re always
perfect, and they’re great. Or they’re overly exhausted
and life is awful. And I think this kind of pokes fun – Does this come from, any of
it, from your own experiences, your own life as a mom? Did you pull from that? – Yeah, so much of it. I
mean, this is the only movie that I’ve done in between
baby one and baby two. So I’ve changed my work
schedule a little bit. – Yes.
– But yeah, I think that when I got pregnant with Wyatt, I put so much pressure
on myself to figure out how am I gonna balance work and life. And I realize it’s
impossible and I think that it literally ate me alive. No one put the pressure on me, I just did it fully to myself, and I think that this
character is the same way. And so I related to that. Cooking. Yes, I do the cleaning. – You said everything I’ve
ever felt about being a mom, but couldn’t say.
– There’s so many rules now. – Don’t punish your kids.
– Don’t say no to your kids. – To bad moms.
– Oh, I’m in. – To bad moms! – Yes! – Wendy. – The movie is hilarious. Congratulations. And I have to say, should we
do a cheers to “Bad Moms?” Let’s just start it off. Why not? Why not? – Are those store-bought
doughnut holes, Amy? – Um…
– I am going to destroy you. – Did you ever have a moment, pregnant, when you had a child that you thought, “I’m just not gonna be very good at this.” What was the moment where you thought, “Yeah, I’m not gonna work at this?” – When you’re in the car the
first time with the newborn in the car seat.
– And driving 20 miles an hour home.
– Is that a real a thing? Do you really drive that slowly? – Yes.
– Yeah. – I sat in the backseat with
him because, just in case, I was like, “What if like, the car jerks ’cause they’re so little.” – I can’t believe I’m gonna be late for my first soccer practice. – I’m sorry, OK. I’m trying. – Well try harder, dude.
– Good job! Good boy! – In the movie, you guys are
a little bit overstressed, a little overworked,
overrun, like most real moms. So in real life, what do you
do, for a mommy time-out? – I actually like to work
out and it’s probably the only time that I
have a moment yo myself. – She has to work out.
– No, no, no, not because of that, but
because it’s the only time that I have a moment to
myself for twice a week. I do pilates. It’s not like
I’m like running marathons. Twice a week, I do pilates,
and there’s something to me
– It shows, girl. – Oh my God, it’s just so
quiet. It’s just quiet. It’s just, it’s just quiet, that’s all I – Are you guys visiting? – No, we live here. I’m an
Austrian man named Mr. Yang. Go. – OK, we’re gonna end with a game: “How Well Do You Know Each Other? How Well Do You Know Yourself?” – Oh boy.
– Who’s most likely to have the most creative spy name? – You would come up with it.
– No. – What?
– Yours, ohh! – You would.
– Oh, oh I gave it to you. – What would it be?
– Well, I don’t know. It would be like Banana Hammock
Something. I don’t know. – Who’s most likely to have
one too many glasses of wine? Jump out of a plane? Who’s most likely to be caught
red-handed eating junk food? – I eat street food, like I’m all about – I eat street food.
– Yum. – Oh, I’ll eat 10 Samosas, but
I’m not gonna eat a Twizzler. – Oh, I’ll sometimes have a Twizzler. – Who’s most likely to
laugh at the wrong moment? – Unanimous.
– OK, fair. – That happens?
– All the time. – OK, Drew said that if we
don’t deliver this package, a lot of people are gonna die. What if we don’t do it
and then there’s like a terrorist attack or something? – Well, what did he say to do? – We have to get it to a cafe in Vienna. – Austria, Vienna?
– Yes, that’s what he said. – OK, well, why don’t we do that then? – Do what? Go to Europe
when a bunch of people are trying to kill us? – Do you want to die having
never been to Europe? Or do you want to go to Europe and die having been to Europe? – Why are those my only two options? – By the way, this looks hilarious. Hi!
– Hi. – Are you two besties
’cause it seems like … I know that you didn’t know
each other before the movie, but there’s a clear situation happening. – Yeah, we fell in love.
– Did you? – It was pretty instant. We got very lucky. You don’t know what’s
gonna happen and sometimes you get put in these
positions where you’re like, I just wish that we just
get along and that’s like, best case scenario.
– Yeah. – And we actually fell in love. So it was wonderful. – And when you signed on to the movie, you had obviously heard of Kate McKinnon, but you guys have not ever
worked together – had you met? – No, I signed on because
I was a fan of hers. So I wanted to work with her
and I was like, “You know what, I’ll do it. I think she’s
awesome and super talented.” And then we met at the table
read, we seemingly got along. And then, first day of production,
we became best friends. – Did you guys just laugh all the time? I just picture you two. – Yeah, we laughed non-stop.
Kate does have a fake laugh and I’ve said this before. There’s a fake Kate McKinnon laugh. – What is it? Give it to me! Show me. – I can’t. I can’t reenact
it, but there’s two laughs. So from now on, when you
interview her, you’ll notice, there’s two separate laughs.
One’s a genuine laugh and one’s like, “I’m laughing
’cause I’m supposed to.” And I learned this very
early on and I was like, “Oh hell no, Kate.”
– No. – No, I don’t want your fake laugh. And so my goal was to always
make her genuinely laugh. And so I could tell when
I made her break for real and when I made her not. – At 34, Kunis is one
of the most successful and highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. And with husband Ashton
Kutcher, forms a power couple that is a magnet for the tabloids. Kunis’ latest movie is the action comedy, “The Spy Who Dumped Me.” – We just wanna talk about your boyfriend. – But he dumped me.
– Drew, CIA. – I’m sorry, what? – Some bad people are after
me. Now they’re after you. – But it almost didn’t happen for her. – I initially passed. My husband and I made an
agreement a long time ago that we would never separate the family. I said, “No,” and it was actually
my husband that was like, “I think you should really do it.” – Do you wanna die having
never been to Europe? Or do you want to go to Europe and die having been to Europe? – Why are those my only two options? – Audrey is like your
average 29, 30-year-old girl who’s trying to figure out her life. This guy that she kinda
thought that she knew, that she was in love
with, broke up with her. Come to find out – spoiler
alert – he’s a spy! And she gets taken on
this whirlwind adventure in Europe with her best friend,
played by Kate McKinnon. So it’s like a really cool
story about friendship. It’s a story about love and lots of things explode around you.


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  2. I love Mila Kunis, she is one of my favorite actress. Love the movie bad mom. Please suscribe

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