AUDIO COMPARISON: Google Nest Mini vs. Google Home Mini – Which sounds better in your smart home?

AUDIO COMPARISON: Google Nest Mini vs. Google Home Mini – Which sounds better in your smart home?

This here is the new Google Nest Mini, which
is basically the second-generation Google Home Mini but with updated branding as well
as upgraded insides. It looks and feels pretty much the same as this, the original Google
Home Mini but one of the key differences Google is pushing is the improved sound quality from
the bigger, better speaker inside which they claim produces twice the bass and sounds “bigger
and better than ever”. So in this video, we’ll be doing a side-by-side comparison
using a professional, high quality microphone in a controlled studio environment, to listen
to the difference in sound! Hi! Welcome back to another Switched on Network
video, I’m @paulfp and this channel covers technology, gadgets and the Internet so if
you’re new around here please think about subscribing! So for this test I’ll be placing both Minis
side by side with acoustic foam panels surrounding them. I’m recording audio with a RODE NTG-1
shotgun microphone boomed overhead, at an equal distance from both speakers. This is
a fantastic high quality microphone by the way and I can’t recommend it enough; there’s
an affiliate link in the video description, so if you’re in the market for a good shotgun
microphone for your productions, using that link will help support this channel. The RODE microphone is recording straight
into my camera, which is a Sony HXR-NX80 and the audio levels will be set to manual – NOT
auto! – and, of course, set at the same level for each test. I’m not doing any audio processing
at all on the audio for that part of the video, and the export from Premiere Pro won’t do
any Loudness normalisation. Obviously YouTube will do its own thing too, so I’ve uploaded
the original, untouched WAV files to Patreon so if you’re a Patron, you can download
these and have a listen – the link’s in the video description. I’m going to play the same track from Google
Play Music on each speaker, without telling you which one you’re listening to – I’ll
call them A and B. Grab your headphones and have a listen, then write in the comments
section which you preferred the sound of, if you could tell the difference, that is,
and why. Don’t prejudice yourself by reading any other comments first, just listen and
then type in what you think! For the first test I’ve chosen “Losing
Sleep” by Venus Demilo – it starts with gentle guitar, then vocals come in and then
at about the 50 second mark, the whole band joins in and we hear more bass and drums,
so we’ll want to be able to pick out the clear, deep bass notes and the individual
thuds from the drummer’s bass drum. Next up, one of my favourite pieces of music,
the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky! It’s 16 and a half minutes long so I’m obviously
not going to play the whole thing twice. Let’s listen to the very start where we it opens
with the strings…. To my ears, stood here in the studio creating
this video… I have to say my favourite was…… the new one! I think the sound had much more
clarity and richness to it, and the lower bass tones were clean and powerful – it made
the old one sound tinny in comparison. Let me know if you agree with me and what
your thoughts are! If you’ve enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up, subscribe
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and I’ll see you in the next one!


  1. "B" sounds way better to me listening on Sony Bluetooth headphones. Much fuller, more bass, and better balanced. What were the bass and treble set to on each device?

  2. I think each have pros and cons. On my headphones, A sounds better for highs, with almost no low to speak of, and B sounds better at the lows, but seems to do much worse with the highs.

  3. "A" sounds more clear on high and mid tones while "B" is better on bass. I would choose "A" honestly becuase I prefer a clear sound with less bass (that I could get higher from the app anyway).

  4. Damn, I was only expecting marginally better audio after that intro, but it is night and day difference. B is by far better, I’m using Powerbeats3.

  5. B def' has it's bass where it does lack a little high,though you did say the equ' settings were set at zero so playin' around with those will change sounds to ones liking.Great presentation!

  6. Kudo's for your professional approach with the 'anechoic chamber' and the presentation in the vid! Just keep in mind that the google home mini /nest mini leans/benefits from side reflection rather than reflection (hard surface) from the bottom; As far as I can tel from the teardown vids, the higher frequencies are deflected in a 360 degree patern around the pod. (higher frequencies have a more directive nature than lower tones). All and all the B sounds better judged from the vids. Wonder if it is an adjustment of the DSP or if it uses a different speaker/chamber.

  7. Damnit lol i just ordered last week my google home mini off of spotify ( it was free for spotify ) of course indidnt know about thebnew gen ones bsuprised they are priced at the same value of 50

  8. This would be more useful without the acoustic foam.
    The foam mainly dampens the mid frequency reflections.
    Meaning the high end and bass will become more pronounced in a recording like this.

  9. While watching I was thinking "A is the new google nest and B is the older one" And I liked the sound of A more, lol 🙂

  10. B has more bass and sounds less boxy. I own the old mini and am not going to upgrade since I have good computer speakers and don't listen to music through the mini very often. The most important thing is that the robo-voice on the old mini is intelligible enough. I read about some other improvments beside the sound quality but, again, not enough to buy one.

  11. I really thought that A sounded better of course but it obvious that the newest versions will always sound better.. lol

  12. I would totally get the nest and boost the treble. Most compelling reason for me to get it however, is the option to stereo pair the nest minis.

  13. Honestly A sounds better on my TV speakers.
    Anyway I think 2 of these would actually sound better than a 100-150$ 2.0 soundbar

  14. Listening on my AirPods Pro, “A” sounded significantly louder with better treble but, missing bass, while “B” sounded softer with noticeably better bass and flat treble. I preferred “B”

  15. Going with A, thank you, also with the headphones it was obviously where is nest, my left earplug was just louder lol. The nest sound like the speaker is underwater or something, just my own opinion.

  16. My all-round choice is "B". Even though it sounds compressed which flattens out the treble, it will still sound consistent at higher volumes. The bass sounds really tight and punchy as well, which I love. "A" is a fair bit tinny.

  17. hmmm your Video Says your Have 212,015 Subs But your Have 4,11K A Copy YouTube Account This is a Youtuber How Copy's Video's…. I Dislike

  18. The Google nest actually has twice the bass than Google home mini. I'd say for a person like me that likes more bass with their music the Google nest would be the option.

  19. OK. B is definitely the better one… Actually took me a while to tell… As the basiness kinda made it sound a little muffled.. But then with the classical, A just sounded echoey and no where near as Full as B. That's my guess anyway. Thank you for the decent video!!

  20. Not seeing the result yet I liked B the most. B seemed to have more lows but did get a little messy in the mid. B seemed to have lack highs and overall volume but it was the best balanced. A had next to no lows but the highs and mods were more pronounced and the volume sounded louder (probably because of the highs). I didn’t like A that much because it sounded too thin.

  21. 1: B
    2: B
    I prefered B because it was "B"etter smoother and softer than A but a was very loud tho and that kind of made "A"nnoying

  22. A was little on the higher side which kinda hurts my ear but it was balanced whereas B is low, and smoothen my ears but really giving boxy sound

  23. Thanks for this comparison.. without starting a brand war, here is my impression after having used the Mini 1 the Mini 2 , the Google Home Speaker (mid sized one) , and the HomePod.

    Mini Gen 1: little bass, clear mids and highs, however as you raise the volume the sound becomes shrill and hard to tolerate. Listening on 50% volume seems to be the sweet spot.
    Mini Gen 2: much more bass, but mids and highs are drowned out and not as clear. For listening to vocals/podcasts, it's muffled.
    Google Home Speaker: very deep/loud bass, a little better on the mids and highs when compared to the Mini Gen 2, but still has issues with BALANCING the sound, so it's either too much bass or too little bass, mids and highs still being weak and drowned out either way.
    Apple HomePod is extremely well balanced, you never feel too much bass or too much treble. Not sure if it adjusts to the input frequencies but it just seems always balanced.
    Yes I played with the equalizer settings int eh Google Home apps (bass/treble sliders) but my above observations still the same.
    Yes I know the HomePod is 300 bucks vs the cheaper and smaller Minis and Medium Home speaker… but if the speaker is constantly producing annoying unbalanced sound then any price is to too much to have paid.
    No, I have not heard nor tried the Google Home MAX… from reviews it seems to be on par with the HomePod, would love to compare them one day.
    Google needs to not just increase Bass but to balance the sound.

  24. 10:01 – you utter, utter twat. What could have easily been achieved in 3 minutes, you deliberately stretched out to over 10 minutes just for the ad revenue. Great way to treat your viewers, thanks for the absolute waste of time.

  25. A – feels like B is underwater at some points by comparison.

    I feel like it's a black and blue v white and gold – Yanny thing all over again!! Maybe it's my headphones. Will connect to a speaker instead!

  26. Thank you for this excellent demonstration of the performances of both Google Nest Mini and Google Home Mini. One can really appreciate, from your contribution, the range of sound quality variation between the Nest and the Mini; and there is clearly a real difference!

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