#AskGaryVee Episode 187: Communication Between Co-Founders & Understanding My Business Competition

#AskGaryVee Episode 187: Communication Between Co-Founders & Understanding My Business Competition

– On this episode, I’m a
little under the weather but it made me thoughtful. (upbeat music) ♫ Gary Vee ♫ You ask questions ♫ And I answer them ♫ This is the #AskGaryVee Show ♫ What’s up everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk, and this is Episode 187
of the #AskGaryVee Show. I’ve been a little bit under the weather. Mike, Mike the trainer, got me sick. Said he had a migraine,
and next day he was like full flu-d out and I was like, “What?” and then like, the thing
in the throat and (sniffs). India, do you ever get of getting sick? – No, stay away from me. No, I’m not, I refuse to believe it. – I think it’s mental. I’ve told everybody I
refuse to get sick so, – Not getting sick. – I’ve been fighting it off mentally. And so India, let’s get into this show.
– Let’s get into it. – [India] Show, show.
– Show. – A week from the book. Can we get a book? Can we get a book here? Alright, India, there we go. (laughs) That was a good inside joke. A week away from the book, which I’m super excited about and thank you all so much for your support and and so, here it is, it’s very exciting. My Dad is super pumped. He’s in it but he’s like, his
hair’s flopping in the wind and he’s super sad about it.
– [India] Oh yeah. – So, Dad, too bad.
– [India] (laughs) – And, oh Alex, what’ya got Alex? – Nothin’. – What are you doin’? – We need some book signed. – Well, let’s do it, right
here in the middle of the show. Let’s do it while I talk about the book. Was talking about
the books anyway so. – All the books. – Jesus Christ. – These are just
regular Hancocks. We need a marker, don’t we. – Yeah, you gotta set me up. Anyway, this will be a great time to throw my right hook. So many of you have
supported me on Super 8 and I thank you so much but
it would mean a lot to me, a big spike the week
before on Amazon is quite important actually
for how they order more and how they promote. So, if you were
considering to buy the book at any point, in any way,
or any shape or form, one, two, three, 700, this would be an
amazing time to do so. It would mean the world to me. Jesus Christ, look at the
difference in thickness between
– [Alex] That is crazy. – This is nuts.
– [Alex] That’s crazy. – Holy crap.
– [Alex] (laughs) – That’s, how thin
“Crush It!” is? – [Alex] I don’t remember
it being this small. – It feels so small, I
mean “#AskGaryVee” is a beast. I, wow, I’m pumped, I can write the next
book in like, one day. Like, you know like, no
wonder the audio took one day with “Crush It!”, and six years
with “#AskGaryVee”. So, thank you guys so much. I appreciate all the support. It’s obviously been
a lot of book talk. That’s coming to an
end sooner than later so we’re back to
our regularly scheduled two years of jabbing, minimum, and that’s that. Notice how there’s never “Thank
You”, f…ing, “Economy”. It pisses me off so bad. It’s my best book.
– [India] Yes it is amazing. – It’s literally, I feel like “Thank You Economy”
is my sister. My sister’s the best but
we never talk about her. She’s in the middle.
(laughter) Liz, I think you are
the “Thank You Economy”. Yes, my wife and sister’s
name is the same. So, that’s that. DailyVee is rock and rolling. If you haven’t checked
it out, Staphon, throw it up right here. Episode 18 was posted today. It’s a good one. DRock is in the middle of 19 right now. Who’s this go to? – [Alex] Sandy, Chef’s mother. – Okay, Sandy?
– [Alex] Yeah. – Like, S A N D Y?
– [Alex] Yep. – Okay. – [Alex] And then her father, Jorge, she wants something more like, – J O R G E?
– [Alex] yep. – Sorry for the boredom. Done, cool. AJ. – Hello. – Hey. – Can I get you for a minute? – Yeah, we’re in the middle
of the #AskGaryVee Show. – Oh, you’re filming right now? – Right now. – Cool, I should
definitely not talk to you about that talk now. – Okay, cool. – It looked like
you were not filming. – I know, I know you got caught
off-guard by the signing. – Okay, I got caught.
I got caught. When are you done? – Yeah, soon. – Keep all this footage. – We do, (laughs) don’t worry. Cool, India, let’s get in the show. Anyway, it would mean the world to me. Link up, anything you can link up. If you can link up in YouTube
direct to Amazon, do it. Put it in the copy of
Amazon, and Facebook. Right now is the time to buy the book, if you’re debating it at all. One, two, three, four, five, six copies. Please, it would mean the world to me. Today is a big day. And leave a comment, I’m actually gonna drive back from Connecticut tonight. You should probably have this
up in like three, four hours? – [Staphon] Yeah. – Please, leave a comment, if you did, with the number, you just
can leave the number. Three, one, seven, four. I wanna, on the way home, I’m gonna reply and thank you one-by-one. That’s how important
it is for me today. India, in YouTube and Facebook. – [India] Ben. – Ben? We’ll get into– – I thought it was Ben Benrubi ’cause it looked like– – Oh my God, it does
look like Ben Benrubi. – But it’s not. – And his name’s Ben?
– [India] Yep. – Hey Gary Vee, I just wanted
to find out how you scaled VaynerMedia so quickly? Do you do joint ventures
or partnerships? What strategies
allowed you to scale? – So quickly. (laughs) – You know, I think the
number one, overarching thing with me is that I’m, you
know, in a place where I’m a top-line revenue driver, right? Because I’m able to drive sales
and was able to get clients, you know, a funny thing happens. Money solves a lot
of business problems. By having money
continue to come in, I’m able to overinvest
and so right now, most of our organization
(sniffs), you know, is not actually at capacity. You know, we talk a lot about
capacity here at VaynerMedia. We probably have
20% more capacity meaning people can be on more
accounts and we can get paid for it and
most agencies would drive that down to even-stephen, even sometimes
under-capacity to drive profit. I, on the other hand, really
because of my ability to sell. That’s what it is. Because of my ability to
sell, am able to drive growth at such a rapid pace. Parallel that with HR
capabilities and actually caring about people
and scaling HR and be an HR-driven CEO, you have the two combinations
for hyper-growth companies. One that cares about its people and one that’s
able to make money. It’s really not complicated. And then the third variable of one that’s not being built to sell. So, I’m not worried
about my margin because when you sell your company, you’re often not looked
upon at your revenue, you’re looked upon how
much money you’re making. People are paying you
on a multiple on that. Because I’m not
worried about that, I’m able to pour
more dollars into people, into culture, into
being on the offensive, to opening up London. If those were things that, if I was trying to
sell this company, I wouldn’t open up London, I wouldn’t have
20% extra capacity. I’d be trying to organize it
and orchestrate it to a sale. And so I think it’s
a mentality and then I think it’s the capabilities
of me on the CEO level on Sales and HR. – [Voiceover] Jered asks,
“You mentioned “publicly documenting
one’s journey, “but isn’t advertising
inexperience hurtful “when seeking paying clients?” – Confused, one more time. – [India] So like, you probably
document your journey– – I said the other day,
in DailyVee it would’ve been cool
to see Vera Wang or it would’ve been
cool to see me starting Wine Library, right? – [India] Exactly,
but isn’t that hurtful if you’re trying to
seek clients who want to pay you because
you have experience? Like say you were in advertising and you don’t
have experience like– – Yes, Jered, you should not
be paid for faking the funk. You should not be
a 20-year old life coach telling people how
to live their lives because you’re
just starting yours. You should not be paid
as an advertising expert if you’re not
an advertising expert. I mean, unless I’m wrong
here, and I don’t think I am, it seems like Jered is
talking about the classic, Fake It Till You Make It, which
so many people get away with and you’re more
than welcome, Jered, if that’s what you’re saying. Maybe, maybe you’re not. But I’m gonna use
it as an opportunity to talk to everybody right now. Yes, I think that
telling the truth exposes the things you
want to lie about. Yes I do. (laughs) Yep. – [India] From Bobby.
– Bobby. – He noticed that you wanted
a video from Mount Rushmore so he had to improvize. – Oh he improvized, I thought about it. – Hi Gary, it’s Bobby here. If you were selling custom
animated Instagram videos for companies, how specifically
would you find buyers today, given that it’s not something
that the majority of companies are jumping on just yet? Thank you. – I would do exactly
what you’re doing, Bobby. You hustled your way into
the #AskGaryVee Show. This was just shown. A lot of people are
gonna now know about you. Let’s throw up
Bobby’s Instagram handle if we can figure
that out, can we? Right here. I just gave you
six or seven leads. I would highly recommend
that you do it for a very low price
for the VaynerNation because one of the
things that people do when they’re selling
something that’s the future is they overprice their service. You need case studies, you
need it out in the wild and so, instead of whatever
you’re charging for them, if you cut that by, you
know, three-fourths, and give the VaynerNation
a good deal on it, they’re gonna post
it on their Instagram, that’s gonna lead
to awareness on you. And so, couple of things. One, growth hacking, hustling,
exactly what you did here. The other thing is, I would
go to a lot of the accounts that you’re seeing on Instagram, that have a lot of followers. I would search hashtags. I would use Explore. I would go to their account, let’s get right into details. I don’t know if you’re gonna
be able to see this but, let’s get real
practitioner today. I would go into,
you know, Instagram. I would go into Explore,
I would Refresh. So, I’m in my Explore. I would look at
the different accounts. There’s a golf picture,
looks nice, Scottish Golf podcast, right. 5000 followers. It’s a Scottish Golf Podcast. I would say, “Cool, I can
do animations around Golf.” And so, I would look now, they put their Snapchat account,
they don’t put their Gmail. Most people do put their
Gmail and that would have led me to emailing
them and saying, “Hey, I saw your Scottish Golf
Podcast Instagram account. “Here’s my animated things,
I’d like to get some exposure. “I normally charge
300 bucks for it but “because you’re one
of the first people, “I’ll give it to you for
30 bucks or maybe free, “and you can post
it on your account.” Now, because there’s
no email here, the only URL is their podcast,
so I’m hitting, Yes, here. Now I’m going to their
dot com and my hope is, here I will find their
email so I can contact them. I’m going all the
way to the bottom ’cause it’s where
it tends to be, and I do not see it. Now, I see their Twitter, so
I’m gonna click the Twitter and now I’m on here. So I’d probably reply to
them on there and say, “Hey”. (shutter click) So, I’m just doing that
’cause it’s funny but that’s what I would do. I would grind. When people don’t remember
(shutter click) and what I don’t talk enough
about with Wine Library TV is that nobody watched
the goddamn show. And so what I just
did on Social Media I used to do on the Internet. I used to search
the word, wine, and go 40, 50, 60 pages deep
in Google results. You know, 400,
500, 600 results deep. Click every link, find
a blog, find their email and email them and ask them
if they wanted to biz dev, if they wanted an interview,
if they wanted my content. If I could bring them
value to give me exposure. These were sites
that nobody was, 30 people, 40 people, 60 people. And I hustled and
I hustled and I hustled and I hustled and I hustled. And so, that’s what you can do. You can do what
you just did with me. You can go through a
rabbit hole on Instagram that I wish I had when I
started Wine Library TV. And you put in the work to
biz dev one by one by one from the Scottish Golf
Podcast to the India Art Producing Instagram to whatever you do and so that’s what
I highly recommend. It’s the grind on the biz
dev hustle that matters. – [Voiceover] James asks,
“How would you deal with “a cofounder who isn’t
as ambitious as you?” – I’d break up with them. I think that if you
have a cofounder that’s not as
ambitious as you are, you’re leaning to
an inevitable breakup and I would try
to cut it earlier so that feelings aren’t as deep. It’s easier to break up with
somebody after three weeks than it is after three months than it is after
three years, right? And so there’s less baggage. Now, the cofounder may be so
talented and brings you value that maybe you don’t have
to judge them on ambition. But I would say that when
you and your cofounder are not aligned, you’re headed towards a negative and so, I would
communicate first. I’m giving you the finish line
but what I would start with is I’d be like, “Hey India,
can we have a coffee?” – Sure, yeah. – So, listen, I really think
– [India] (laughs) – that I have bigger
ambitions for this business than you do and I’d like
to talk to you about that. – That’s probably true. – Yeah, it’s definitely true.
– [India] (laughs) – And so, I think you
have that conversation. One of the things
that it’s led to, and I’ve given
this advice a lot, is that India and I who
started off at 50/50, India recognizes that and
sees that I’m putting in 18 hours a day and
she’s putting in seven. And she may say, “You know what, “I still want to
ride that train. “I believe in us, I can’t do
that, I’m not as ambitious, “I don’t have as much
energy, I don’t want to, “I have things at home
that I want to do, “dah dah dah dah dah. “Maybe I should give
you back and now, you have 70% and I have 30.” And so really, there’s
always a deal to be had. If the deal ends
up being 100/zero ’cause I don’t value India,
even at 30, or even at 20, or even at 10, or even at zero, well then you have to break up. But everything in life,
every relationship, you know, boss and employee,
boyfriend and girlfriend, partners in business,
cousins, Mom and Dad, every relationship on Earth
is predicated on communication and you have to have the backbone to step up and
actually have that conversation and have it in
a truthful manner. And it’s super scary
and a lot of people are intimidated by it. And I’m not, it took me a
long time to get good at it. I still don’t always
get great at it but, it is the only answer
to this question. It’s about having the
conversation and seeing where the things fall
because a lot of times, the other person doesn’t
want you to bring it up. They may, you know,
recognize it. Sometimes they
don’t even recognize it. Some people are blind
and lack self-awareness. So, you need to make
sure you’re connected in whatever that arrangement is. – [India] Now’s one from Sarah. – Sarah. Looks like Rebecca a little bit. – Hey Gary Vee, I wanna
ask you a question about competition.
– Yes, I love competition. – A lot of solopeneurs
are advised that don’t look at the competition
because it can drain you and make you
second-guess yourself and everything like that
but I, you know, through my business
that is and things like that I’ve realized that,
or I’ve been taught that you can’t operate
in a silo, you know. Your landscape, you
have to keep your eye on the landscape of your industry. So, my question is,
what do you think about competition and
how you approach it? Thanks. – What’s her name again,
one more time? – [India] Sarah. – Sarah, thank you so much. I like the taxi photo
in the background. You know, this is a tricky one. I think this comes
down to the individual. I don’t spend a lot of
time on my competition. I haven’t historically. But I keep, you know, a
fifth of an eye on it. You know, you want
to know context, you can’t be blind
to things completely but I don’t dwell or allow
my competition to drive my mentality or where I’m going. I think it’s a very fine line. I think it’s a very,
very fine line. And I think it’s a very
individual thing so. I don’t know much
about the agency world, as a whole, I don’t know the
names of most of the CEOs. I don’t know how much
revenue they’re doing. I don’t know who
their clients are. I don’t know what
the work they’re doing. A lot of my contemporaries
spend all their time on AdAge and DigiDay and other websites to keep up with what’s going on. PRWeek, AdWeek, in the trades. I think that there’s a lot
of entrepreneurs that do extremely well by
knowing what’s going on with their competitors
and using that as a proxy, as a guiding light. I think a lot of entrepreneurs
are B and C entrepreneurs and they need somebody
else to be the leader and they follow it and
they pick up the crumbs. And they get 20 and
30% of the action and that’s enough for them. And that’s where
they deserve to be. I think others like me are
super driven by not knowing. I don’t even want
to give my competition the satisfaction of knowing. I mean, I literally hate
my competition so much that I literally want
to be disrespectful by not even amassing
a minute of my time on what they’re doing
because I think that’s the ultimate
insult and I like that. Because I don’t
like you, competition. I don’t like you. Now, I like you
as a human being, like in, when I put my
jersey on, I hate you, but as like a human,
there’s plenty of executives from competitive
agencies that I adore and think are
really good people. But, when I put my
jersey on, I hate you and the way that I can
teach you that I hate you is to not even
allocate a minute on you because I disrespect
you that much. That’s me. You may be somebody who
learns from your competitors and that’s how you navigate. So, I do not think that
anybody who taught you one way or the
other, emphatically, don’t forget, #AskGaryVee Show, I’m one dude,
with one personality trait, with, you know, one life that
is trying to communicate my points of view but I never, and I’ve said this on DailyVee recently, I have no interest in you
following, you know, my footsteps. I have you, I have
interest in you trying to figure out yourself the way I
figured out myself. Right? I know that about me so
I don’t force myself to look at the competition
’cause I know, deep down, it’s not who I am or
what I want to be doing. And so I know that about myself. You need to know yourself. And it may be a balance. Some people are 50/50. It all works if you’re
most self-aware about you. Question of the day,
question of the day: What’s the biggest
thing you’ve learned about yourself this year, and
we’re only eight weeks in? India, what about you? What’s the, yeah it’s
a good one, caught ya. – Biggest thing I’ve
learned about myself? – Yeah, in the last nine
weeks, or whatever we’re at, eight weeks, what’s
the biggest thing– – Oh I know. – You got something? – I do. – So give me some depth. No, don’t, we’ll sit–
– Can I say it? – No, we’re gonna cut
it off as a cliffhanger. – [India] Alright–
– Yeah, say it, of course. – No, no, I was joking, I
desperately want you to say it. – I used to think I
always really needed to be around people,
like 24/7 because I was super extroverted. – Right.
– [India] But– – Like you would keep
a boyfriend around just because you thought
you needed it? – (laughs) No, I didn’t do that. But I would always be
like, “What are you doing?” “What are you up to?”
to like everyone on like, weeknights or weekends
– Right, right. – when things like,
always, always. But I like really
like being alone, especially when
I’m making my art. Like I really need to be alone. – What do you mean,
making your art? You’re a painter? (both laugh) This is my favorite meme. I Tweeted out some,
P.S.A. I’m not a painter. I know, I know, I know. – Yeah, I like to be alone. – You know what’s funny?
– [India] What? – I like to be alone.
– [India] Really? – And that freaks people out. I like flying because of that. I like taking a poop, and
a shower because of that. I really don’t mind
being alone either. I’m like stunningly chameleon. I’m pumped with
80,000 people onstage, one person onstage, you know, listening to me, by myself. I get it. I value alone
time quite a bit. A lot more than I think. I bet you a ton of people
are like, whoa, just now. – Yeah, I mean,
– [Gary] It’s cool. – [India] it’s surprising.
– Staphon? – Anything you learned
about yourself this year? – [Voiceover] I’m learning
how to like hustle more. Like I’m just, like,
really trying to get like, what that means. – You know I like that one. – Yeah, it’s good. – You keep asking questions. We’ll keep answering them. (upbeat music)


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  32. I learned that I had the wrong pillars for success for the first 20 years of my life, I'm learning that me like everyone else is more complicated than 1 or 2 job titles and someone isn't just a good leader but instead they have good leadership qualities and behind closed doors they might be a total weirdo to some extent but that doesn't mean that they can't do something well. Hitler can be a total asshole but a great public speaker at the same time and I'm finally learning to separate out different qualities within individuals to include myself to become more self aware of who I am and where I am, i.e. knowing the person I want to be in 5 or 10 years and be able to determine how far I have come and how far I have still to go.

  33. This year I fully realised that hard work goes a long way, but being smart and putting your energy in the right places is just as important. (I'm talking from an athlete perspective trying to qualify for the Olympic Games).

  34. Strangely, started feeling the sniffles after watching Gary sniffling. I think there is some complex evolution reaction where your body assumes there is a reason to be sick when others around you are sick. My body can't tell that video is not real.

  35. #QOTD I'm learning that I've been ready to face love and heartbreak again; as long as I keep a baseline amount of love for myself, I can be outwardly vulnerable.

  36. Hey Gary, thank you for posting! Could be just me, but the answer to the first question seemed a bit vague and rantish. Could you clarify a bit? How'd you scale so quickly? I understand the HR part, but not the first part so much.

  37. My staff just got me this book for my birthday that is tomorrow! Thank you @gary for sharing the knowledge, I cant wait to dive in.

  38. I think the ability to be happy by yourself is paramount to long term success. It gives you time to reflect and focus on your #1 – you. It's hard to get to, but it's the most liberating feeling.

    I've learned to love being by myself as much as I love being on stage performing, teaching, and being around others. It's also led me to discover that I don't NEED to be around people, garnering their attention and approval. I think this helped my current and future relationships become stronger and more meaningful.

    +1 for poop and shower time; just don't combine the two. 💩

  39. #QOTD I learned that fapping powers my self-esteem and confidence. So I'm desperately trying to stop!!

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