American Made Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

This is the United States Drug
Enforcement Agency, we are ordering you to land. All right, boys. – Let’s land.
– What is he … My name is Barry Seal. That’s for the damage, for your sister, -hey little darling- and your bike. Some of this shit really happened. You never saw me. Top of your classes Civil Air Patrol. Pilot like you shouldn’t be flying buses. Welcome to Miami. Welcome to Bakersfield. Haven’t you ever wanted something more, Barry? You should be serving your country. You’re CIA. Shh! We need you to deliver stuff for us. Oh, this is legal? If you’re doing it for the good guys… Wow! Barry Seal is a goddamn genius! You are an airline pilot, Berry. That’s how you support this family! This is gonna be good for us. Is this all legal? You trust me? No! We’re expanding operations, Barry! Roscoe dug this up in the backyard. There are bills blowing around everywhere. I’ll rake it up in the morning. Policia! Drop your weapons! Guns, drugs, money laundering?! Did you all know that Caddys have more trunk space than any other car? I’ll give each and everyone of you a Caddy for your troubles, so I’m gonna walk out of here. [laughing] and there ain’t a damn thing any one of you can do about it. He’s free to go. Hey, wait a minute. You boys should have taken the Caddys. I was working for the CIA, the DEA AND
Pablo Escobar. Mil quinientos kilos. – That’s 1,500 kilos.
– 1,500 kilos, Barry. In one go. Get it done. Shoot the gringos! Shoot the gringo!


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