1. I guess I didn’t know the any …party …members need, have …to pay..250,000$…
    Well that really does leave out normal 60,000-100,000..annual pay people to be in politics.

  2. This is what the democrats have created with their sjw snowflake mentality. Your reap what you sow. How's it taste when you all (dems) have to eat it?

  3. I think she should realize that their’s costs involved like sanitation for her private parts like fumigation snd odor control. Hey things cost money and she should bear the costs like everyone else

  4. So she was elected by the people but the party wants her to pay a quarter million dollars because she was elected. To me it’s just another example why there should not be any parties. Every individual should run on their own merits and that’s the end of it.

  5. Ilhan Omar's sister should be committed to a psychiatric hospital. I never thought I'd see the day when a mentally unstable person would serve in Congress.

  6. She is a Satanist (all socialists are whether they admit it or not). And an incredibly stupid one. Mind boggling if you think about it.

  7. AOC has one goal. Elect Republicans by attacking, labeling and dividing Democrats.
    Just like her beloved Russian backed comrade Sanders has done.

  8. She is burning her own bridge. Watch her not get re-elected. This black woman can beat her. Actually pretty much anyone can beat her.

  9. It is a badge of honor to be vilified by the Fox Propaganda Network! You must be a real threat to the establishment and you are doing something right!

  10. Why is the host all over Murray, don't we want Female African American Republicans to take on the Conservative narrative, and Oust these cookoo Liberals with there extreme socialistic views!
    Come on, what's up!

  11. I really really hope the people of New York pull their heads out of their @$$€$ & lets Scherie Murray give AOC the @$$ whooping she so desperately needs & deserves!!

  12. The democrats will find another candidate to take her seat. You don't cross the democrats.
    Let me be the one of the first to say, AOC didn't commit suicide.

  13. What's the problem? She should form her own party rather than hijacking what was, perhaps, once a reasonable organisation. Her new party should be called Communists Under Nihilistic Totalitarians.

  14. Vote red to save America from oppression much to the likes of what they are suffering in Venezuela Iran and China we choose freedom we tell the tyrants to get lost

  15. Political parties work to gain more power for political parties, they don't work for the people who voted for them. Political parties should be banned in the US. They are antithetical to the needs of the people of the United States.

  16. She's not supporting "her socialist agenda party" because SHE HAS TO PAY! She wants WE THE PEOPLE TO PAY FOR HER… Fire her and jail her…

  17. She is not a team player except when it means giving away your money taken by force. Just make her a bartender again of course maybe acting like a squirrel 🐿 keeping her money for a rainy day. That day of no income form her office is just around the corner.

  18. Anyone else notice how much she contradicted herself
    “I was congratulating her… I have a list of accomplishments unlike the person I’m running against “ 🤣🤣😅😅
    Typical politics

  19. Green dress lady is fake as hell, you can tell. She's that relative nobody likes at the parties. Idk who these people are but the Latina looking lady robbed a bunch of fools that don't even like her since day one from what I can gather, and thought it would sway her future decisions. That's as American as it gets in my book lmfaoao y'all hating

  20. The DCCC wouldn't even allocate funds for her to run against Joe Crowly because he was an incumbent and 3rd in command right behind Pelosi. Now after she beat him, they ask to her to play them dues? I mean at least provide context. Republican, socialist, etc what ever. To give money to an private organization that tried all they could to ensure your defeat is ludicrous.

  21. Stop giving her a Public Platform, Remove her from all Committees, who's idea was it to put this idiot on a Committee? That goes for the rest of her degenerate group!

  22. I TOTALLY disagree with AOC's politics, however, I love her blowing up the old political club. In that regard alone, she and Trump are alike. I would never vote for her, but if she is re-elected, that is one positive: destroying the old-guard everyone-is-in-the-same-club-really politics. She has guts to take on Pelosi and co.

  23. Yet, she feels she has the right to tell everyone else where to spend their money 😂
    They should've told her it was a new green tax

  24. You, at Fox news, are total morons.
    AOC calls white people colonisers.
    Do your research work!!
    Portugal and Spain aka Hispanics and Latinos colonised 95% of South America.
    Spain aka Hispanics colonised 95% of Central America and 50% of North America.
    Spain aka Hispanics colonised the Philippines. The Philippines are named after a King of Spain.
    Portugal aka Hispanics/Latinos owned Macau for hundred of years at one time.
    How many other countries did Portugal and Spain colonised???

  25. American citizens have to pay their part every day in the form of taxes just so we can pay her wages and she thinks she is above this.

  26. This Scherie Murray seems like a political opportunist. OAC may be stupid, money hungry, out of control, and out of touch but… I don't care about her or her constituents enough to consider this news. Two turds in the pool does the same as one.

  27. Establishment Democrats don't support uncorrupted progressives like AOC.
    She's using her power and influence to remake the Democratic Party.
    Into one that supports the American working class

  28. I actually don’t like AOC. But this move not to pay her dues actually makes a lot of sense. She just said that the Dems made it clear that funding will in part go towards not allowing people to elect people “like her”. I’m assuming she means off the streets with no experience. So why would she pay the dues? It’s not in her best interest. We need to have a basic test that you have to pass to run for anything governmental. Just something that shows you know what government does, what it’s true purpose is and stuff like that. People in the military need to take one…before they can even enlist! So should our members of government.

  29. Too funny….another selfish socialist….pay your fair share, dimwit! It is for the good of the people….lol

    She had no problem stealing 1 million in campaign donations….this woman is too much!

  30. Um, like maybe, like billionaires should pay it….um, I spent my money fighting imperialist cauliflower farmers, at like roof top co-op gardens…..

  31. There are no more thieves and attached to the money of a socialist. They preach against capitalism,but they fill their pockets every time when they can.

  32. Why do people interrupt on a talk show. You are suppose to be a literal professional at conversation and you failed by interrupting constantly. People who interrupt just look scared to be proven wrong.

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