Adam Schiff: NSA Withheld Trump Ukraine Evidence From Intel Committees | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Adam Schiff: NSA Withheld Trump Ukraine Evidence From Intel Committees | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. MSNBC lawyers stated that Rachel Maddow does not actually speak facts. What she speaks on her show is JUST HER OPINION. There is no more reason to believe her than to believe a con man. Err con woman?

  2. Meanwhile, Little Adam struggles with low self esteem and borderline personality disorder.

    We pray that he seeks treatment for his pathological lying.
    How sad.

  3. Adam Schiff is the biggest con man in Washington. Trouble is, he conned the Democrats to believe in a lie that he knew the Democrats wanted to believe.

  4. This is freaking scary , all the republicans need to do now is buy Trump a crown . And they have Barr who is involved with a cover up and looks like he is a criminal.

  5. In my state, every registered voter will receive a vote-by-mail ballot, which they can use or not.. There will also be pop-up voting locations.

  6. And You silly folks are still buying this clown….spin. Little pencil neck Schiff has failed over and over. IMO he is forced to muddy the waters to hide the Burisma and China and other major bilking of taxpayers money. Can't wait for the real show to start. You muddy butts are gonna need some extra rolls of toilet paper.

  7. Please keep fighting, reveal all information… We want justice! The cover-up orchestrated by the gop makes most of us sick and scared for the future of our institutions 😓

  8. All the coward Republican's will pay for the betrayal to the country,I hope we have none left once the election is over

  9. Can we just redo the impeachment?? Subpoena Bolton and everyone else they need to before going to trial? Get all the info beforehand and then try again…

  10. I decree the martians (from mars) have with held evidence against the democratic party but we know this,schiffs mouth wash needs a boost.

  11. It’s sad to see sore losers try to convince themselves and others that they are still right , it’s called insanity

  12. Schiff you need to learn that it is no longer "business as usual". There is a new Sheriff in town and his name is Donald J Trump and he now calls the shots!

  13. Couldn’t put to more mentally deranged sore loser pathological liars together then these to pieces of TRASH. America hates you both beyond words your pathetic losers and we won you trash TRUMP 2020

  14. LOL! A malicious and deranged woman who believes she is a man and a congenital liar who dreams stuff up and believes it is true! Good luck with all that!

  15. all millionaires in dc and all complaining about dumbo, but not one set balls among to turn on him…wonder why…cud it be that all bitchen and moaning is coming from bunch old whites guys are too greedy and think they're gonna take all that money with them when their dead and buried …you cant buy ur way into heaven without balls

  16. Is Schiff lying again ? He needs to be put under oath , then questioned and cross examined , because he will give half truths and hide things that would prove he's lying , on purpose . He's cunning .

  17. One day after President Trump's acquittal, Hunter Biden's confidential financial records have been turned over to the Senate. The President is now going to go on a vengeance tear. He is going to destroy the corrupt Democrats, one by one. Nancy Pelosi is also squarely in the crosshairs. Trump is now on a seek and destroy mission. I can't say that I blame him.

  18. Meanwhile the treasury just handed over bank and other financial records of Hunter Biden to Senate Republicans with no subpoenas necessary while they continue to fight tooth and nail to hold on to Trump's who's have been subpoenaed. This country is a joke and a dictatorship now.

  19. Hey madcow you are talking to the biggest liar in Washington so this means two oof the biggest losers in the planet on one stage!!!!

  20. Glenn Beck has a series on Urkraine money laundering of American Tax payer aid money and how 1.8 billion went missing. What was Shiffty trying to stop from coming out? Glenn might have the answer.

  21. It appears that corruption has spread to the NSA an CIA, the agencies who be serving all of America's interests. This is horrible!

  22. Wonder how much it's costing taxpayers for all these fox news stories praising trump? They are not free and he isn't paying. If we don't band together and everyone of us vote blue the next four years will be horrible beyond belief.

  23. Cover ups from the top and the whole trump administration. This athorain administration must be removed from the WH ASAP. Save America from this Russian tactic.

  24. Look at alllllllllllllllll these snowflakes throwing tantrums that they continue to lose and lose time after time to PRESIDENT TRUMP. Stormy Daniels…. failed…. Michael Cohen…. Failed… Russia Investigation… failed…. .. Ukraine Investigation….. FAILED….. Obstruction of Justince….. failed… lmaooooooooo KEEP THEM COMING!!!!!!!!!! Our 2020 win will be a walk in the park.

  25. NBC and Schiff can't even fix an election. Haha. You pushed Mayor Pete so hard with puff pieces it's way more collusion than anything. Plus you have the algorithm advantage. Bolton saying the small was fine two years ago was the swamp shooting itself in the foot. Haha.

  26. I've read so many books abt the fight that sections of the German people put up against Hitler, from when he first came to power. They could see what he was doing, and how it wd lead to war, and fought mightily, but to no avail in the end. This is what it feels like now, with Trump corrupting the DoJ, and now the intel agencies, and stacking the courts. People don't learn from history.

  27. House Democrats, Americans know the GOP are Corrupt and Evil, So now until election show the evidence papers send it to the press, have back to back hearing, Use your Subpoena power, If the GOP want to hide the evidence show it anyway to the American people.

  28. lying piece of Schiff. another red herring. it's U A**hole who's incompetent in put'd impeachment case together. always blaming others for ur failures. why didn't u pursue it then. big fat liar again. tell'n untrue stories again.B fish'n for evidence again. bloody schiff is continuing to waste taxpayers' money to get rid of Trump. give it up A**hole. U helped trump win Nov. by a major landslide. what's ur excuse when trump wins in Nov?? foreign interference/collusion again?? & how did d trump influence d upcoming election?? by exposing d bidens corruption?? that's his job, moron. d bidens did it to themselves. Ur just lying & mislead'n d American ppl ALL d time. its been proven ovr & ovr & ovr again. better start run'n A**holes, d DOJ is coming after y'all after they'r finished w d bidens. I wouldn't b surprised if creepy jo throws u under d bus to protect his family. better start run'n now.

  29. ty chairman schiff and dr maddow, these are things of which we need to be made aware. our nation is facing perhaps the worst crisis, the most extreme danger, since its inception. ty chairman for always standing up!

  30. Document what you can. When administrations change have a full investigation. And prosecute whoever as an accomplice

  31. They should let this go the government already said that everything Trump did was ok..right in our faces they said🖕🇺🇸

  32. There is definitely a cult within the government and all branches. Something is extremely off. All these agencies working together to hide the truth about Trump, wtf is going on!

  33. Do you want your kids growing up looking up to trump . Being a crooked president or Obama a good man.if you say trump move to Russia . when it's over that's the only place trump and his family can one thing he did That was good 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔steal waiting 🤔🖕

  34. voting as a principal could be "suspended," until civil order is restored and the population disarmed – Refuse to Vote on any Bills passing through the House

    Keep NSA and FBI stuck on the Trump family 24/7 with taps and bugs until new evidence is found

    Influence, control, direct, the intelligence community that we still have left at our disposal and BLAME and ASSIGN all of our Tactics directly to the Trump White House

    Manufacture Evidence, Tamper Witnesses

    Then Impeach again ASAP – only this time, Without Schiff in the Lead (he's too creepy and incredulous, seems to be compromised)

  35. Adam Schiffs good buddy is Ed Buck, a guy who caused 3 black men to overdose on drugs because he liked to torture them because they were black, thats Adam Schiffs friends, im sure Adam isnt like his friends

  36. Sounds like Trump is draining the swamp. I bet you see the info you seek when the indictments come down Schiff. Tell us again how you didn't work with the whistle blower, that's a good story, we like that one. Tell us why the whistle blower forms were changed by Atkinson weeks before the complaint was filed. Tell us how you have no ties to Ukraine. Looked like you sch!tt when they did acquit. Glad to see the right to a speedy trial still works, good test run. Good to see you are not worried, you don't look scared Schiffless at all. Hey Adam, like Chuck Schemer said, you still have hope and Mitt… lol. Maddow, Mark Dice said he loaned you my liberal tears cup, have you seen it?

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