Adam Savage Tests Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot!

Adam Savage Tests Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot!

Adam Savage from Tested here in the
Tested offices and it’s the holiday season in San Francisco as I’m talking
to you right now. It’s early December but Christmas has come early and I’m sitting
on the best thing a little boy or a girl could want. Inside this box is Boston Dynamics’ Spot robotic dog. This is an object I have coveted for years –
literally years – and at Tested we are going to do development with SSpot for the next
year. We’re gonna spend some time getting to know him and increasing his abilities
and learning from him and it all begins today with the orientation. Oh my gosh. Time for some adventures! Some breathing room. We’ve stepped out of the Tested shop and we are actually in one of my old stomping grounds. I’m
standing on one of the training courses for the Alameda County Sheriff’s
Department in Dublin, Pleasanton, California. Right over there is the bomb
range where we blew everything up on MythBusters. We swam in syrup over there. I learned how to tactically drive backwards and ini heels right over there.
It’s the perfect location to test all of the things about Spot that we want to
learn. About his gait, his ability to handle different kinds of terrain. All
right, Spot. You ready? Let’s go. These rocks and this tunnel underneath
the rocks is the perfect first test run. I’m gonna try him over and then I’m
gonna try him through. All right, Spot. Oh my god.
Oh, Spot, you almost did it. I’m gonna try this again. This is a really difficult
thing for anything to walk over but we’re gonna give it our best shot. I
think this is largely operator error but we’re just going to keep on keeping on.
Here we go. I’ve adjusted him to a crawl gait and
hopefully this will give him a more stable … Dude! Spot! You are amazing.
Holy cow, buddy. That was amazing. I’m gonna put him through the tunnel. Oh yeah, Spot! All right. We’ve gone over and we’ve gone through. Now it’s time to go under. Here we go. Wow, OK. All right, that’s the limit. That’s the limit. He’s reaching the absolute
critical limit with stuff on his back, the ports and everything. He wasn’t gonna
make it past that one. I’ve always thought these things were magnificent
pieces of engineering every time I’ve seen them but actually running them
through his paces makes it clear on an even deeper level what a miracle Spot is.
The last thing we’re gonna do on this course is some stairs. Yeah, up and down
stairs. This is the thing I find the most uncanny and amazing. Now, Spot does so
much of the figuring out on his own but when I bring him over to the stairs I’m
actually gonna put him in stair mode which is a specific gate for climbing
these things we call stairs. Here we go. This is certainly an astonishingly
capable platform and we’ve got a full year to figure out all sorts of fun
stuff to do with Spot. I think it’s the start of a beautiful relationship. Spot
is very smart. He needs a lot of stimulus. You can do it, buddy.


  1. If I had the chance to pick any two things to see together on this channel, it would be Adam Savage and a Boston dynamics robot.
    Just saying –This is such a great idea.

  2. How much of the direction of spot are you responsible for versus what is the robot responsible for as far as directing itself over obstacles and through obstacles?

  3. Теперь к такой собачке можно приделать пушку, пулемет и пару ракет.

  4. Seeing that you re-understand how freaking amazing dogs and cats are – and humans as well. Biological system have passed the test of time for millions of years. A lot to catch up work to do for engineers.

  5. Fucking scary…. ad AI, a gun to spot and a crazy law enforcement person. The battery is probably the limitation now… but inte future probably not. Fucking scary😱

  6. I've said this, since we saw the first BD monsters – in 20 years, the products comming out of that "store" will be the last thing, a lot of people will see in their lives =x

    But for now, they're insanely awesome to watch.

  7. It's all fun and games until they're turned into autonomous drones fitted with weapons and start hunting down every last human on the planet. You won't be so happy it can climb stairs or a rock incline when you're running for your life from it.

  8. I don't know I find Spot to be creepy and satanic looking…something about the motion and leg operation I find disturbing.

  9. The remore look like a mix between a PS Vita and A Nintendo Switch. Adam you should wear the safety cord to avoid dropping it on the ground, it look expensive.

  10. Guys, don't look below the first 10 comments, you'll loose one brain cell with each next comment. The amount of Hollywood retards here is immeasurable.

  11. Why are robots with legs being designed when wheels are more efficient? The only real benefit seems to be climbing stairs can someone enlighten me?

  12. It's cool. But I question the functionality? Wouldn't a multi terrain robot be better off with continuous track wheels (tanks style) with an adjustable height to maneuver through obstacles. Besides novelty I see low application for spot

  13. Ебать, старик, сколько лет еще будешь радовать

  14. 3:37 – 3:57 will be the last thing some people may see in the future… as they crawl away in the basalt gravel and detritus of humanity. Can you persuade them with treats?

  15. I'm sure BD has good reason for no "head", probably lots of them. But if it had a head of some sort it would be a million unit sales success. Without a head, this is a Terminator nightmare. Idiots.

  16. pretty thin on everything except Savages enthusiasm. Otherwise, just shy of clickbait. Would like to see the remote, the various modes, some discussion of the limits of autonomy. Too bad Spot can't run. Can he change his gait? How long do the batteries last? Lets hope there is more depth to come.

  17. 와.. 진짜 견족보행 로봇이네요… 미래에는 얼마나 발전할지.. 걷는게 너무 자연스러워서 놀랄 따름입니다.

  18. They need to add barking as a feature, it seems silly but honestly seeing something this robotic behave so closely to a real dog; it just feels off not to have it bark

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