1. That's my girl!! Nandini, although this whole thing is a bit over my head, I really like the last part. It's something to help also people with disabilities. Great job you did. Congratulations!

  2. "OK Google, let me talk to Bob"
    That is NOT natural conversation if Bob stands right next to me.
    Google acts like a prison guard.
    "Please Google, let me talk to my friends"

  3. I love this video!
    She is such a good speaker, her smile and charisma can teach anyone.

    Can't wait to start developing my own Google Home applications and deploy them!

  4. Very enticing, but I'd like to see some more detailed examples of conversation flows. Number genie is a very simple example and the video skips over the hard parts, like translating conversation flows into in-contexts and out-contexts in API.AI, which has poor documentation. Drawing the conversation flows is straightforward; getting them translated into something the machine can process is another thing. I appreciate that this video is just some sensible tips, but it sort of stops just as it gets interesting.

  5. Hai nandini, I need to write a code in fulfillment for agent (bot) should be ask question in between the conversation without user prompt .
    It is possible or not if possible give me suggestion , thank you nandini

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