A keto diet for beginners

A keto diet for beginners

You’ve probably heard
about the keto diet. It’s the newest hype. All the papers are writing about it
and the interest online is just exploding. So what is the keto diet? What does keto even mean
and how is it done? In this course you will learn
all you need to know. First of all let’s get this
out of the way. What does the word “keto” mean? Basically the body can run
on two different fuels. One is sugar from carbohydrates
in the food we eat and that’s what most people today
primarily use. Let’s say if they’re eating bread,
pasta, rice, potatoes etc. The other fuel is fat. The keto diet is a very low-carb diet. So low in carbs that the body has to switch
to mainly using fat for fuel. For example from real foods like eggs,
meat, avocados, butter, olive oil, nuts, etc. Even the brain can become fueled by fat. When the body is out of sugar, fat is converted in the liver
into energy molecules called ketones that fuel the brain. And the diet that results in this
is called ketogenic, meaning it produces ketones. And that’s why the diet
is called the keto diet. Being fueled mostly by fat,
a state called “ketosis”, has many benefits including that you become
a fat-burning machine. It’s perfect for weight loss without hunger
burning fat 24/7 even when you’re sleeping. Because it gives you tons of energy,
you’ll basically never run out. Why the keto diet has become
super popular in the last few years is actually not entirely new. The foundation of keto is something old
that you’ve heard about a million times. It’s a strict low-carb diet,
it’s a gluten-free diet, it’s similar to the paleo diet and it’s very close to the old
and well-known Atkins diet. The basic idea is super simple
and based on real foods. You simply avoid most carbohydrates
like sugar, processed junk food, bread, pasta, rice etc. And instead you eat meat, fish, eggs,
vegetables and natural fats like butter. What is different with keto? Is that it’s a supercharged
low-carb diet where you can make sure
you get the maximum benefits. We’ll get to the details later. So keto is a supercharged version
of an old idea. Similar diets have been tried for decades,
even centuries. These similar diets keep returning
more popular than ever because they work. And this could have
an evolutionary explanation as our ancestors did not eat refined
carbohydrates or sugar like we do today, so our bodies may not be adapted
to those foods. Modern science proves that it works. On a keto diet most people can lose
excess weight without hunger and a number of health issues
tend to improve. Most importantly a keto diet
is not just used as a temporary fix. Many people enjoy it
as a long term lifestyle. Not just for weight loss,
but for long-term health and well-being and staying fit year-round. Many people feel energized,
full of mental clarity and have stable blood sugar levels. Most of the hunger disappears,
cravings for sweets foods are reduced, so there’s no need
to snack all the time anymore. People save time by being happy
with fewer meals. They eat delicious food
whenever they’re hungry and there’s not even any need
to count calories. Most people feel so satiated on keto
that they can eat when they’re hungry and still eat less and lose excess weight. They don’t even have to exercise. Now of course some exercise
is good for you for health and feeling your best, but it’s not required for weight loss
and certainly not on keto. In this course you will learn exactly
how to do keto, what to eat, what not to eat
and when to eat. You will learn the common problems that
people experience when starting keto, the keto flu and how to avoid it. You will learn how to know
if you’re in ketosis and the simple tricks to get there. You will learn about weight loss on keto,
what to expect, how to speed it up and how to break a weight loss plateau
should it happened. You’ll learn about the common mistakes
that people make and how you can avoid them to feel great
and succeed faster. You’ll also hear from a number
of top doctors and researchers specializing in keto and low-carb diets
who truly understand it and to make sure you do it
as safely and effectively as possible. This video course will teach you
everything you need to know and you can combine it with all the other keto content we have
on our website DietDoctor.com. It’s really the only place you need
for everything connected to keto. We are committed
to making it truly simple. You can check out hundreds of amazing
keto recipes, including video recipes and if you’re interested,
a full keto cooking show. No planning required,
just buy the food on the shopping list, cook it according to the simple instructions
and enjoy eating it. You’re done. And even if you have special preferences
like say dairy-free or vegetarian keto, we still have you covered. And you can also simply construct
your own custom meal plans. You can get all this for free. You can use our free
two-week keto challenge to get started like more than 300,000 people
already have. Or for the full Diet Doctor experience, sign up for a free one-month trial,
cancel anytime. You get full access to everything we have,
all our resources; the full meal planner, our low-carb TV
with hundreds of amazing keto videos including this entire keto video course. At Diet Doctor, our goal is to empower
people everywhere to succeed on keto and low-carb
like these amazing people… “Whatever you’re doing continue to do.” At some point he said,
“Don’t lose any more weight.” I lost 200 pounds in roughly 18 months. -I lost 80 pounds.
-80 pounds? Wow! I lost 100 pounds in a year. That hunger that I’ve had for my entire life
wasn’t there. Her energy level and much like mine, our mental well-being has improved
as much as our physical health. I went from 374 pounds
to 139 pounds. I would’ve never believed
that within my lifespan I would have my life back like this. We want to make keto
truly simple for you and help you succeed
in reaching your goals. If you are interested in more
I’ll see you in part II which is about a core idea
behind the keto diet, how to become
a fat burning machine. Good luck and I’ll see you soon.


  1. Wonderful video. I love the fact that you speak slowly and clearly. This way I can not only understand but also can remember what you’ve said. This video is very helpful for those whose English is a second language. Thank you very much👍🙂

  2. Had me right up to the point at the end when they had a lot of actors on, you can always tell the ones that aare actors a mile away {there is a reason they are not movie stars}. I will keep looking, I dont like to be "processed" like that I also didnt like the without exercise bit, you may well burn body fat by eating the stuf in the diet but you will look awful, you need to exercise to get toned, who wants flabby fat hanging off their bodies

  3. Awesome video, very informative thank you! Though funny how many people do not actually know anything about the depth of KETO diet, where it came from, and the real mystery behind Dr. KETO (the diet's originator), as THIS video actually explains: https://youtu.be/iYH18s1YrMY

  4. I’m glad you have pictured some older people having success.The middle-aged and seniors have suffered a lifetime ( since the 80s) with bad dietary advice and they deserve to be “saved” too.

  5. My mother had been subscribed to the Website for years! I guess it has just taken some maturing my end to actually Want to start listening.

  6. Podcast Dr. Anthony Gustin about keto.

  7. What did he say he was ? The Keto Guru? He does have a way with words,I must say.Only now have I learned and understood what is Keto and its purpose…WOW! Thank you Sir…Its like Keto for dummies…

  8. I have an aversion to the taste of sweet tastes. I never even buy sugar, no juice, nothing sweet. I am on Keto now for a year. I lost 100 lbs without a lot of exercise because of my surgeries. I could actually become carnivore but I think greens are good for me. But I do prefer meat over anything. I do make nut breads but it's not necessary for my daily meals. Sometime a 5 carb tortilla from mission will allow me a burrito with meat , green pepper, some onion, salsa, and cheese. Very good and keeps me at my 20 carbs a day regimen. Breads are triggers for a binge. Keto is my answer. My appetite is controlled. I could have been ok with Atkins if I had the knowledge about the nut breads at that time.

  9. Thanks to this Doctor, this video, and The Magic Pill movie is that we started doing keto more than a year ago. It has been an AMAZING journey with great results.

  10. Great Video! I too wanted to lose weight, heard about keto , tried it, but my first month we sooo hard! i struggled for a while and did a little more research to figure out what i was doing wrong.. Turns out Most people on a new diet have no plan.They learn what to eat… and not to eat. They try new recipes…But they DON’T have a daily plan to carry them through that critical first month.thank God i found this website! it helped me TREMENDOUSLY! i just want to share my blessing with someone else..hope this helps @t

  11. I don’t want stupid human hype, I want something that’s going to make me feel and look healthy. Meat, fish eggs, Real butter, grains, fruit and veggies!

  12. What Every One Need Know About The Keto Diet.
    Its increased energy..
    One of the best benefits of keto is the abundant energy you feel when youíre burning ketones for fuel. Youíll not be lethargic, and it will seem as if a brain fog has been lifted.
    Youíll have better sleep, more energy for your workouts, and have better concentration.

  13. Besides the fact he confuses/conflates (pick one) practical science with the philosophical delusion of "evolution", which is based on the unprovable assumptions of historical science, he explained this very well.

  14. and vvhat about ketoacidosis ? hovv do vve knovv vve are not damaging our body ? is there a limit not to go over vvith fat intake (and lovv sugar intake)?

  15. Thanks! Great content!
    this helped me a lot! @t
    I'm always in the office so it's hard to stay in shape without a plan!

  16. Your videos provide common sense advice in an easy to understand way. An inspiration to my personal ketogenic diet journey as a Type 1 Diabetic. I think it's important to understand the "why" behind the "what" that so many other channels don't provide…they only talk about "do this" and "do that" with no reasoning or thought behind the why. This is one of the few channels I watch every day to grow my understanding of the keto diet, why it works for diabetics, and how to improve my health on my own keto journey. Thank you!

  17. So many Snudy remarks. Man I’m grateful for this !! Living with a sick stomach sucks keto got rid of this I just have to stick with it cus I know it works !

  18. Haha you got an amazing voice! I've lost lots of weight in my first year with the keto diet, and I feel really good about it!

  19. Following the custom keto diet I have already lost 28 pounds since December 17, 2019. Keto is not just a diet, for me it is a life-saving lifestyle!!!👍😃

  20. Are you the actor that was on NCIS cuz you look pretty close to officer de vivre on NCIS anyway I'll listen to your video now

  21. First thing there is no one that has a video that has all you need to know so that's not true anyway keto is burning fat for fuel instead of glucose very simple

  22. Thanks to the keto diet I lost 50 pounds,
    I am in control of my diabetes. For me it's a lifestyle. I feel very energetic and happy. If I want bread or ice cream,

    there are many delicious recipes.
    This has been my lifestyle for more than 3 years and I love it.

  23. The best explanation so far. Going straight to the website.
    I’ve already lost 14 pounds in 5 weeks, and I’m not even sure if I’m doing it properly yet

  24. A Keto diet is going to be higher in meat and protein..that is great unless you have high Uric acid and some gout attacks in the past. Will this diet efffect Uric acid either way?

  25. can you somehow influence dietary guidelines? they are renewing nordic nutrition recommendations now https://www.helsedirektoratet.no/english/nordic-nutrition-recommendations-2022


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