A Guide To Being Self Employed

>>MIKE:Hi I am Mike doing business as JR.
Today we’re going to talk about self-employment and I’m going to use my own experience to
try to help you and let you know some things that maybe you didn’t know about. Let’s start
with unemployment. If you lose your job and you are on unemployment and your state does
not support self-employment you could be in trouble. It is considered fraud. I’ll give
you an example of this. When I lost my job I started searching for jobs. I found that
Craigslist is actually the easiest place to look for jobs because I think they are the
most organized. Those going through Craigslist, I was going through monster.com, and jobs.com,
and whatever else my state had and I couldn’t find anything. After a while I knew that unemployment
wasn’t going to last forever so I decided that, while I looked for a job, the rest of
the day I would make my own work. After a while that was not succeeding and I realized
that I cannot look for a job and tried to run my own business. There is not enough time
in the day to do that. I checked to see if my state had a program that helps people who
are trying to become self-employed after losing their job. My state doesn’t. Eventually my
unemployment did run out and I had to go on to an extension. The extension was brutal.
They want you to secure two job interviews every two days. Now if you cannot find a job
because there is nothing or nothing you’re qualified to do how are you supposed to do
that? While I got into a panic because they were already scheduling me for meeting. I
realize that this is not going to work. It’s just not going to work. I decided that I wanted
to become full time self-employed. So I took the chance and I stopped filing for unemployment
and I decided to become full-time self-employed. I wanted to let you know about that because
if you are seeking self-employment check to see what kind of program your state has. If
they do not have a program that gives you unemployment when you seek self-employment
you can’t file for unemployment or you can’t become self-employed. It is considered fraud.
So you don’t want to do that. I wanted to tell you that right off the back. Now to help
you become self-employed there are a lot of things that you could do. You could do, for
example let’s say you have videos. You can actually transfer people’s VHS videos to DVD
for them. You can do wedding videos. You can do photo montages a whatever it may be. You
can actually create your own video business. To promote it you can use online marketing
techniques. If you are a photographer you can do model photography. There are models
who will pay because they are trying to build up a portfolio and when you are getting started
you can actually have a barter deal. They are looking for images and you are looking
for images and you work together and you both supply each other without having to pay each
other. That’s a great way to get started. There is online methods. You can sell stuff
on eBay. I sold a lot of stuff on eBay. I actually made a lot of money on eBay in my
past. EBay is a great site. Believe it or not I actually, if you have broken electronics
that you can sell on eBay. You may think that they are trash but there are people who just
want the parts and some people will actually fix them and know how to do that. It’s a great
way, I mean, I get rid of all of my stuff that way instead of throwing it out. Don’t
throw it anything because to someone else it may be of value. You can start your own
Etsy shop. Etsy is eee tee ess why and they allow you to do custom-made products. If you
are crafty you can do arts and crafts are you can make things. You could build small
pieces of furniture and sell those on Etsy. If you like antiques you can go to tag sales
and look for old stuff like printed stuff and sell that on Etsy. There is always affiliate
marketing that is a fantastic thing to do if you’re trying to become self-employed.
That allows you to work at home on the computer. If you can find the right system to join you
can get training on it and there is a lot of stuff online about it. A lot of methods
you can do. So that’s a great option. If you are artistic there’s Zazzle and CafePress.
You can create your own products. You create art and it could be put on coffee mugs, hats,
T-shirts, clothing, and all kinds of cool stuff. Ornaments. You could do greeting cards.
So these are some options and there’s a lot. If you are going to become self-employed have
a plan. Write down all of the things that you want to do and that you are good at and
then try to figure out how to make it happen. If you still have a job don’t quit your job
just yet. Try to do this as part time and then once you are bringing in enough money
then you can quit your job. If you are out of work keep in mind what I said about unemployment
and try to spend your time looking for a job of course to make sure you are doing what
they want. Then the rest of the time focus on working on your self-employment. With a
little bit of effort and some dedication it can happen. Don’t be discouraged. It doesn’t
happen overnight. Sometimes it can take months maybe even years before things finally happen.
It’s all about trial and error and time. It just takes time. So you just keep fighting
and you keep believing in yourself, you believe in what you’re doing, and in no time you are
going to be working for yourself making excellent money and never have to talk or look at another
creepy or idiotic boss again! If you are trying to become self-employed right now and you’re
trying to find something you can do right now visit my website. We have a free marketing
system and free training videos that will show you exactly what you need to do. We have,
we will actually connect you with products to promote your affiliate marketing and it
really is a cool system and it’s a great way to become self-employed. It’s kind of like
your own business actually. That’s really cool. Take a look at that and I will see you
next time.

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