6 Times Google Maps Saved Lives

6 Times Google Maps Saved Lives

Google Maps and Google Street is an
amazing and fantastic invention you can look up anywhere you need to go to and
also get directions if you’re in a new town but sometimes these apps are used
for more than just finding a local Starbucks these are sometimes Google
Maps has actually saved people’s life from people who were castaways on an
island to a boy who found his home after decades lost I’m Charlie and today we’re
going to look at Times Google Maps saved lives but before we get into it why not
subscribe and press the notification bell – coming up first we have castaway
for a lot of people their biggest fear is getting washed up on an abandoned
Island kind of like the movie castaway well that’s exactly what’s happened to
three sailors in 2016 one night their boat was having trouble and they had to
swim to a deserted island this island was called fana deke and it was several
hundred miles north of Papua New Guinea for three days they were stranded on
this island the men had no knowledge of how to survive in nature but they did
use stones to spell out the word help soon someone using a google satellite
was able to see the word health spelt out in stones then a US Navy plane flew
above the island and saw the main signal thankfully the US Navy landed and
rescued the men all of the sailors have now retired from boating and I can see
why next up is corporate kidnapping we all know that Google can be used for
solving crimes but what about stopping an ongoing crime that’s what happened to
sander Co Claire in 2015 sander worked for the British business SME tuk limited
but one day as he was going to work an ex-employee of the company named John
Charles kidnapped in John Charles the ex-employee was very bitter apparently
his boss owed him money which is why he kidnapped sander he wanted to use sander
to schedule a one-on-one meeting with him and his former boss but when John
kidnapped sander sandy was able to hide his phone from John sander then waited
until John had left the room and then he used Google Maps and sent his location
to his boss when his boss got the Google map linked to his location he drove
there immediately and thankfully he was able to save his employee sander the
police were also called and they arrested
John John was then sentenced to eight years in jail next up is homecoming when
you’re a kid there’s nothing scarier than getting lost we all know that fear
of losing our parents in a supermarket well if you think that’s bad then hear
the story of one kid named Sarah when Sarah was 5 years old he got on board a
runaway train in India he was then separated from his village and his
family had no way to get home he had to start a whole new life all by himself
and for 23 years he searched for his family but because he was so young when
he was separated from them he could remember where they were or where they
lived he couldn’t even remember his family’s last name however he did
remember one thing that was that his home town was closed off by two bridges
so when he was older and when Google Maps was invented he went on the site
using the knowledge of the two bridges closing off his town he was able to find
it on Google Maps he traveled to his town and was able to find his family
Saru credits Google Maps and Earth with saving his life he says without his
family he wasn’t really living but now he lives with them reunited all thanks
to Google Maps next stop is forest escape every year 60 people go missing
in national parks around the USA some of them are gigantic and people like to go
off trial which is why they get lost this is what happened to one 15 year old
boy named Austin Bohannon in 2017 he’s from Tennessee USA in one day went
hiking off a trail this was in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
he was walking alone and soon lost his way and he realized he had no phone
signal either for 11 days he walked around the National Park with no food
and no water he had been reported missing and Rangers had gone out to look
for him but they didn’t want too many people to go out because they didn’t
want to destroy any tracks left by Austin on the 11th day he realized that
while his phone didn’t have signal he may be able to get a GPS signal he
turned his phone on and sure enough Google Maps led him out of the area he
was led to an area called tab cat Creek there he was able to get to a local town
and explain what had happened he was taken to a local hospital and was
treated for exhaustion and dehydration he said if it wasn’t for Google Maps and
GPS he would have made it out of the forest alive so guys
remember never go off trail when you’re walking in a national park next up is
missing car in October of 2006 a man named David Lee Niles went missing he
was last seen one night leaving Jake’s spur and Byron Township Michigan for
years his family surged day and night trying to find him alive somewhere at
the time of his disappearance he was 67 years old this means he may not have
fared – well if he got lost somewhere but five years later in 2011 the family
lost hope even though they prayed every day he was still alive they thought he
was probably not then six years later in 2017 a car was found and David was
inside it the car was found because someone was looking at a pond on Google
Maps from the satellite images they realized a car was submerged in the pond
inside the car was David’s skeleton which is very sad so while Google Maps
didn’t save his life it did save his family from having to wonder about what
happened to him thankfully they now have answers as to what happened to their
loved relative some family members even said they weren’t really living not
knowing where David was but now it’s time to make your voice heard vote in
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  4. Google maps made people lose lives when they were shot busting into area 51 cause Google images blurred over area 51

  5. I was driving through West Texas and watched as my cellphone signal slowly dropped to x. Not one bar, but x. I was starting to get worried because I couldn’t use Google Maps for directions, but thought really fast and just looked at where the dot was and followed the roads to my destination. In the end despite with no signal I was able to use google maps to keep me from getting lost.

  6. Hello beautiful person who's reading this comment 🙂
    I just want to say if u really can't stand your heavy problems its ok Im here and people who really loves you..😊😉 Don't hurt yourself nor suicide just to get rid of your problems 😁

    P.S. Im still single I really need a girlfriend 😢


  7. google maps lead me down the stupidest routes and streets ever. like nobody has driven on in years. and it determines this route is the quickest. it's also stupid how it routes you to the building and not the parking lot of the building. so then you end up behind the building in certain areas.

  8. Geez… I wish I had a phone when I got lost at age 9 in a redwood forest in Cali. So PLEASE don’t leave the trails in national parks. I was one of the lucky ones. I am alive and abled. It could have been MUCH worse.

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