50 – Extreme Table Saw Push Stick Safest Design FREE PLANS

50 – Extreme Table Saw Push Stick Safest Design FREE PLANS


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  2. A slight change I would make would be lacquer without the catch at the back fitted. If you change to another one you may not have a perfect match and, if undersized, see uncoated wood. The catch block can be lacquered separately. Easy to avoid though by using a slightly oversized on in future but something to be aware of.

  3. James I love when you make utility projects, functional and beautiful! I make them for function only, but you caused me to raise the bar. Thank a lot! Lol.

  4. Pretty damn beautiful build! I really question if y’all have used enough glue. I thought I saw part of the wood that didn’t have any. Then I opened my eyes and alas, there was 3 to 5 more than enough! 😂


  6. It looks like an objet d'art. Almost too pretty to use. It reminds me of my collection of tools by Bridge City Tool Works. I love to look at and hold them, but, alas, I'd never think of actually using them.

  7. I love the design and functionality of this, I could use a longer push stick as well.

    I’m curious though, If the reason for the bolt is to easily change the stop if/when it becomes chewed up by the blade, aren’t you concerned about the blade hitting the bolt? There isn’t much wiggle room for the blade to go from safely cutting wood to hitting metal. You may say that you will always be careful of this but…..you know. LOL. Plus, there are a lot of younger folks working in that shop, that may not be as attentive. I love this stick, but it makes me nervous.

    Thanks again for sharing this. I really do like it overall.

  8. Everything you make turns out so beautiful. Although, you must go through rolls and rolls of paper towels to clean up your glue squeeze out. 🙂

  9. Nice video James! Your girls are getting so good at woodworking. One day in the not too distant future you're going to go to the shop and there's going to be a sign on the door, "Under New Management" and the door locks will be changed. 🙂

  10. I know you’re proud of your daughter Mia; I look forward to my little ones kicking me off tools in the shop. What a wonderful feeling.

  11. Beautiful James, the finish made that push stick pop. I would not want to use it on a table saw, it looks too good.

  12. All my push sticks end up getting saw kerfs running the entire length of the base, due to cutting strips less than 1/2 wide. Pity to scar one as nice as yours like that.

  13. Your beauty is much, much to nice for my shop. I drop everything and that first ding would just kill me. Great job as always James. Keep'em coming.

  14. Beautiful push stick. I disagree about the 'use more glue' concept. What I've read recommends a thin, continuous coating of glue, yielding just a little squeeze out. Yellow glue is not good at gap filling – you need epoxy for that – and in certain situations, a too thick coating can create pockets of glue that actually prevent the two pieces of wood from touching. In my opinion, adding loads of glue at best creates a squeeze out mess, and at worst actually will be a weaker joint.

  15. That has to be the most beautiful push block ever invented!!! The Bolivian Rosewood is just stunning!!

  16. I agree with Orange, everything you make is classic. I do have a question for you though, I was once told by a cabinet-maker that the final sanding before applying a final coat should be done with "steel-wool". Would that be the equivalent to using 1500 grit sandpaper ?
    Thank you

  17. James, I questioned the curve of the handle as you were building it, thinking it needed to be turned around 180 degrees. Just curious as you see them both ways, I guess it might be up to preference?

  18. Working on a new push stick right now, your design, my choice of offcut timber ( maple and cedar). Thank you for the time you took explaining your method of making this very handy jig. We are never to old to learn new idea's.

  19. Just rad your links and when your wrote your last sentence I just about broke out into song when I noticed the end( we like to teach the world to sing).

  20. I just use junk fir 2×6 and shape the handle to fit my hand, then trow it away in a week or so when it is all cut up from the saw blade, then make another one in about 10 mins.

  21. Cool project James! Complaining about your daughter using your tools is similar to complaining about your toddler running around the house getting into things after you taught them to walk, lol. Time for more tools and a bigger shop?

  22. This is a great looking push stick, no question. However, there is a safety concern with using solid wood for the handle as it can split along the grain. Plywood should be used for this as safety is a high priority, if not the main priority of a push stick.

    For example, just in case somebody is watching your video and they decide to substitute pine for their design, then they go to push a work piece and the handle splits and they end up seriously injuring themselves.

    Only other criticism is the width, of course your push stick will be for ripping larger width pieces which is fine but from a versatility perspective a 3/4" piece of plywood would be ideal for a push stick being put to work. Yours is more of an art piece, also it looks so nice I wouldn't want to use it and risk damaging it lol

    Anyway, not trying to be rude here, your push stick looks great and you did a great job building it. I just wanted to advise safety for others watching.

  23. Dear James,
    This guy https://youtu.be/jGBHzMc8fXM also
    is using your music. Please sue him.

  24. Don't worry James. Your just using enough glue to keep all 55K subscribers sticking with you, Sai and the rest of the family..

  25. Nice job…what a brilliant idea with the replaceable push tang. Wish I'd thought of it, but I'll gladly copy instead!


  27. Nice build. Not many of us would go to such lengths, favoring a more disposable approach and plywood. That said, perhaps it would make sense to modify/preserve your beautiful piece by adding a fairly thin replaceable bottom face, maybe 3/8" or so thick, attached via two-sided tape. Also, to maximize the control this type of design provides, I would refrain from applying a slick finish to the bottom, if anything favoring a treatment that increases friction between push stick and work piece. I sometimes glue a rubber face there, emulating the function provided by the proprietary bottom faces of Micro-jig, et. al.

    Like others, I have great admiration for your family approach. Regardless whether any of your children ultimately follow your footsteps to pursue woodworking as a career, the lessons learned from the craft and, more importantly, from following their father's example will be treasures for life.

  28. One thought about safety: when I make push sticks and later decide when to replace them, I always consider the remote possibility that the work piece might suddenly not be there to maintain the distance between my push stick and hand above the revolving blade. With a 10" saw, the maximum depth of cut, though rarely used, is around 3". I think that most of us tend to use the same push stick for all cuts. Therefore, I always make sure that the closest the push stick design would allow my hand to be above the saw table is greater than the max. depth of cut. In a kick-back or inadvertent stumble, weird things can happen. (My respect/paranoia in this regard likely owes to the memorable experience of cleaning a few of my mentor's fingertips from a table saw 40 years ago…)

  29. Thanks for the plan- template. I would make the two sides a little bit longer to create a guide for the walnut catch. Drill a slot to raise / lower the catch up or down depending on the height of the stock I want to push. I can also be 3D Printed from plastic!!

  30. Can you make wooden bolts, passing steel over a steel blade would make me nervous. Maybe blade set a little high for instance. Just saying no disrespect. I absolutely love your projects and videos. I downloaded this one, it looks like a duck so I decided to add some artwork too it and have some ducks in the shop. God bless in his will, my new Family of Wood Craftpersons.

  31. I work in a mill works factory and was told that maples burn more quickley because is the that they contain high levels of sugar ! Another thing noticed is that the fly's like to loge on it more than other woods . So i believe what the boss said is so !!

  32. Nice build.. Beautiful piece.
    But holding the small piece against the edge of the bench to open up a hole with the hand drill?? Scared me.
    Safety first or did your daughter have the drill press set up for something.

  33. Seems awefully lightweight. Are you sure you don't want to add more wood to it to make it a bit bigger and heavier? 😛

  34. Thumbs up guy's like always I/we love y'all so much and the main reason for this is you are together everywhere as a family and y´all work together we love y´all so much never stop and I really want one of the push sticks and now I will make one I'm not fond of the plastic ones that you can buy

  35. Maybe the air below would have been great for pushing I think that you should try making one out of plywood something cheap just to see how it works thumbs up again

  36. Love the stick I made one just like it love your channel and the fact that your family really helps you a lot thumbs up my friend

  37. Pau Ferro (? Spelling) is a beautiful wood. Given the Worldwide ban on import/export in certain exotic woods (primarily Ebony and Rosewood are on the Cites list), lots of guitar builders are now using it for fingerboards etc.

  38. Good stuff my friend, The flexible 3m sandpaper link goes to a link that is no longer available. I was going to order some yesterday and had an issue with it not being offered anymore. Looks like some good stuff. I will keep trying and see if I can order some from your link to help support eh channel some. Thanks for sharing this video with us. I downloaded this plan when I purchased a few other plans from your the other day. I made the mini sled this past weekend. Thanks again for sharing my friend and I hope you and your family have a blessed and happy easter weekend.

  39. Question about 2:55. That looks like a lot of exposed blade, or am I missing something? Anyhow, great video, thanks!

  40. I'm starting to watch more and more of your older videos, and I must say that intro is very impressive! From the professional graphics, to the catchy tune, to the just-right brevity of it (some channels' intros go on and on, I clocked one at nearly 2 min!). Well done!
    Oh, and great push stick, I'm seriously going to make it, looks really comfortable and ergonomic.

  41. What a fine video this is. Such great presenting skills. Never b4 have I been so highly appreciative of a 16 minute video (I am a votary of short videos). I was so enjoying every detail that the video didn't seem that long. And yes, I agree with the observation of @Alan S that the steel bolts should have been avoided, especially the lower one. I think that plug/lip could simply have been glued on directly, or with dowels, and when the time came to replace them, it could easily be sawn off and a new one glued on again in its place.

  42. Nice work! I would replace your metal bolts with nylon bolts of the same size, so if the blade were ever to be too high, it won't do any harm to the blade.

  43. Can’t we please just get to the final solution…….the adjustable solar powered titanium self-stowing push block? Isn’t anyone going to mention how unsafe it is to bandsaw with the guard so high?

  44. My God man.. this makes my heart bleed and make my toes cringe… I am from Belgium and a Luthier. I try to work as much as i can without wasting wood or use even reclaimed wood. That piece of flamed maple would cost me in Europe around 100 $ easy to make a bookmatched drop top for a guitar.. A simple fretboard from that Pao Ferro around 20 $… And you use that for a…push stick… In the local hardware stores here, you can only buy Pine wood. Sometimes Red Cedar.. but mostly unlikely… you guys are so lucky according fine wood and prices. Feel free to ship that " scrap wood " to me.. i'll pay for shipping. It's your money of course, and you do with it what you want.. but i can hardly look at this video. Greets.

  45. Key point "make sure to put on 5 times the amount of glue needed and glue bothsides and if your not sure put on twice that and then do it again" #never to much glue lol

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