5 Stock Market Websites | Top 5 Best Stock Websites for Research

5 Stock Market Websites | Top 5 Best Stock Websites for Research

(upbeat music) – Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Financial
Information channel. My name is Marvin. In this video, I’m going
to give you the information about my top five websites
that I use when I do research on stocks and options. And before I begin, I’m
going to show you how I use the websites, so you can get
an idea how the websites work and what is the purpose for each website. And the first website is
the Yahoo Finance website. And the Yahoo Finance website
allows me to do some research on fundamental analysis. So if I want to research
a company balance sheet or income assessment,
or even the cash flow, I go to the Yahoo website. Now I’m going to show you
on the Yahoo Finance website how I do some research
on a specific stock. Now, this is the Yahoo website. I’m gonna do some research
on a stock that I mentioned in the video about the September stocks. Let’s search for IPGP. Now, in this one, you will
be able to see the quote, which is 183 with 17 cents. It’s gonna give you the
52-week high, 52-week low, the PE ratio, the beta,
the market cap, the EPS, the next earning date, the
dividend, if it has any dividend, and on this website, you
can check on the statistics and it’s gonna bring
additional information. You will be able to see
the financial highlights, the income per quarter, the
revenue data, the balance sheet. If you want to go more into
detail, you can go where it says Financials, and
here, you’re gonna be able to see the income statement
a little bit more clear, balance sheet, the cash flow,
and you will be able to see the options too, what kind
of options the stock has. Here on the Options screen,
you’re gonna be able to see the strike price, and
this is the call options, and if you scroll down, you’re
gonna see the put options. The Yahoo Finance website
used to be one of the websites to do some research. However, the website has
become a little bit slow. It still is one of my favorite websites. Now let’s go to the
next website that I use. The next website is Seeking Alpha. It is a phenomenal website. It allows you to see the
earnings, it allows you to see the news, a lot of
information about the stocks. It also provides analyst
opinions on a specific stock, so you can get different type of views on a specific company. And this is the Seeking Alpha
website where you’re gonna be able to see information
about a company. For example, let’s take a
look at one of the companies, which is Netflix. And we’re at the Seeking
Alpha website, we’re looking at the Netflix stock. Here, you’re gonna be able
to see the latest news about the company, the
analysis, the news, how it has gone through other earnings. In the Earnings, you’re
gonna be able to see the press release, the
transcripts, the 8-K, the 10-Q. You’re gonna be able to see
the stock, how other peoples are thinking about the Netflix. The Key Data, this
information about the company. The Financials, you can
see the financials as well. However, I do prefer to see
the fundamental analysis in the Yahoo website. This is to see mostly
earnings, the reports, which is actually a really good website. For the next website, I use
CNN Money because that website allows me to see how the stock has moved throughout the year. It also provides information
about the stock market news, but I use the website to
see mostly the percentage that the stock has moved
up or has gone down. Now we’re gonna navigate the website. This is the CNN Money. If you scroll down, you’re
gonna be able to see some of the news that are
happen in the United States. However, if you type on the stock ticker, you can type the stock symbol. I’m gonna type Apple. And once you type Apple, it’s
gonna bring you to the website for that specific stock. And here, you’re gonna be
able to see how the company has moved for the year. You can change it to one
day, three days, one month, three months, six months,
year to date, one year, three years, and five years. Let’s choose the five year. And now you see in the bottom,
it changes to the percentage that the company has moved
in the last five years. And you’re gonna be able to
see some of the company news if you scroll down, and some
of the fundamental analysis if you scroll down even more. And at the top, you can see
the profile of the company, the news of the company,
charts, forecasts, financials, shareholder information, and competitors. So the CNN Money website, I
use it to see the percentage that a company has moved. You can also use the Google
search bar, but I prefer to use the CNN Money. It’s a little bit easier to use. The next website that
I’m gonna show you guys is called StockNews.com. The StockNews.com website
provides a lot of information that is not shown in other websites. For example, you have
seen me use that website when I view the weekly earnings. You will be able to see if the
company has moved up or down in the past when they
have reported earnings. But now, let’s take a look
at the StockNews.com website, so I can show you what
is that website about. In the StockNews.com
website, this is where you’re gonna be able to see the
stock market news, right here. However, what I use this website the most is to do some research on
the specific companies. Let’s do a search on Snapchat, where the stock symbol is SNAP. And if you scroll down on the
SNAP, you’re gonna be able to see here the 52-week
high or 52-week low. However, you can continue moving down. In this area, this is where
you can see the stock news and you can choose the earnings. And as you can see, the
company has moved down after they have made the
earnings the last two quarters. However, you can see new rumors. For example, here, if there’s
new rumors about the company. And in this rumor, you can see
that Google tried to purchase Snapchat for 30 billions. And you can see if the price
has been raised for lowered. Let’s look at raised for now. Now you can see two analysts have raised the target price for Snapchat. And you can do a little more. You can do, for example,
downgrades to see what analysts have downgraded Snapchat. You can choose Cramer. You can choose Cramer if
you wanna see if the company has been mentioned in the CNBC show. And that is the StockNews.com
website that I use pretty much every week, I would say. It is a very unique website. It is a little bit slow
at times, but it provides a lot of unique information for stocks. The next website that I
use is called StockCharts. The StockCharts website, I use it to see some technical analysis
on a specific stock. Now we’re going to do some
research on a specific company on that website. Okay, so we’re at the StockCharts. We’re gonna look up for
Nvidia, ticker symbol NVDA. And here, you’re gonna be
able to see how the company has moved during the last few weeks. I’m going to select the
Bollinger Bands and the volume, and I’m going to update so they can show the indicators on the screen. And this is one of the
website that I use the most to see how the sentiment is in a company, and if the stock is going
to move up or if the stock is going to move down. You can see the RSI, you
can see the Bollinger Bands, the moving average for the 50
days, and the moving average for the 200 days. You can see the volumes here
on this part, but I prefer the volume on a separate
indicator because right here, you can see clearly the
total amount that the shares were bought for the day. And remember, you can
use different indicators, not the RSI or the MACD. You can use multiple
indicators right here. Now, for the StockCharts,
it is a very simple website. All you have to do is
type the stock symbol and start looking to see
how the stock has moved looking at the stock chart. Those are the top five
websites that I use when I use the stock market, but
there are multiple websites. There are many more websites
that I use to check for news. To check for news, I use the
CNBC website, the Marketwatch, TheStreet, and to get a feeling
how traders and investors are feeling about a stock,
I actually use Stocktwits. Most of these websites
are in the App Store or in the Google app store. I’m going to use them as an
app, it is a little bit faster than when you use them on a computer. I’m going to leave all the
links on all the websites in the video description. In the meantime, you can
leave in the comment sections what was your favorite website
mentioned in this video, or if you have a different
website, please leave it in the comments sections. And remember to check those websites. Maybe they are useful to you. And you can subscribe to the
Financial Information channel. Wanna continue bringing you
videos about the stock market, personal finance, and
how to make money online. I wanna thank you once again
for watching the video. Have an excellent day and
take care, my friends. (upbeat music)


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  2. Most stock websites will tell you to buy when the stock is about to take a dip. And They always say to sell right before it goes up. Worst sites. Ignore websites advice, they're all the same. Use your gut.

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