3 Questions about Podcasting for Business

Hey folks, Richard from Junto Media here!
I talk to a lot of businesses and organizations about podcasting, and I get
the same three questions pretty often, so I thought I’d go ahead and answer those
for you here. Question number 1: Can podcasting really help my business or
organization? The answer is, yes it can – especially if content marketing is a big
part of your marketing program already. More than half of Americans have
listened to a podcast and podcasts reach people at times and places that maybe
videos or blogs don’t – like when people are driving or commuting or going for a
run or working in the yard. That’s a great time that they can be listening to
your podcast learning more about your business and hearing those stories.
Question number 2: Is podcasting easy or hard well? The answer is, it’s pretty
easy. That’s why everybody has a podcast! The equipment is relatively affordable,
the software is relatively affordable, and it’s relatively affordable to get your
audio edited so that it sounds really really good. That said, there is a lot of
planning, there is a lot of thoughtfulness, that
really should go into your podcast and that’s where the effort can come in, so
while the production part of a podcast can be relatively easy, the planning and
scripting and story of your podcast really does take some time it really
does take some attention, so keep that in mind.
Question number 3 that I get when I talk to people about podcasting for
businesses and organizations is, if it’s relatively easy and it can help my
business, should I be doing podcasting? Should I have a podcast? The answer to that
question is, “maybe”. The reason is that, like I said a minute ago, podcasting
takes time and effort. You’re creating a product for an audience and so it’s
really important that you think through and treat it professionally and make
sure you have goals and objectives and that you’ve got metrics established to
make sure the podcast is really helping you. But, if you do all of that, podcasting
can be effective. You can find out more about all of this and have a free
consultation about podcasting for your business or organization by going to
juntomedia.co. Thanks very much for listening!

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