2020 HEDNA LA – Book on Google – Rob Torres, Google.

I wanted to ask you though in relation to the Book on Google piece Because that’s such a – I mean, I personally am a big fan of book on Google For a number of reasons But I can also see how some people might be in some ways skeptical of it But I think what’s really important is that hotels also understand that they can diversify their distribution and that they shouldn’t be so focused on one particular channel or one particular area So what would be your advice to a hotelier at that level? Yeah I couldn’t have said it better in terms of They shouldn’t be focused on one channel and I said that to partners all along, I said “I don’t expect you to use only Google I don’t expect you to use only an OTA You need to have a good mix and You need to actually really monitor that mix over time because it’s gonna change based on the needs of your property or whatever you are. And it’s important they look at that In pure need times you may be willing to pay more because you just need help and you should be able to Wide stroke of help and opportunity I would share to even individual properties Google can certainly be a support But that the reality is You need to make sure that you are really really looking at All of your options And you don’t feel like you’re tied to one I think a lot of partners that I speak with feel like they’ve gotten to point where they really really invested in one or two channels they don’t know how to get out and that’s where we really come in and say “hey we think there is a new channel for you” with Google To help Driving more direct business Because it is direct Because again you go back to it We aren’t the merchant We are passing the facilitation – We’re facilitating and passing it on And so you own the customer information and data immediately You do pay something for that But, you know, certainly We hope that it’s efficient and effective and so You know, we’ll see, but We definitely believe, and we’re continuing to improve on products that help the whole swathe The long tail as you said As well as upper funnel But we really – We want to be a platform that’s agnostic That really supports everyone Because we think that’s good – I go back to “we’re all about the users” I think that helps the users if The more we have on the platform and the more options we have It helps our users find what they want and it helps the partners out even more What you said is it really could support Some of the partners that really don’t have the time Effort Resources To Beef up their own Sites to help convert This is a great way to do it without having to do that. It does take a little bit to get – you know you gotta do a little bit to get connected But once you do It should really help support that So, you know Great choice hotels They’re a little bit bigger, but they But they’re smaller hotels But the brand itself embraced it Globally They’ve seen great returns They’ve seen a huge increase in conversions Through Book on Google That’s a good case study for us, that we’re sharing with others saying “Hey This is something that we believe is really gonna help You see higher conversion Because we’re gonna make it simpler And at the end of the day, if you’re already a signed in user on Google and you’ve already provided all of that information You feel that there’s some security Behind that One of the things that I find a real advantage is that with the Book on Google process The hotel gets to keep the guest data Yeah That you give that to the hotel It’s all their data – That they can work with that for future Absolutely, and I think that’s one of the misnomers that people think that for somehow with Book on Google that we’re capturing some data and we’re doing something with it No no no They own the data It’s their data, they get it all. We’re just facilitating and hopefully making it easier and hopefully driving more transactions is really what it’s all about


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