2020 Democratic primary results from Michigan, Missouri and more (FULL LIVE STREAM)

2020 Democratic primary results from Michigan, Missouri and more (FULL LIVE STREAM)


  1. Forget the political BS. Support your President and focus on working with President Trump to help the nation get well first and foremost All new out let’s need to come together to deal with the crisis at hand ❤️👍👍🙏🏻

  2. Not looking forward to four more years of Trump Biden will not be able to beat Trump it is a reverse psychology from Trump and Bloomberg to have Biden be The nominee Trump knows that Bernie Sanders would be the handful and by then will be the easy run over guy

  3. Look at the past democratic debates Biden cannot even speak still when he goes to visit places he still can’t put two sentences Without sounding like he has a mental problem something is wrong with him and Trump knows this

  4. Besides oozing with early stage senility, Biden’s disgusting performance oozes with full-blown contempt for the kind of Americans the Democrat Party has declared unworthy of attention or respect. And those great Americans, those men and women who defend us and feed us and do the hard work that allows Biden’s soft, gooey fans to live better than 99.99999% of all human beings in history, will remember in November who has respect for them, and who has contempt for them.

  5. The Democratic Party had two candidates in the beginning who were very electable. Both were sensible people with ideas that would have appealed to both democrats and republicans. Either of them stood the best chance of winning the election. Both were shunned because they weren’t progressive enough to suit the party. I believe one was unpopular also because he looked Asian & the Democratic Party is the biggest bunch of racists alive. The other is still in the race, but she’s being black balled by the party because she showed some integrity by voting present in the impeachment thing. No matter where you stand on that, you must admit that any house or senate member who is actively campaigning for president shouldn’t be voting one way or the other in a matter that involves a political opponent. She did the right thing and her party is punishing her for it. Odd she’s the only female candidate left in the race & all the pro-woman voters who pushed Warren & Kobuchar won’t support her. This is why the Democratic Party can no longer win presidential elections. They need to weed out the hypocrites & progressives who are destroying their party.

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